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Chapter 6

The wind blew through the open French windows through Katara's fancy apartment. It smelled of a sea breeze and exotic flowers, the cold breeze blew over Katara's uncovered arms, even in her dreams, the exotic scent of the flowers made her think instantly of Zuko. She remembered when she said they may be a couple again, but she still felt insecure; especially with a brother that watches your every move. All thoughts were taken away when her bedroom door slammed opened; she screamed rolling on the other side of the bed and onto the floor.

"Morning sis," said a skeptical voice, of course it was Sokka, and he didn't seem to be alone. Toph, Suki, Yue, and Aang were there also. The water tribe woman groaned as she lifted herself off of the floor, just in time to see that her brother was inspecting her room. Aang was in a low key relationship with someone else, but still harbored some feelings toward his old love. Her brown curls were messy but still gave her the luscious and beautiful look of the beauty she was, she wore a light blue spaghetti strapped shirt and dark blue fruit loop flannel pajama shorts. She gawked at her friends angrily, as she flipped all of her hair carelessly behind her right shoulder.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" she questioned still catching her breath from the scare. Her eyes widened as she realized something else. "How did you guys get in here?"

"You gave me a key remember." Sokka said flashing the key so she could see it. She scoffed, walking into her bathroom. Even though her friends could be intrusive at times, it felt right; like a family. That was the only way to describe it. She brushed her teeth and gargled with Listerine, before exiting her bathroom. She wandered downstairs to see they had made themselves comfortable on her couch.

"So what brought you lazy asses here?" Katara questioned leaning on her kitchen counter top staring at her friends, who were watching TV.

"Nothing much just wanted to see you." Sokka lied shifting his eyes from one direction to the other, looking through her things. She folded her arms over her chest as she walked closer to the couches.

"Sokka…" she started he gave a humming noise before turning to his suspicious sister. "do you want something to eat?" she questioned.

"No thanks." He muttered. Sokka didn't want food? Something was going on and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"Okay what's going on? I need to know right now!" Katara demanded looking at each of her friends with questionable looks. Of course good hearted Yue was the first to give in.

"Sokka thinks you and Zuko had sex last night," the white haired beauty admitted. "in he and Toph's place. And… in here."

"What! Where did you get that from?" Katara questioned. Sokka only licked his lips and gave a mischievous smirk.

"I got eyes and ears all over this town." He declared.


Turns it his eyes and ears were his two children who Katara and Zuko babysat last night. They overheard part of their conversation, and she wanted to know which part; but was at work for the moment. She had sold over ten bottles of perfume that morning, and made over three hundred dollars. They were top of the line. She wrote her last order in her journal. Zuko came inside silently drooling over Katara's choice of clothes. They were modest and that made him want her more, but their relationship status wasn't confirmed all the way. She was wearing a violet blue fringe shoulder top, denim skinny jeans, and finally open toed ankle boots. Today must have been a special occasion because her hair had been straightened. He was ready to devour her. She gasped scarcely as she saw the handsome brooding male staring intently at her.

"Everyone is scaring me today!" she exclaimed putting her pen down, causing Zuko to chuckle.

"Morning to you too, so how's everything?" he questioned nervously. She looked at him surprised placing both hands on the counter.

"It's good… what's up with you? You seem… happy." She stated walking from behind the counter.

"Tara last night what we said to each other, you said we could be a chance, 'maybe'." He mentioned. She sighed inaudibly pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"We can be I just feel insecure about our relationship, I mean the whole Ozai thing… your dad is a freak." She blurted which earned a laugh from him. "But if you're willing to have a relationship with me, we need honesty on all levels, and most importantly believe in each other," she said and cooed silently as he took her hands in his.

"I will, I promise. I know we can do this, I know I can do this, me and you together." He rambled. "I'll see you later maybe at the Jasmine Dragon in a couple hours, the rest of the gang is going to be there." He continued his nervous and excited ramble.

She moved her lips to his jaw line and placed a soft yet loving kiss on that area, and moved back, just in time to see his good cheek turn a tint of red. He walked backwards to the entry way slowly.

"Y-Your hair looks nice straight," he complimented just before he ran into the door causing her to flash a small grin. "B-Bye." He said and walked out the door calling himself an idiot as he walked down the street. Katara finally burst out laughing, before a customer came in to ruin it. She smiled and went back to her work.


She told her bubble brained boyfriend that kids were not her forte especially since she was blind, and she didn't like the little monsters. Yue and Suki claimed she was delusional it didn't help that her boyfriend thinks so too. Right now she was in the passenger seat as Sokka drove on the road, on the way to a market festival, for the kids. Most of all she thinks Enki has it out for her, he was starting to do the smallest things to irritate her, and one final thing pushed her over the edge. He started to kick the back of her seat. She turned her blind gaze in Sokka's direction and growled.

"Toph keep it cool." Sokka encouraged as he turned a corner.

"What?! Sokka are you kidding me?!" she yelled. She had already been on edge since Suki and Yue were trying to capture Sokka's affections and he allowed it to happen, but something else was bothering her. She was pregnant with her own child even though Sokka was not aware, yet.

"You're telling me to keep it cool? Your son is kicking my seat it makes me wanna knock him on his ass!" Toph yelled angrily.

"Language," Sokka warned. She could tell by the tone he was getting angry at her attitude.

"Language my ass, I don't appreciate him kicking me in the back of my seat! You stand for everything-" she started. This was the first time she was getting emotional, thanks to hormones. That's when everything ended she felt Sokka's heart race with sudden anger, then that triggered her even more. She needed someone who understood her to talk to.

"Stop the car!" she ordered.


