Alright, here it is, the shiny new reboot for Ranma No Kitsune. As I said in both my profile, and I think, my last note, this story will be the first half, concerning the Ranma-verse. The second story will cover the Naruto-verse. I reworked the back-story, and hopefully this will be much better.

Side-note, at least some slight familiarity with Ah Megami-sama is advised. Also having a functional knowledge of trans-dimensional physics and the associated knowledge of traveling between dimensions and all the problems that come with said traveling would probably help too, though then again, it might not.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy!

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In the deep dark forests of the Land of Fire, there lies a river. Too wide for most to leap across, and in most places too deep to traverse, it winds its way slowly through the forest near the borders. If one tracked it from its outlet into the sea, like a bird from above, one would see it slowly become covered by thick trees, only showing through in sections where the banks have widened or the trees have been removed to facilitate travel. Eventually though, one would notice the once clear water becoming muddy, as well ever greater amounts of broken branches and pieces of trees.

And then one would come to the source of all the devastation. A section of what had once been utterly pristine and primeval forest had been torn apart in a struggle of what could only be termed two mortal titans, and one decidedly not mortal demon. The heaven's themselves had seen what was occurring and shed great torrents of tears on the battle. On one bank of the river, cradling one arm close to his chest, was Hashirama Senju. His opponent, and the one who had broken his arm, was on the opposite bank and stood serenely, though his breath too was coming out in large heaves. Behind him, towering above the treetops stood the main cause for the massive amounts of destruction, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Madara Uchiha gave his hated foe a death head's grin. "Face it Senju, " He shouted out across the river, his voice filled with bitterness and smug satisfaction, "You've lost. And your precious village will pay the price for your failure." When all he received for his declaration was muted laughter that slowly gained in volume, Madara was quite confused.

"What's so funny? Your practically out of chakra, your arm is shattered, and you have no allies to support you. What could you possibly be laughing about?" He demanded angrily, his fists clenching tightly at his sides in an attempt to not only control his anger, but also to hide the fact that he too was out of chakra as well. Hashirama stopped laughing and stared up, straight into Madara's eyes.

"What makes you think I was ever alone?" Madara whirled as he felt a sudden discharge of a large amount of chakra from behind him. Turning he stared open mouthed as an enormous array formed itself around the Kyuubi, the black lines snaking across the demon's fur like living creatures, creatures that the Kyuubi was trying its best to dislodge as it flailed around. Madara spun back to face his foe, only to find him on his feet, supported by yet another face Madara knew only too well.

"You, Uzumaki." He spat out the name like a curse," You did this." The fury in his growled words was palpable, yet Mito Uzumaki simply smiled serenely back at him.

"You might want to turn around Uchiha, or you'll miss the big show." Frowning, Madara tentatively did as she said, knowing that even on her best day she would be no match for him on his worst, unless she managed to set up some of those infernal seals she and her clan were so fond of using. staring at the Kyuubi the first thing he noticed was the lines that formed the seal were converging on a single point on the thrashing Kyuubi's back. Even from a distance he could feel the buildup of chakra at that point, though he wasn't worried, the Kyuubi would be able to shrug off near any attack short of a series of combined barrages of attacks of every element used at once by a very large group of shinobi.

So Madara was completely unprepared for what happened after the last few coils connected. The moment the array was completed the lines lit up with a blue light that outshone even the Kyuubi's own furious crimson energy. Madara watched, near unbelieving, as the seal constricted itself around the Kyuubi, the demon letting out a pained roar as it was crushed smaller and smaller to the point where it simply collapsed upon itself.

The only sound left to the area of destroyed forest was the sound of the falling rain, and the last fast fading echoes of the Kyuubi's final roar of pain, pain mixed with the slightest amount of terror, something that caused even Madara to feel intimidated by. There was only the barest of traces of the Kyuubi's chakra, which meant that either the beast had been slain outright, or more likely, it had been sealed somewhere. In all the possible outcomes he had thought of, losing the Kyuubi utterly like this had never even crossed his mind. This time, when he stared at the Senju and Uzumaki duo he didn't even bother to hide his fury, both of his arms igniting with the last bits of his chakra.

"What have you done Witch!" He shouted furiously at the smirking redhead. "Where is it! Where did you send it!"

Mito calmly stared down the raging Uchiha, her cool smirk serving to further infuriate him. "I sent it somewhere forever beyond reach, beyond even the summon realms. As long as the seal has chakra you willnever get back the Kyuubi." At her words Madara took a shaking step forwards.

