Hey! First time writing a Gaia online fanfic, but my friend liked it a lot so I thought I'd go ahead and upload it here. C: Characters are myself and my Real Life friend Tooshlie.

She scoffed, unbuckling the harness and falling through the air onto the beach. Her golden-booted feet splashed in the water as she braced herself and her eyes glanced up at the sun. It was far too hot to be wearing this damned uniform but she supposed that one had to be loyal to the town from which they hailed. From the coppery leaf in her hair to the scarf on her neck, she was donning every available symbol of Barton.

She was proud of her town - sure, they were not in the lead but she supposed that it didn't matter. The competition, to her, was something more of a chance to have a bit of a... challenge. She wasn't much for competition, anyway (and even less, sports themselves) but this time around she felt the need to assist in her town's victory. And, even if they didn't win, she would always wear that leaf in pride.

"Peace!" A girl cried, and she whirled around, blinking in confusion. She was knocked onto the ground and she laughed, sputtering as water made its way into her face.

"G-gah! Will you get off me?" She shouted, but her intimidating edge was lost by the laughter erupting from her lips. "How'd it look from way down here?"

"Awesome!" She flashed a wink and a thumbs up, tilting her hips. Peace watched the girl as she spoke smoothly and excitedly, waving her arms about. She, too, was decked out in yellow and orange and yes, even brown - with only a few little bits of green here and there to add a bit of variety. Peace had always been jealous of the girl's ability to dress - after all, she herself had very little talent in picking out clothes and rather often asked her friends to give her advice on what to wear every day. Toosh, on the other hand...

"So then guess what I did?"

"What did you do?"

"I grabbed his head and spun it around!"

She was a fashionable lunatic.

Peace chuckled and shook her head, walking calmly out of the water and shaking her legs for good measure, frowning as she realized her boots would be sopping wet for a while. "Damn," she muttered, "I should've changed my shoes..."

"Aah~ they'll be fine!" Toosh laughed, wrapping an arm around her friend's shoulders. Peace smiled and closed her eyes for a moment, looking back at the scene as another person was strapped in and prepared for the challenge.

Good luck, you little bastard, she thought bitterly, noting the Aekea logo on his shirt.

They walked through the town and laughed, Peace's leaf hairpin shining in the sun's dying light and Toosh's own genki leaf pin fluttering slightly. "What would you say," Peace started, grinning conspiratorially, "if I told you I'd like to go grab a bite and skip out on meeting up with the guys?" she grinned, watching Toosh stare at her with half-lidded eyes. "Perhaps we can just go to my place and watch awful movies for a while. Then if the boys call us we could just... accidentally drop our phonesin the fishbowl."

Toosh giggled madly and nodded, looping her arm jokingly through Peace's own. "Let's do it!"

"Yea. We don't need those boring sticks-in-the-mud with us," Peace nodded hurriedly, pausing for a moment before shouting, "Last one there pays for dinner!" and running away. Toosh blinked and shouted back to her before sprinting after, laughing as her friend tripped over the curb.

Peace huffed as she handed over the Gold, glaring at Toosh. "You win this time."

Toosh sipped from her drink. "I know. I always do~"