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Chapter one: Power of a Single Decision

The plan was going fine, everything running as smoothly as it could. The hyenas had done their part and made a road crushing stampede. Simba was exactly as he should have been at the time, and Scar was actually grateful for him being a reasonably smart kid, that plan would never work if he died right away, it could actually be exhaustive finding another plan to kill Mufasa, not to mention it could bring up difficult questions about what the cub was doing there in the first place.

However, that wasn't the problem there, everything was spectacularly fine. Though Mufasa was able to get Simba away from the wildebeests, he seemed to be having trouble to get out himself. Soon as he rested his son over a rocky step, a pair of horns took him away.

"Dad!" Simba shouted, looking desperately for his father. It took a few seconds that seemed like ages 'till the great lion king could actually manage to jump and cling onto the rocks at the side of the gorge. Intending to help, Simba quickly started climbing towards the top.

However, at the perfect spot at the moment, was Scar. That was everything he needed, exactly how he had planned, even better still, he had Mufasa at his paws now, and could actually watch delighted as he tried to climb up, hurt and weak from the attempts to save his little annoying offspring. The lion king looked up, finding his brother prostrated at the top of the gorge wearing a careless expression.

"Scar! Brother… Help me…" he pleaded.

That couldn't be more delightful, and the only thing Scar could think was 'Not so cocky now huh?'. It had finally come his time, with Mufasa out of the way, dealing with the cub would be a simple matter. He could finally ascend and gain everything he ever wanted, all the power he ever dreamed of.

He bared his claws out, oh it was so simple, all it would take was a little push… However… Strangely enough… He hesitated.

'Why?' Scar kept wondering. It was his plan, it was his chance, it was the chance of a lifetime, everything he had worked so hard to gain 'till this moment. Yes, it was easy, all so simple now, so why the trouble? Why hesitate…?

"Scar!" Mufasa begged once more, sliding down, knowing he wasn't gonna be able to hang on for so long.

At first, he looked really pathetic to his brother, but without knowing the reason, stupid memories of themselves during their childhood stomped between Scar and his ambition. That rage and jealous of his brother suddenly turned to pity, which was just as ridiculous, however, it held the power to prevent him from going onwards.

Mufasa was tired, he was hurt and his whole body seemed like shattering, he felt his strength finally fading away, and his last seconds slip by as he remembered his family, his wife and son he was never going to be able to return to. Not able to hold any longer, his claws fell loose, but at the last possible moment, a dark fur paw reached and grab hold of him. Ignoring everything he had planned, Scar reached out to his brother and held him, preventing him from falling, and making the peak of his efforts to pull a big lion like Mufasa up with his slim and frail body, he could finally bring his brother safely to the summit.

Mufasa desperately gasped for air once he was finally safe, Scar as well, after all it wasn't easy pulling up a lion as big as his brother up. That brotherly feeling had gotten the best of him at the most crucial moment of his life, and as the last wildebeest fled away, he rubbed his head in disappointment.

"I must be getting out of my mind…" he mumbled to himself.

"Dad!" Simba came rushing towards his father, nuzzling him for a while to ease his feelings. Almost losing his father like that had really give him a scare "Dad…"

"Simba… Are you alright?" Mufasa asked, hugging his son.

"Yeah. I'm sorry dad… I'm so sorry…"

"It's alright, everything's alright. Come here" he pulled his son closer to give him a warm hug. Scar looked back at the scene disgusted. The king and his successor were both alive in the end, nothing like he had planned. He intended to go away, but…

"Scar…" Mufasa called, the dark mane lion stopped and gazed back at his brother, who stared back warmly as he only ever did when they were kids "Thank you…"

"Yeah… Sure…" he replied, annoyed.

"Come on uncle Scar, we gotta get dad back to Pride Rock"

"Oh yeah… It slipped my mind for a second…" he answered sarcastically, and as if it wasn't bad enough that complete failure due to his own doing, he even had to carry his nasty brother all the way back…

Finally back home, Scar drew way too much attention just by arriving with his brother on his back, and as he let Mufasa down on the rock, the lionesses quickly gathered. Sarabi was the first one to arrive "Oh my god…"

"Mom!" Simba called, and his mother quickly hugged him, turning her attention to her husband immediately.

"What happened?"

"There was a stampede! Dad tried to save me…! I didn't… I didn't mean to…"

"Mufasa… Darling…" she desperately called her husband, who mumbled weakly on the ground "Quick! Someone go get Rafiki! Where's Zazu!"

"I'll go!" Sarafina, Nala's mother, promptly volunteered, dashing away into the savannah. Scar, looking at his brother once again receiving all the attention, decided to ignore all that and go away, he knew he wouldn't be missed…

"Simba!" Nala called from the middle of the crowd, rushing towards his friend "Are you ok? What happened?"

"A stampede… My dad…" but before he could finish, he could catch a glimpse of his uncle's back, turning away "Hold on a second" he told his friend, running up to his uncle "Uncle Scar, wait up!"

"And just what…?" Scar began, but before he could finish, his nephew was already hugging his leg "Oh… Great… That's just cute…" he mumbled, annoyed. Or was he…? Simba, unaware of that last comment, just smiled towards his uncle.

"Thanks uncle Scar… I don't know what would've happened if you weren't there… Thanks for saving my dad…"

"Sure…" he answered disgusted "I gotta get going now, there are a lot of rocks I need to bash my head into…"

Simba giggled, not really understanding the joke, but his uncle had always been a bit strange, and besides, his gratefulness was such that he didn't really care about Scar's poor attitude.

Scar returned to the elephant graveyard, where he laid down along with something of a headache, and the disappointment of losing the closest chance he ever got of being king. The hyenas, having already returned, approached him.

"I don't understand…" Banzai commented "We went through all of that trouble so we could finally run this joint, and you, who was the one who came up with the idea of killing Mufasa, backed out?"

"Shut up…" Scar ordered, with no patience once or ever to put up with their subordinates lowsy comments.

"We're just a bit confused here Scar" Shenzi continued "Why would you help the king? You know we could have handled the cub…"

"This has really been a bad day, and I really wished you idiots would stop asking so many questions…"

"We just want to be sure of what we're doing here" Shenzi kept going "After all, we just tried to kill the king and his son and failed. What would happen if they found out?"

Without any more patience, Scar grabbed her by the throat rudely "No one is gonna find out. And the matter about why the plan didn't work is simply because I have something else in mind. Something much more terrifying" he announced.

It was, obviously, a lie, but if he didn't do it, those three would think he had been growing soft, and just the thought of that disgusted him. Besides, he was a smart lion, it wouldn't take long for him to cook up another plan to get rid of his brother.

"Believe me, by the time I'm finished, Mufasa is gonna wish I had dropped him into that gorge…"

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