"Then I'll just have to cutoff the chakra at the source then. Killing you should do the trick." Madara's grim smile turned into a frown as he was laughed at.

"Silly Uchiha, I'm not as foolish as to leave the means to breaking such a thing within your reach. No, that seal is designed to feed itself off of the Kyuubi's very own chakra, not just limiting its power, but also serving as the means of its own effective prison. The only way for that beast to ever return will be as a chakra-less corpse."

The scream of utter rage and frustration that was heard that day is forever considered by those who heard it, including some as far as Konoha itself, to be the last cry of the Kyuubi, though a few know differently.

Madara turned his hate-filled eyes to Hashirama's own. "You may have won the battle Senju, but so long as I hold the Kyuubi's contract it will destroy your blasted village. Even if I die before the Kyuubi returns, and it will, there is no perfect seal, it will still destroy everything you hold dear. And you!" He turned his rage towards the cold eyes of the only female present. "I have something very special planned for you and your blasted clan, oh yes. Just you wait, I'll have my revenge soon enough, I swear it."

With that said Madara vanished in a swirl of shadows, leaving his two foes to their own devices, and to their own worries as to what the future might hold.

In another dimension, far beyond the walls of reality that bound together the Shinobi and Summon realms, the Kyuubi hurtled through the void. What should have happened with the seal would have kept the Kyuubi between dimensions forever, but this time Fate had different plans, as a stray, and quite chaotic at times, dimension crossed paths with the bound Kyuubi.

In the mountains deep within the Land of the Three Kingdoms lay a valley, guarded over at one end by a tremendous peak, and where upon the highest point nested a great phoenix. But that peak is not the important piece, no it is valley itself, for through the valley ran a river fueled by ancient magics and sourced by a spring deep within the mountain.

As the Kyuubi breached the walls of reality, it was forced to bend its own nature to fit that of the laws of its current plane of existence. In effect this forced the demonic creature of pure chakra, an energy which did not exist in such form in this dimension, to become its dimensional analog. What was once an immense fox the size of a small city was made smaller, its form flowing and warping until it became something both similar and yet very different to its old form.

Even though its new form was smaller, it was still traveling at tremendous speeds from breaking through the dimensional walls, and the amount momentum it carried made its impact truly extraordinary. Those as far away the coast would forever swear that it seemed like the night sky itself erupted in a light brighter than the sun itself, following the falling a star from the night sky. Ever after the event the valley would be shunned as a place where God's wrath had fallen, some say it occurred in the smiting of a great demon, others in the destruction of a kingdom that refuted God.

The Kyuubi, stunned by the impact and the experience of breaking through the dimensional fabric of reality, not once but twice, as well unused to the new power that flowed through it's veins, as its chakra had undergone a transformation of its own into its dimensional analog, mana, the essence of pure magic, and ki, pure life energy, that the Kyuubi was completely unable to resist being drowned by the magic infused water that now was forced to bubble up in the form of myriad springs. The last thing the living eyes of the Kyuubi saw was the sky being covered up by opaque water, then darkness.

In Nifelheim, Daimakaichō Hild was dealing with the usual paperwork that came with her position, when one of her priority alarms in the Nidhogg system activated. Startled, she didn't hesitate in bringing up a terminal to find out what was going on. To her surprise, and excited joy, a powerful demon from another dimension had somehow stumbled into her little portion of the multi-verse and had gotten itself in a bit of trouble.

Smiling wildly Hild dismissed the terminal and teleported herself towards the location of the trans-dimensional demon's essence on the Astral Plane. As she was traveling she pondered this latest development. According to the Grand Plan, Jusenkyo wasn't due to be created for another century, and its creation would cost her one of her more powerful generals, which meant that she owed this dimension traveler a boon in some form.

Arriving in the section of the Astral Plane that overlapped the newly formed Jusenkyo Hild was pleased to see that it still held only its first victim. Smirking, Hild smoothed down her ,ultra-tight, business suit and approached. As she got closer she gave the other demon an appraising look, taking in the nine silver furred fox tails and the pair of fox like ears perched at the top of her head, as with that body it was quite obviously a her, a fact only reinforced by the current lack of clothing.

