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Chapter three: Truce

Rafiki removed some leaves off Mufasa's back getting a sore whisper out of his great friend.

"Relax my friend. Old injuries take time to heal, but they are also the ones that makes us appreciate life" the old baboon comforted him.

"Yes… But for the moment it still hurts"

"I know…" Rafiki replied, but apparently not caring about, he rapidly placed another leave on his back, this time getting a roar of pain out of Mufasa "There it is! Proof you're still alive!" the shaman remarked, seeming somehow amused and letting out a few laughs. Though Mufasa didn't find any of that funny, he didn't complain, simply because of his absolute trust in the old and wise baboon.

Sarabi got into the den, heading towards her husband with a smile in sign of his recovery "So how are you feeling?"

"Uh, it still hurts… But I'm sure it'll pass"

"So am I" she reassured him passionately.

"So how was it today?"

"The kingdom is quiet for now. There was a bit of a problem between the elephants and the giraffes this morning, but it was nothing serious"

"I see… I never thought you could handle these things so well"

"No matter what others think, I'm still the queen. Besides, handling your son while you're away is ten times more difficult than ruling any kingdom"

Mufasa giggled "I guess you're right…"

"Dad! Dad!" someone called from the entry of the den.

"Speaking of which…" Sarabi smiled at the sight of her son rushing into the den, and directly to his father's side.

"How's it going dad?"

"Hey son… And what have you been up lately?"

"Well, just looking around a bit, since, you know… Mom doesn't let me leave for the time"

"That's right. As soon as your father recovers you can go wherever you please, but for now, I want you to stay here. I can't watch both a kingdom and my son at the same time" Sarabi reminded him.

"Alright…" the young cub agreed, downhearted.

"Listen to your mother for the while, ok? I promise that when I get better I'll take you around the kingdom, and teach you a thing or two about pouncing"

"Really? Promise?"

"It's a promise"

"Alright!" a smile quickly enlightened the cub's face, making their parents satisfied.

"Now go around and play a little bit more. I'll be better in no time" Mufasa reassured, helping Simba get a move on towards the exit. As soon as the cub left, Mufasa turned his gaze towards his wife "So you're not letting him leave?"



"I'm still worried. I'm too busy handling things while you're injured, and I don't like the idea of Simba roaming around alone when Scar's out there and you're in here"

"You're worried about Scar?"

"I don't like him Mufasa. You know what he's like. And I don't like the way he looks at our son"

"I understand what you're saying, but he did help me back there. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be recovering here at all"

"I know… But I still don't trust him"

"Oh, come on Sarabi…" Rafiki joined their conversation "You know he was not always like that"

"He's right" Mufasa agreed "And despite all the troubles he has been causing lately, he's still my brother and Simba's uncle"

"I know… But until you get better, I want Simba where I can watch him"

"Fair enough. I just don't know how you get him to obey you"

"Are you doubting the queen's authority?" Sarabi jeered.

"Not at all your majesty" Mufasa followed, getting a laugh out of it too.

Scar kept on the elephant graveyard where he could think up his new plan without being disturbed… At least not by the Pridelanders… While Ed chew on one of the elephant bones, Shenzi kept sniffing around, and Banzai was apparently examining one of them.

"So you've been laying around here more than usual"

"That's because I miss you so much…" he sarcastically added to the hyena.

"And how's the king doing these days?" Shenzi asked in a mocking tone.

"Alive… To my great discontent"

"Says the one who pulled him out of that gorge…"

"You said something…?" Scar threateningly asked, making the hyena gulp in fear.

"So…" Banzai continued, not caring much about that "We're back to scraps after all. When I thought we were finally going to get something good out of this deal… You should have let me had one of those wildebeests"

"Are we going back to that again?" Shenzi complained.

"Will you idiots shut up…?" Scar demanded.

"Come on Scar, look on the bright side. You may not be king, but you still got us. You should be 'hyena' spirits" Banzai laughed out, although the others didn't know exactly where was the fun in such a joke, specially Scar.

"Yeah… I'm a lucky lion indeed…"

"There's one thing I don't understand. Mufasa is pretty beat down right now, I'm sure that you could take him if you wanted" Shenzi observed.