"Stop the damn car! I'm not helpless!" she yelled. Sokka obliged and she exited the car, but he quickly exited also grabbing her hand. That's when he noticed that Toph had blossomed into a lady. She started to dress more feminine but still had that edge to her style. Her hair in two long braids, she wore a simple green shirt, black silky cardigan, black pants, and brown high heeled boots.

"What's up with you? Enki is just a kid he's not out for you." He stated truthfully. "What's really going on?"

Toph folded her arms angrily before pinching the bridge of her nose and sighing.

"You think I have no feelings at all, because I don't show them. You think it doesn't bother me when Yue and Suki go for your complete attention? And you just give it to them and then act like I'm not in the room!" she screamed.

"Toph that isn't true Yue and Suki are in the past!" he confessed taking hold of her hand. He didn't understand why she of all people was acting this way. Toph never shared her feelings even with him, so why now?

"You take your ex-girlfriends' side all the time, what's so special about Yue and Suki, that you ignore me whenever I enter the room, you stuff your fucking face with food or you treat me like I'm not there! So why don't you go and find them!" Toph yelled and turned on her heel. Sokka let go of her hand walking away as fast as she could not looking back at her boyfriend.


"Well this scent is mixed with a lotus blossom and fire lilies, it's a fresh and clean scent, and it's very enticing." Katara explained to her customer who was in her fifties, she scrunched her nose as Katara used the word enticed but pushed it aside. Suddenly the door to the shop slammed open and there was an angry Toph. She grabbed the customer by the arm and walked her to the door pushing her out, locking the entrance.

"Toph! What the hell! That was a very good customer!" Katara yelled and snorted when Toph stomped over into her back office. Katara followed close behind as well then sat on the long wooden desk, arms folded.

"What's wrong? Did you have a fight with Sokka?"

To Katara's surprise the blind woman nodded but then shook her head no.

"It's not really his fault I mean I know he has the two little pain in the ass runts, but that's no reason to flirt with your exes while I'm in the room," she explained grabbing a tissue as she wiped her non stop tears. That was unexpected, she knew Toph cried sometimes, but never in front of others, she started to really worry about her friend.

"I'm pregnant," Toph admitted.

"Toph that's great news I'm sure Sokka will be excited! Your first child together!" Katara exclaimed in sheer joy jumping off the desk.

"That's just it, another kid. What if he regrets it, and then leaves me like he did Yue and Suki. Think about it, what would be so different?" she questioned the older water tribe woman. "What do you think? Give me the honest truth of your opinion."

Katara took in a deep breath a sober and impregnated Toph was actually better, since hormones were now involved.

"I think you and him are being asses, but you're overreacting more. I mean of course he has to have a certain relationships with the mother's of his children, but to a certain boundary. You know how Sokka is, he's an idiot, that's why he just needs to know the root of the situation, I'm sure he would understand."

Toph snorted and rolled her blind eyes. "Always the peacekeeper, well I have one piece of advice for you," Toph started before walking to the door.

"I would wear clothes that cover your whole body or else Zuko will fuck you in the exact spot you're standing, his heart rate goes ecstatic!" Toph explained leaving a red and embarrassed Katara behind. She only gave a small smile thinking of Zuko. With hard work on both their parts, this will be a great relationship for them both, she knew it.


Azula had eyes the entire city; literally. She watched her brother's every move. She was now going to attend the luncheon at the Jasmine Dragon, where her brother and his friends are supposed to meet up at. She looked at herself in the reflection of her car mirror. Just because she was a total maniac doesn't mean she was beautiful. Her hair was hanging in a high ponytail, with a blood red burette in the front. She wore a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and finally black boots, and to complete her look a blood red jacket. Her nails long and painted a pale red color. She was the obvious look of sinister beauty. She put on her famous black sunglasses and got out of her car and entered the building. She smiled wickedly as she noticed her brother serving tea to his dear friends and even sitting down by the water wench. Azula raised a manicured nail to the hole of her ear, and clicked the button of the com link.

"Chou do you have a visual?" she questioned below a whisper, accepting a glass of wine she sipped at it casually.

"Yes we do, we have our eyes and ears completely opened." The man said on the other line of the link.

"Perfect make sure you take notes, on whatever my idiotic brother says." She commanded before walking over to the table.

"Hello Zuzu, it's nice to see you again," she smiled before looking at his friends she made a small grimace and roll of her eyes. "nice to see you all as well… for now." She smiled wickedly and sat on the booth next to Katara.

"So I see you have a new connection with Zuzu? You seem to be glowing."

"Shut up Azula! What are you even doing here?" Zuko yelled gaining some attention in the room.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, brother. I have my orders and from what I can tell the Jasmine Dragon luncheon was welcome to anyone. No matter who they are," she said looking sinister and taking off her sunglasses. She pressed a button on her watch. Suddenly everyone screamed as men in black walked into the room holding different weapons. They had the same outfits as Azula but only wore black jackets instead.

"What is this?!" Aang questioned.

"Oh what a hero," the princess of the mafia lord sneered sarcastic heavy in her voice. "I suggest you sit your ass in that chair before one of my men lose control of their gun." She said coolly.

"Now Zuko I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, which I never do. One you can come back to Agni inc. and support our father and give the business open to him freely, or stay in here." She smiled.

"Go to hell!" Zuko yelled.

"Very flattering Zuzu, but it would be a great tragedy if every gun went off in this room, don't you think? I suggest you choose the first option, I'll give you time for you to think, goodbye Zuzu and his little playmates, and fuck toy." She said the last part looking at Katara. Azula put her sunglasses back over her eyes and walked out of the room her goons behind her.

"What's it going to be, Zuko?" Iroh questioned hearing pure silence.

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