The raven haired kitsune was looking around herself in a quite confused manner, interspersed with the occasional wondering glance down at her own body. Hild found it quite amusing, as it meant that the demon in front of her had a different form and had been forced to adjust to this reality's rules. Clearing her throat she caught the complete attention of the kitsune, as her head snapped around to face Hild and the kitsune's tails all went rigid. Seeing that she had her target's focus Hild started speaking.

"If your quite done, I have a proposition for you. Oh, but where are my manners. My name is Hild, though most prefer to call me by my title, the Daimakaichō. Now how am I to address you?" She wasn't surprised when the newcomer didn't seem to recognize the significance of her title, though she was a trifle worried when the kitsune drew in upon herself, clutching her knees close to her chest as she fought several large body-wracking shakes, murmuring to herself so quietly that Hild had to strain her ears to catch her words.

"No more, no more anger. No more, no more hatred, it's all gone. Uhah, all gone now. I can, I can think clearly now. Maybe, maybe this is what he meant all those years, ages, ago." The kitsune turned her piercing red eyes to Hild's own amethyst, not shaking at all from the weight that gaze held. "I-I don't have a name, none of us did, until he gave us our own. But I'm not me anymore, or, maybe I'm more myself than I was before. But I still don't have a name, can you help me?"

Hild took a deep breath at the surprisingly innocent question. Apparently, the change of realities had altered more than just the demon's body, and it had done so in quite an interesting way. But, Hild was not one to pass up an oportunity, and if she gave this demon a name, a true name, then the Ultimate Force itself would enforce it, binding the demon's essence and her true name together in manners beyond even the Almighty's ken, as well as giving Hild incredible power over the Kitsune. Hild gave the a look to the surroundings as she thought of what to name the demon. Spying the clouds open up above them, and the dark rain fall like little chunks of glittering obsidian in the darkness of the evening, she had her answer.

"Little kitsune, I have a name for you, if you are willing to take it." She said quietly. The Kitsune in question popped her head up immediately from where she had once again been resting it against her drawn up knees.

"Really? You would do that for me?" The Kitsune asked breathlessly. She got to her feet so quickly that she blurred from sight, before latching onto the Daimakaichō, wrapping her small arms as tightly as she could around the ruler of Hell. "Oh, Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Hild gave the Kitsune a tender smile and pat on the head. While she did so, the manner of the payback for the favor she owed also presented itself. "Now little kitsune, I came to thank you. You helped me greatly, however accidentally, and I would like to repay you for that. And so, upon the first worthy mortal stumbling into your drowned spring, your soul will be released from the chains of magic that bind it. How does that sound, little Amaya?"

If the back-breaking embrace Hild recieved was anything to go by, then Amaya was in full support of Hild's offer. As Hild tentatively patted the energetic and overly-enthusiastic kitsune on the back, she was already thinking of how long she should wait before letting someone fall into Amaya's spring. Eventually she gave a mental shrug, after all a solution would most likely present itself in due time and there was no use in trying to force it. Though, giving the exuberant Kitsune a look out of the corner of her eyes, maybe waiting a bit wouldn't be a bad thing.

Several centuries later, in a little somewhat out-of-the-way town in Japan, a town infamous for what most consider to be either urban legends or extreme exaggerations, there was an unusual amount of peace. Today the general collateral destruction was actually at a minimum, what damage there was due to more conventional causes, such as a rampaging youma that had strayed through one of the eastern streets for a few minutes before heading back into towards Minato ward, or the less common spirit beast that roamed in from Karakura Town.

The main reason for this uncharacteristic lack of what can easily be termed utter chaos could be traced back to one person, or perhaps to the absence of any save the aforementioned person. Ranma Saotome, seventeen year-old highschool student, as well as what could easily be termed Galactic-level martial artist, easily surpassing nearly all earth's inhabitants in pure skill, was watching TV in the home of the Tendo family.

This in and of itself was not unusual. What was quite unusual was the fact that he was, for essentially the first time in his life, completely alone, not even his father being present. This was due to the fact that his family, as well as the Tendo family, had decided a relaxing trip to the beach to unwind was in their best interests, and the only way they would be sure to get any relaxation out of it would be to leave Ranma behind, which they did.

And of course upon hearing of the planned vacation, the rest of Nerima's most dangerous, the town not having a most wanted list since it was considered suicidal to commit a crime with Ranma nearby, had packed up to follow, thinking that Ranma would be along for the ride as well. And thus, Ranma was treated to what he considered to be easily to most relaxing day in his life to date. Which, all things considered, is pretty sad for him.

