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Chapter 1.

Old Flames

" Four hundred dollars made today." Katara Aqua said to herself, as she wrote down her sales. It had been 1 year since; she had opened up her own perfume and cologne shop. She enjoyed owning her own shop, enjoying the presence of others. She picked up her pen again and started jotting down notes, but was interrupted as she heard the chime of bells, telling her someone had entered. She looked at her watch, and noticed the time.

'4:01' she thought. She stood and walked out her office, she quietly gasped as she saw a dark haired male, he was busy looking at the perfume racks. She suddenly noticed, that a chubby man was right beside him. She noticed it was Zuko Agni and his sweet little Uncle Iroh. She and Zuko had became close friends over the years, with Zuko and his family and they eventually became a couple. But it ended when Ozai banned her from seeing his son and Zuko went right along with it. She would be able to live with herself but she had gave Zuko her body, and also he was with Mai now. She quietly tried to ease back, and bumped into the wall by mistake and knocked down a portrait. She quickly turned around her back toward the two males, and grabbed the portrait.

"Can you help us? Are you the owner?" she heard Zuko ask. Clearly much to her surprise he didn't know she owned the place, and she planned to keep it that way. She was also surprised that Iroh didn't tell Zuko, since he was there every week. She cleared her voice ready to speak.


Zuko looked at the woman, who slowly turned holding a portrait in front of her face. He lost concentration as he noticed her curvaceous, body. He felt disgusted that he was hitting on a woman, whose face he couldn't see.

"Um… Yes, I am the owner. I'm Ms… Flowers." She growled in a deep voice. Zuko looked at his smiling Uncle, and turned back to the lady. He had only come to this shop for Mai's birthday present, and by the persuasion of his Uncle. Zuko liked Mai and all but he wished he could see Katara, and still have a friendship with her. He focused back on the matter at hand, and looked at "Ms. Flowers" as she eased behind the counter still holding the portrait in front of her face.

"I want to buy a perfume for my girlfriend." He said in a monotone voice.

"Yes, I have the perfect thing. It's called monstrosity." Ms. Flowers managed to say. Zuko only shrugged and walked forward to the counter, waiting for his purchase.


Katara grabbed the black perfume bottle, and walked to her wrapping counter, ready to wrap the gift. She gasped as she reached forward and grabbed some of the wrapping paper, her portrait slipped from her grasp, and she saw Zuko with wide eyes. She avoided his eye contact but felt his heated gaze on her. Iroh smiled in amusement at the two struggling for words.

"Katara?" Zuko squeaked his voice breaking.

"Hey Zuko. Long time no see." Katara chuckled nervously.


Zuko looked at Katara, and smiled in embarrassment, he hated when his voice started to break. He looked at Katara more thoroughly, he noticed that her cleavage was peeking through her scoop neck shirt, and her black skirt hugged her hips enticingly.

"Katara, you're the owner?" he asked in surprise.

"Yeah, it's good to see you Zuko. How long has it been?" Katara asked in a nervous tone.

"Yeah 3 years." He scoffed. He was shocked when, Katara handed him his package without saying another word. He also felt hurt, that she refused to look him in the eyes. He gave her the required amount of money, for the perfume. He felt her tense when he asked her a simple question.

"Would you like to come to Mai's party? It's at 7:00 tomorrow."


'Bastard' Katara thought in irritation, how he could ask her something like that made her angry. Her face red with anger, she snatched the credit card, and swiped it quickly, handing him a receipt. She noticed Iroh's disappointed glare that was directed at Zuko. She knew he thought the same thing.

"No… I don't want to come to the party." She seethed.

"Well the invite is always open." Zuko snarled. Katara narrowed her eyes, she quickly waved a goodbye to Iroh and turned on her heels and into her office, they winced when she slammed the door behind her.

"That went well…" she heard Zuko say. She smiled in acknowledgement as she heard a smack and knew that Iroh had hit him. She continued to write down her sales and retire for the night.

-10:00 nighttime-

Katara laid in her bed, wiping her eyes with tissues, listening to a romantic chick flick on her TV. She heard a high pitched beep come from her laptop. She sat up in her bed and pushed back the covers. Her feet hit the cool wood floor and she made her way to her dark blue laptop and swung it open. She was met with a video chat request.

'Video chat request; BlindBandit04/Kyoshi Warrior101/MoonSpirit2

Katara sighed and clicked 'accept' she saw split screen images of Toph, Yue, and Suki. She found it surprising how the three girls that fought over Sokka remained friends. She looked in disgust as she saw Toph cleaning her toe nails. Yue was reading a book, and Suki having a weird look on her face. That look was never good.

"We heard about Sparky."

Katara looked at the screen in disbelief as Toph spoke. How could they find out about that so fast.

"So… are you going to the party?" Suki asked anxiously. Katara gave a deep sigh in response and turned back to her chick flick, she stood slowly while taking her laptop with her, and she sat back on her bed. She tried so hard not to think about Zuko. How they had first formed a friendship, and ended up as a couple. All of that was quickly replaced by Mai's image in her mind, how she clung on Zuko as if her life depended on it. Katara only shook her head which meant 'no'.

"Katara, we can go to the party together. We can all go, and give you support." Yue babbled as she flipped the pages of her book. Katara fell deep in interest. Why are her friend's pushing her to go to this party. She shoved the thought aside, and thought for a few minutes.

"Look, I will see you 3 tomorrow." Before any could respond, Katara shut the computer screen. She turned off her lights, and fell into sweet peaceful sleep as she listened to the romantic movie play.


"Hey Kat." She heard a familiar masculine voice call her name. She turned to see Zuko, and almost dropped her hot tea. She didn't know why she picked to come to the Jasmine Dragon today; Zuko always came to help his Uncle on Thursday's and Saturday. Much to her surprise he wasn't in uniform. Courtesy of his Uncle. Katara turned her head away slowly and gave a small wave. She almost killed over in her seat as Zuko sat down in front of her. She couldn't stand the sight of him right now. But couldn't help looking into his molten gaze.

"Why are you avoiding me?" he asked sincerity in his voice.

"I'm not avoiding you." She stated truthfully.

"Yes you are."

"Damn, Zuko. Leave well enough alone. I'm not avoiding you, I just saw you yesterday. Since your busy with your famous and happy life." Katara snapped. 'With Mai.' Katara added to herself.

"So Mai, has something to do with this?" Zuko asked slyly. Katara realized she had said that out loud and blushed. She grabbed her black purse and stood, clenching her car keys tightly and walked outside the tea shop. She boiled over in anger at what Zuko has said next even though it was true.

"You are jealous." He said in a sing-song voice. Katara turned around to face him before she got in her car. She held up her middle finger.

"Screw you, Zuko." She managed and drove off. He only laughed in victory.


After the encounter with Katara he did not expect to see her at Mai's huge gala party. The press had gathered everywhere. He suddenly turned his attention to a person he thought he would never see in his life.

Things just got interesting.

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