"You fools don't understand anything. The other lionesses wouldn't let me go near my brother in such state. And besides, I still need to handle that meddling little fur ball"

"You mean Mufasa's son?" she asked "Why not take him out now? Is not like his father is around at the moment, right?"

"I did think of that. But as it turns out, the mother is suspicious of me, so she won't let him out of her sight"

"Why don't you just sneak in and get both of them at once?"

"You don't understand. Having the king and his successor killed alongside under the lionesses' snouts would be too troublesome, and would raise a lot of unpleasant questions about the one assuming the throne. Everything has to look like and accident. A tragic and terrible accident…" he said with a grin, mimicking his lips using an antelope's skull.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" Banzai inquired.

"For the moment I can't get neither of them away from Pride Rock, so there's no way around. But as it happens, I already have something of a plan in mind. Let's call it a truce for the time being, and as soon as Mufasa recovers, I'll have a little surprise awaiting him and his little fur ball…"

Simba and Nala were laid alongside atop the Pride Rock, gazing at the savannah. Though Simba had his belly up wearing an incredibly bored expression, Nala seemed to be paying attention to the scenery.

"I see…" she started "A spotted animal"

"Does it crawl?" Simba asked.

"No. But it has a really long neck"

"I'm sick of this" he complained, already tired of that game and rolling back up "I can't stand being at Pride Rock anymore"

"Didn't your mother tell you to stay?"

"I know… But I don't know why. Is not like she had any trouble with me going out before"

"Well, things are a little different now. You almost got yourself hurt"

"Oh, come on… Now that I think about it, I could probably have gotten out of that stampede by myself"

"You're really not gonna tell me what happened, will you?"

"I told you Nala, I don't wanna talk about it" Simba complained.

"But it's clearly troubling you. I mean, maybe it has something to do with why you're not allowed to leave"

"No it doesn't. And if you wanna know, I rather pretend it didn't happen"

"Why's that?"


"Oh come on Simba. You keep lying around here all day long nagging because your mom won't let you out, but you also don't wanna play anything else, nor talk about what happened"

"It doesn't matter anymore, ok? Why do you care either way? It's not like you gotta stay with me"

"Well, if you rather be alone…"

"I didn't say that! Is just that you've been acting weird as well. Your mom didn't ground you so why don't you go out like everybody else?"

"Well… Is just that…"

"I'm fine, okay? You don't have to treat me like a child"

"Is not that!"

"I wish everyone would stop worrying so much about me"

"Well, you are the future king…"

"That's right. I should be doing whatever I wanted. I never heard of a king being grounded before"

"Well, you're not grounded… At least I don't think so"

Simba gazed the savannah upon hearing his friend's words and widened a smile "Hey… You're right. No one said I was grounded"

"No Simba, I know what you're thinking"

"Come on, there are tons of ways we could get out without anyone noticing. All we'd have to do is come back before the sun sets"

"You're forgetting Zazu"

"Who cares about Zazu? It's not like we can't lose him. We've done it before"

"Also, you promised your mom"

"Yeah, right, like that's…"

"Simba, this is different!" his young friend cut him off "Your dad almost died… You almost died" she gazed the ground, somehow sad "You're my friend… Almost losing your friend makes you value these things more. Makes you treasure having each other around. It made me care about the time we spend together…" she gazed him the same sadly manner "I was scared I might never see you again, so…" she intended to keep going, but ended up not saying another word.

Simba, on the other hand, found himself blushing without exactly knowing the reason, but it also made him care once he realized why she was spending time with him stuck in Pride Rock when she could be playing around anywhere else "Alright… So we'll put the adventures on hold for now"


"Well, you'd need me around for that anyway"

"Is that right? Mr. 'laugh in the face of danger'?"

"Smartass. Besides, uncle Scar is right, mom would probably eat me alive if she found out. Also, my dad told me to listen to her too, and I don't think I wanna get him mad while he's hurt"

"That's new. You obeying the adults…? It's really impressive"

"Come on, it's my turn" he said taking a sit on the edge "I see… Something fast"

"How big is it…?"

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