The day was winding down to a close and Ranma felt hungry. Now he could make himself something, but he didn't want to disrupt Kasumi's meticulously kept kitchen when she was gone. Instead he picked up one of the phone books lying around, there were several as they could be used to block Mousse's occasional (often) missed throws. Leafing through it easily he randomly picked a restaurant from the page he stopped on, smiling when he found that it was the listing for an Italian place, if the name was anything to go by.

Holding the phone book open to the number with his one hand Ranma used his other to pick up and dial the phone. The number rang a couple of times before it was picked up, the voice on the other end responding with a very clear Italian accent.

"Ciao, ottimi ristoranti di Giacomo, come posso aiutarla? Oh mi perdoni, this Giacomo's fine dining. How may I helpa you today?" Ranma looked down at the page he found there was a small menu beneath the number. He decided to go relatively small, for him at least, as he wasn't sure if he could cover it with the money he had, well not if wanted to keep himself fed for the rest of the families' four-day break that is.

"Uh, could I get a large spaghetti and a medium ravioli?" It would be a shame if he didn't finish everything but this way he was mostly assured of success. If anything he could wrap up the rest of the ravioli and put it in the fridge for later.

"Bene, la consegna è gratuita al tuo indirizzo. Again mi pardoni, delivery will be ina five-a minutes. Enjoy your meal mister Saotome." There was a click as the man at the other end of the line hung up the phone, leaving Ranma confused as to how the guy knew his name without him introducing himself, or where to deliver the meal to either.

Exactly four minutes and fifty-nine seconds after Ranma phoned in his order there came a knock from the door exiting towards the yard. Before Ranma could get up to answer, as he had gotten a little bit out of sorts when the knock came from an unexpected source, the door slid open and the delivery person entered. Although, considering who it was, more than just food was being delivered.

Daimakaichō Hild couldn't resist a predatory smile as she stepped through the newly opened door. Ever since she had first heard about the kid, mainly from her status reports of her agents earth-side and their failures against the child, she had been very interested in him/her. But hearing that the mortal had not only taken on but slain a god, even a low class 3, put things in a whole new perspective. A quick conversation with Kami-sama and a little mortal world meddling later and everything was set for her to personally reward a mortal who had managed to eliminate a thorn in both her and Kami-sama's sides..

Ranma turned to face the intruder into the Tendo home and his brain experienced a temporary short circuit, at least until his back-up programs came online. First one to come up was the basic identification system, which instantly checked faces against his memories, a system that had been developed through necessity in order to avoid repeats of Ryoga's or Ukyo's first introductions. And when he received a match, though it was only partial with his current state of mind it registered as complete, he opened his mouth and said this first thing that came to him.

"Urd-chan, you do deliveries now?" Hild blinked, before an interested gleam came into her eyes. Her reports on the boy had never mentioned that he had met her daughter, hmm, that meant someone had either lied to her or wasn't doing their job right. Well finding out who and punishing them could wait till later, for now she had a job to do.

"Sorry dear, but while I'm flattered, I don't think my daughter would appreciate being confused with me." Chuckling, she walked over and took a seat next to Ranma, who was starting to look a trifle nervous. "Oh don't be like that. Your far too young for me and I doubt Urd, or her father for that matter, would appreciate me setting you up with her so you can relax."

Seeing the somewhat skeptical look on Ranma's face she chuckled, before clapping her hands and settling into a more serious expression. "Now to business. You may not know it, but you did many people a great service in eliminating that Phoenix God a little while ago. And those people, though some try hard not to admit it, feel they owe you something, hence my presence here."

Ranma tensed slightly as Hild leaned closer towards him, her bust straining against the modest, for her at least, confines of her black Lycra business suit. While Ranma did have a well built-up tolerance for the female body, thanks in part due to the fact that he possessed one of his own, eliminating part of the mystery surrounding it to most of the male persuasion, he was still a fully functional teenager. He swallowed loudly and licked suddenly too dry lips before speaking, his voice cracking a little and forcing him to wince.

"Wel-well that's nice, I suppose. So what does that have to do with you?" Hild smiled toothily at the uncomfortable martial artist, though she wasn't about to seduce the boy, it still felt good to know that she still had the skill to produce such an effect, after all she had used those skills a lot with Urd's Father. But now was not the time to reminisce, she had work to do.

