Chapter 6! I decided to write another chapter cause you know im bored -_- and I am making banana muffins :3 isnt that awesome?

Usagi stared at the screen in disbelief. Aino Minako was her fraternal twin. Usagi had a twin.

She quickly printed the information and called Mina.


"Minako…I need you to come over, now."

"Okay, I'll tell my mom that I'm going to sleep over."

"Okay." Usagi said and hung up.

About an hour later, Minako showed up.

"What's up?" Minako asked.

"Remember how you said you had a twin?"

"Yeah, why?" Minako asked. Usagi looked at her and gave her the printouts she had gotten earlier. Minako read through all of them in silence.

"Usagi…is my… fraternal twin?" Mina asked in disbelief.


"I don't understand. Fraternal?"

"It means we were born on the same day, with the same parents, and during those 9 months we shared the same womb, but we don't look exactly alike."

Minako stared at Usagi hard. If looked closely enough, you could see they had the same skin tone, nose shape and lips. They looked different because Usagi's hair was golden, while Minako's was sun kissed. Usagi's eyes where sapphire-like, while Minako also had sapphire, but more of a stormy type.

"Minako, I am the one you're looking for."

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