About the timing, I'm sorry if I messed it up in chapter 1, but this is supposed to be happening at about the beginning of season 2, roughly. And it's not like there hasn't been close encounters where Sam and Tucker almost discovered Danny's secret, but they were just never really curious about it. Until now. And Sam and Danny have had a few romantic moments similar to the ones in season one, minus Sam knowing or really getting curious about Danny Phantom.


Chapter 2

"Sam, you okay?"

Danny walked up to me out of practically nowhere, as Tucker was standing right beside me.

Tucker kind of apologized about ditching me when, you know, I was being held captive and needed help.

"Yeah, Danny, I'm fine. You ran away pretty quickly though." I looked at him with a small smile, suggesting that I knew he had an obvious fear of ghosts. Danny's concerned expression immediately turned to one of panic and nervousness and his hand found its way to the back of his neck.

"Uh... Yeah... About that... I just..." Danny had forced a smile, as he avoided looking at me or Tucker.

"Danny, it's fine. I know." I reassured him with a slight smile, and he only became more panicked.

"You- You do? What? Know What? What are you talking about? What is there to know?" Danny's eyes were wide and he couldn't help but tremble a bit. Why was he so afraid of people knowing about his phobia of ghosts? It's not a big deal.

"About your fear of ghosts?" He stopped shaking and relaxed a bit. "It's pretty obvious." Danny sighed in relief.

And then I was confused. What's going on with him?

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything?

It is Danny's secret, and if he doesn't want anyone to know, even though it is obvious, I'll try not to say anything about it.

"Oh... Yeah... My fear of ghosts..." Danny started breathing weirdly and let out a forced laugh. "Of course..."

Mr. Lancer suddenly burst into the hall in which everyone was. "Is everyone alright? No one is hurt?" Students mumbled and nodded, as Mr. Lancer nervously walked past everyone. I looked back to Danny as he had finally calmed down. My face showed him my slight confusion with his odd behavior, and he shot me a quick, awkward smile.

"Alright then, off to class!" Mr. Lancer exclaimed, with a small smile, as if classes were such a wondrous thing.

Danny looked desperate to be rid of the conversation we were having and began to pace quickly away from me and Tucker.

Okay then...

At the end of the long day, when the bell had rung, Paulina whipped her long hair as she stood up.

Danny stared at her, like he always does. A smile was glued to his face and his consciousness was very distant.

I don't know why, honestly, but at that particular moment, I wondered why he didn't look at me like that. I wanted Danny to look at me like that.

Why... Why would I even think something like that? That was so incredibly stupid of me. Almost as stupid as Danny falling for- Paulina.

I hate her.

"Sam? Hello?"

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Tucker had noticed that I was glaring in the same direction that Danny was staring. I turned to Tucker. Annoyance was as clearly written on my face as the heart that Paulina writes above the "i" in her name. "What?"

"You were kind of spacing out" Tucker lifted an eyebrow as if to question what he already knew. That I hated Paulina.

My glare was transferred to Danny. "And he isn't?" I asked, picked up my bag and walked out of the classroom. On the way out, I pushed my way past Paulina.

"Watch it, Goth Girl" Paulina's eyes narrowed at me, and I wanted to push her away even harder. I groaned out of frustration, glaring at her again. I trudged through the doorway, expressing my anger through my footsteps.

As I left I heard Danny say something to Tucker.

"What's wrong with Sam?"

"Oh, she's jealous. She really likes you."

Oh My. God. I can not even begin to explain how much I hated Tucker right then. I almost marched back into the room and punched him for telling Danny something that stupid.

I managed my through the crowd of people to the girls' bathroom, pushing and shoving like I really didn't care if knocked down the principal. I entered the dimly lit public school restroom, and it was completely deserted and quiet, unlike the halls. I rushed to the sinks, and stared at myself in the mirror. I was still angry, but felt like being all alone, felt like putting on the loudest metal music ever heard, felt like hitting so many people.

What was wrong with me? Why did I have to get attacked by some freak food ghost? Why did Danny like Paulina? Why would Tucker say that? Why did I care so much? Why couldn't this day just end?

Millions of questions burst into my head like fire blazing on flammable chemicals.

I turned around, and kicked the door of one of the stalls out of exasperation.

I stormed out of the girls' bathroom and spotted Danny and Tucker, but felt like avoiding them. Was it so wrong of me to want to forget all the events of this gruesome day?

Danny and Tucker noticed me and walked up to me fairly fast, not giving me enough time to hide in the sea of students or run away or something. Danny's facial expression was slightly concerned and Tucker's face was... well he didn't seem to care that he had said something so- so- ridiculous to Danny, embarrassing me. What an amazing friend he was.

"Sam, what's wrong?" Danny soft eyes looked at me and I almost retreated my cold shoulder.

"Nothing, I'm fine"

I wasn't necessarily mad at them, well maybe a bit at Tucker, but I just wanted to be left alone at this point. My day can't get much more annoying than getting attacked by meat, then dropped, then saved, then ignored, then embarrassed.

Simple, quiet, peaceful, alone time is what I need. Even though I hated to push Danny away like this, when he was one of the few that cared about me.

"Are you sure, because you look angry" Tucker asked.

"Fine, yes I'm angry. Today hasn't exactly been the best, if you hadn't noticed. Today I was being held captive by meat. Now I would like to go home, forget today, and be alone." I said, and looked them both in the eyes, then storming off once again.

After that, I went to the park, instead of home. I don't know, maybe nature would do me just as good as my room.

I put on my headphones, and started playing metal music that could maybe crack an ear drum. I closed my eyes, and leaned my head against the tree I was sitting up against.

I sat there like that for a little while longer until the unwanted happened of course.

I heard a loud noise through my music, and opened my eyes to see an explosion of some sort. And three green things, which were obviously ghosts.

Oh please not another ghost attack.

Why can't this day already be over with?

I am getting so sick of ghosts.

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