"Ah, you see, I'm here to grant you a wish. Ah-buh-buh, "Hild put a manicured finger over Ranma's mouth as he opened it to protest. "This is not like that wishing sword that Kuno brat obtained, nor is like those tales of enscorcelled Djinn or that blasted Spells R' Us store either. This is a full, no limits, no catch, anything you want wish."

Ranma sat back as he tried to take it in. As he thought about it, he also thought of what he might have wished if he gotten the chance with the wishing sword too. The first thing that came to mind was, of course, getting rid of the curse. But if he did that then he would end up screwed, quite literally, and dead all too soon for his liking. His mother would take advantage of the fact that he no longer had the 'unmanly curse' as she put it, and would most likely quickly get started on assembling him his own harem, no matter his protests. And then there was the fact that if knowledge that he had found a cure and not shared it, he would probably end up lying in a ditch somewhere, dead from either his father, Mousse, Ryoga, or a combination of the three.

The next thing he considered was wishing that he had never come to the dojo or gone to Jusenkyo, but if didn't go to Jusenkyo then he wouldn't have run into the Amazons and he would never have gotten their cool techniques, even with all the trouble they had caused him. If he wished that he had never come to the dojo then he still would have the Amazons, Ukyo, and Ryoga after him, and he would probably have another fiancé that he and his pops would be living with, who knows maybe she would be worse than Akane, though he couldn't quite imagine it, the only thing coming to mind being the strange image of a girl with bubblegum pink hair, a tendency to screech at a high pitch and be as physically abusive as Akane, if not worse, if that was at all possible.

And if simply wished that he had never gone on that training trip, then who knows what kind of Happosai act-alike he would have turned out as with his mother in charge of raising him, though he might have ended up with a younger sibling if his father had stuck around... No thinking along those lines would only lead to madness, for along that path lies the thoughts of his parents doi-ACK! No, that was quite enough of that.

Hild watched with amusement as various expressions ran across the boys face. With all the surprisingly deep thinking going on, the nature of what she was doing allowing her to temporarily read the pig-tailed boy's surface thoughts, Hild was quite pleased. She, as well as nearly all of Nifelheim and Asgard, had bet quite a bit on him instinctively wishing for a cure to his curse, and she was surprised when he ruled it out on his own. She had been told that she was not allowed to grant it for exactly the same reasons that the boy had come up with himself, which both stunned and impressed her to no end. Considering that fact, she decided that maybe he could use a little bit of aid, although she was tempted to let him keep going on his own, those thoughts about his parents and his reaction to said thoughts were quite amusing.

"If I might make a suggestion," Ranma's head snapped up to Hild's as blue eyes met amused amethyst. "How about you wish, and this is only a suggestion mind you, to go back and fall into a different spring, maybe one that would be of more use to a man of your, particular talents."

Ranma opened his mouth for a moment to respond, before closing it and instead considering the suggestion. If he was going to have to deal with his problems, then having some kind of ace in the hole would be handy, like Taro or Rouge with their transformations. And maybe things would be different if he wasn't considered a total perv thanks to a different curse. He smiled as he nodded to himself.

"I think I'll do that, though I get ta keep my moves n' stuff right?" Hild considered the question before mentally firing off a query along her uplink to the Nidhogg system. When the response returned, mere microseconds after she had sent her request, she gave a smile of her own.

"You will keep your moves and, 'stuff', as you refer to it, but you won't have access to them right away. You will still have to earn them. I trust that is an acceptable caveat however?" Ranma gave a moment's consideration before nodding. "Wonderful, now if you will take my hand we can be on our way." She offered the mentioned hand which Ranma took with a slight bit of trepidation. Hild smirked, and then the two of them vanished in a swirl of shadows.

Ranma blinked and as he took in his surroundings he received an unhealthy dose of déjà vu and vertigo. It took a moment to recover from the sudden change of locale, but when he had recovered and had taken a bit of time to observe his current environment, he felt more than a little bit off at seeing his own, younger, body entering the valley of Jusenkyo with his father.

Jaw dropped, he turned to face a smirking Hild. He opened his mouth to say something but was stopped when Hild put a finger to her lips and gestured to the valley below them. Ranma turned back and watched, with more than a little bit nostalgia, as he and father ignored the guide's warnings and began to fight, leaping from bamboo pole to bamboo pole. He smirked as he watched his younger self slip a palm strike under his father's guard and send him plummeting into the spring of drowned panda.

His father, now panda, leapt out of the spring and just as he was about to take advantage of the younger Ranma's stunned state, everything froze. Confused, Ranma looked over to Hild with a questioning look. " We've reached the point of divergence, which means time has stopped until the last parts of your wish are registered. Now, do you have any preference towards the spring you want fall into? Because if you don't I have a wonderful option for you, its called the spring of Drown Amorous Oversexed Nymphomaniac."

Ranma shuddered, before ignoring Hild's suggestion and the images that came to mind, instead thinking the other possibilities over before answering. "Uh, something strong would be nice, but I don't want to end up gettin chased around Tokyo cus people think I'm a monster or anything. Watching Taro get thrown around by those chicks in Juuban on the evening news is as close as I wanna get to that." He and Hild shared a chuckle at the image his words produced.

Hild pondered his statement a while, checking off a list of the springs mentally as she considered each of them. Then, like the proverbial light-bulb being switched on, she had an idea. She could hardly find anyone more worthy to end up in the spring, Ranma would remain human like in appearance, at least enough to blend in with society and any extra parts could be explained away as cosplay to any curious Japanese, and she could have fun screwing with everyone. It was a win-win situation, but first though...

Ranma blinked as he felt a strange draining feeling come over him. It was odd it was almost like that time with... that time he... Okay now he was sure something was up because he couldn't remember certain things, things which he knew were important like the name of that guy who kidnapped... "What the hell?" He locked furious blue eyes with bemused amethyst. "What the hell are you doin ta me?"

Hild regarded him for an instant with such an innocent and pointedly cute expression that Ranma was forced to avert his eyes, lest he gain cavities from the false sweetness. The expression faded into a more genuine smile, tinged with a healthy bit of respect. "Sorry, but your memories will be locked away, at least until the right situation. Its standard procedure for any diverging point in time wish, otherwise things would be in absolute chaos. Don't worry though, you'll get them all back." Ranma relaxed a bit at her explanation, though he couldn't but feel she was leaving something out.

"So now what happe-woah!" Ranma felt himself falling from the sky as whatever that had been supporting him suddenly cutoff. Although, he realized, he wasn't falling straight down, instead he was heading straight towards his younger body. A few seconds later he hit and instead of bouncing off he felt himself flow and merge with his younger body, a truly strange experience for him. He blinked as he felt his senses re-adjust, his disorientation being taken advantage of by his panda-fied father who, instead of simply kicking him into the spring like the first time, grabbed one of his legs and tossed him.

Ranma, expecting the cool sensation, did not immediately panic when he landed in the water. Instead, he calmly and patiently waited for the transformation to hit. He was not disappointed, as he felt the slow tingling sensation start working inwards from his extremities. However, once it reached his core he opened his mouth in a silent scream as every nerve in his body ignited. The waters surrounding him became clouded with bubbles as the water began to boil around him, though it failed to affect him, something that he was not able to notice at the time.

Soon enough the transformation finished and Ranma, in his new body, spent a moment to regain his strength at the bottom of the now dry spring. As he lay at the bottom of the empty crater, he noticed both his father and the Jusenkyo Guide approaching cautiously, the pair obviously wondering and worried about what exactly had caused the spring to react the way it had. Ranma's ears picked up the Guide's words to his father clearly, even over the distance and with the background noise of the valley.

"Aiyah! You son fall in legendary First Spring! No-one fall there, not in all Jusenkyo history!" Ranma's father responded with some unintelligible growls, though they obviously meant something to the guide as he responded as if Genma had been speaking a human tongue. Though, considering how many people must have ended up with various animal based curses it was probably a necessary skill to learn for the job. "No worry, curse undone with hot water. But cure only temporary, you splash with cold water you change again."

Ranma kept his eyes closed as he stood up, ignoring the gasps from the pair as they caught sight of his new form. Walking over to the edge of another spring, moving by memory and feel, he leaned over and steeled himself before opening his eyes. Taking in his new body he checked off the various details. Human body? Check. Hair? Hmm, real dark red, almost black, not the worse thing. Eyes? Well a shade darker than Hild's own, and again not too bad. Breasts? Sigh, yep still got them. Damn. Tails an' ears, chec-wai-wha? Ranma's eye began to twitch as that detail registered.

Ranma checked the reflection again. Yep the tails were still there, same with the pair of fox-like ears perched on his head. Turning his, her, head slowly he was greeted by the sight of nine majestic silvery-white fox tails floating behind him. Oh yeah, someone was gonna pay for this. Again her head turned very slowly, this time facing a sweating and very nervous Panda. The newly born, or reborn, Kitsune slowly bared her fangs in a grim smile. Time for some preemptive payback for all the crap her old man was gonna pull, right?

That's right, after all he set up so many of those fiancees for you, its only fair.It was a testament to Ranma's self-control that he didn't immediately freak out at the voice that suddenly spoke in his head. Oh sorry about that, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Amaya, the former Kyuubi no Kitsune. Now hurry up already before the fat panda over there gets away while you'redistracted.

Blinking as she refocused her eyes, Ranma did indeed notice her father attempting to sneak away towards the edge of the valley. Still grinning, Ranma cracked her knuckles before charging forwards. Though she wasn;t quite sure what the voice, what Amaya, had meant by fiancees, Ranma had a bad feeling about it. Easily catching up to her father she lightly tapped him on the shoulder, his entire body going rigid at the contact. Woodenly, the panda-man turned his head, only to force down the unmanly scream that tried to escape from his throat. Pulling a sign out of somewhere, he held up for the guide and his daughter to read.

#Oh, this is gonna really hurt.# Ranma nodded, and the panda-man let out a quiet whimper as his daughter started to work him over.

Meanwhile, within Ranma's mindscape the essence of the Kyuubi was cheering on her new host as she tore into her father. Hild had explained to her earlier that in order for her to escape, the only way would be through merging with another person. After Hild had given Amaya all of Ranma's memories for safe-keeping ,she figured she couldn't have ended up with a better host. And what made it even better, for her at least, was the fact that as Ranma regained his memories, the two of them would slowly merge, though Amaya planned to influence her host somewhat before that occurred.

Summoning a chair and some popcorn, something she had discovered in her host's memories, she sat down to watch the show, letting out a particularly loud cheer as Genma was forced to bend in a way nature did not intend. Well, at least there would be more than enough violence to sate her appetite, and things definitely wouldn't be boring. Who could ask for more?

Okay first up, the whole dimensional analog thing. Now I realize this might be a touch confusing so I'll try to simplify. Basically in every dimension there are a set of basic rules that Reality will follow, the laws of physics for example. Now this is not true for every dimension, as theorized by the existence of an entire universe made up of anti-matter, which would need possibly entirely opposite laws of physics to exist.

And so if a person like say, the Hulk for instance, were to jump from his dimension into a Dungeons and Dragons dimension, then the nature of his existence would be forced to change, as the Gamma radiation that transformed him does not exist in the D&D dimension. But because the Hulk and his transformation are such an integral part of his character, the energy needed to fuel the transformation would have to be supplied somehow, most likely by some form of demonic possession or deific avatarship.

Why did I do this you may ask? Well it gets me out of having to deal with the whole "Ki vs. Chakra" thing, as well as the whole "Kyuubi = giant living fox-shaped chakra" problem. Plus, this allows me to give the Kyuubi its own unique attacks outside of the bijuu version of the cero. Plus it also allows me to present the Kyuubi as a character outside of the see-something-destroy-something kind.

Second thing, Hild as a plot device. Simply put, I did this because of two reasons: One, I really like Hild. And two, it fits better with Ranma and Naruto then the original. Those of you who read a lot of Ranma fics may have recognized the reference I put in for one of the greatest, in my opinion, Ranma fics out there. There is also another reference to a different fic by a different author within the part where he is considering the outcomes of his possible wishes and if he had never gone on the training trip.

Anyway, I'll see you all later,

Fellgrave out.

OMAKE : I've been reading too much Nyotai-ka lately, and just got to this scene in chapter 23. I know its not much but... : OMAKE

Kyuubi-Ranma staring down a group of men who were attacking a young lady.

"The time for your punishment has come! In the name of Inari-sama!"


Ranma standing over the twitching bodies. Meanwhile Hild looks down upon the scene, the goddess Nandikesvara next to her. The goddess turns to Hild.

"I was not aware that that technique existed over here."

Hild nods sagely.

"Oh yes, it is the refinement of the Squirrel Maneuver. The legendary Third-Degree Squeeze with a Half-Twist. A truly devastating technique."


The goddess shuddered, "Yes it is, I truly pity those mortals, though the genepool will be much better off now."