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How It All Began

"Thank you," The perky brunette receptionist said as she took the papers from Loki's hands. Scanning them over quickly, she turned to type something into her computer and then turned back to him. "We'll call you in, in a few minutes. Until then please wait."

Without responding, Loki turned away from the desk that was placed in the middle of the office and walked back to the waiting area, which was really just a clutter of hard plastic chairs strewn across a small portion of the room.

As he approached the waiting area, everyone turned to face him; terror, confusion, and derision dancing on their faces. Loki could hear the one thought that was bouncing around their brains and echoing off the white walls. Why would Loki Laufeyson, the leader of a recent extraterrestrial invasion, be at a therapist's office?

With their eyes following his every move, Loki tilted his head upward, his chin set in defiance and posture was stiff, despite the fact that the white walls of the office closing in on him. He was wearing his mask of impassiveness but underneath he felt strangely naked.

Back in Asgard while he had been waiting for his sentence to be announced, they had taken away his armor and without it he felt powerless, weak and small. The Midgardian clothes that he donned were disgraceful. The green cloth of the shirt stuck to his skin and the black pants hung loose on his hips. They weren't snug, unlike his armor.

Loki breathed in deeply. Why did it seem that the only empty chair in the room was miles away? The back of his neck was prickling and his hands were quivering yet Loki did not let it show. He would get through this.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Loki reached the hard red plastic chair. Sitting down, he stared down at his feet.

The man that had been sitting on the chair next to him quickly got up and moved to a corner of the room causing a smirk to form on Loki's lips. He might have been degraded from a prince of Asgard to a lowly criminal but at least the mortals feared him as they should.

Sighing, Loki straightened up and glared at those who were still staring at him. He watched as eyes widened and fluttered and faces turned away. At least he could amuse himself while he waited to be called. Once all eyes had turned away, Loki leaned back into the chair, wishing he could disappear and wondering how he had landed himself in the situation he was currently in.

The last part was easy enough to answer.

No matter how hard he had tried he could never compare to the golden Thor. Compared to the god of thunder, the fierce warrior, the great almighty Thor, what was he?

All of Asgard had mocked him behind his back so when the opportunity came, Loki seized it. He wanted to prove to Odin that he could be the golden son, and that he could rise to make Odin proud.

But fate had its own way. He never meant for things to get out of hand, they just did. And then when he was hanging from the Bifrost , a deep, dark, soul-sucking abyss under him, Odin still wouldn't accept him. In that moment Loki had realized that he would never be good enough, at least not for the Allfather. And so he had let go; let go of all the illusions that he had surrounded himself with and faced reality.

Wandering through the darkness, not having any idea where he was going, caught in between the realms, Loki had stumbled upon the Chitauri. With them he had found his solace. The Other enlightened him to the ways of the world and taught him that to survive meant to hate, to rule, to elicit fear from those who were inferior. Loki gladly accepted The Other's teachings; never questioning that there might be some good in the world. He came to believe that the fundamental emotion for every living thing was hate and that there was no such thing as love.

And when The Other had offered him a way to show his worth, Loki had agreed. Truth be told, Loki had believed that he was doing the mortals a favor. To live in fear and to be controlled were the only ways that the destruction that the humans were bringing upon themselves could be stopped.

In the beginning, taking over Midgard hadn't seemed difficult. Stealing the Tesseract was a simple enough task; the only threat had been Thor. Never could Loki have imagined that the mortals would ban together to protect their home. The Avengers came as a surprise but even then Loki hadn't been worried. They were just a band of misfits that would have brought their demise upon themselves. After all, Loki had seen them bickering first hand. To quote Banner, they had been a time bomb waiting to go off.

Who would have thought that a single death could have aroused them? Before Loki knew it, he was being taken back to Asgard, another failure to add onto his name.

He had been expecting a death sentence as soon as he got back to Asgard. Instead the Allfather had locked him up in one of the jail cells for a month. He was supposed to be self-reflecting but the only thing Loki did in the cell was stare at his fingernails. Self-reflection wasn't going to get him anywhere.

Then the day had come. Loki had been walked out into the open for the first time in a month. A crowd had gathered to see his execution. Everyone from Asgard was there. They couldn't wait to see him hang.

The time never came, much to the crowd's disappointment. Instead Odin had announced that Loki would be sent back to Midgard for self-reflecting. He was being banished.

Loki would have taken death by hanging over banishment to Midgard any day.

As Thor had escorted him to Asgard, he also escorted him back to Earth. Landing outside of an apartment in midtown Manhattan, Thor had told him that he was located close to Avengers HQ so that they could keep an eye on him.

That this was his last chance.

Thor had also told him that Stark had been constantly saying that Loki needed a therapist so he had looked into the matter, being the loving and protective older brother that he was. With the help of Jane he had found "the best" therapist that Manhattan had to offer and if Loki knew what was good for him, he would go to all his scheduled appointments.

Groaning, Loki straightened up. What time was it? How long had he been waiting? When would this torture be over?

"Loki?" A familiar voice reached the gods ears. Turning his head to face the voice, Loki immediately cursed his fate. Pretending that Loki had never seen him, he turned away.

"What a coincidence. What are you doing here? Finally realized that you have some serious problems? About time, I say." Tony Stark came and sat down in the empty seat next to the god, his voice every bit as annoying as Loki remembered it.

Loki ignored him and stared pointedly ahead.

"No, not responding? Oh come on, where's the fun in that."

"I can ask you the same," Loki spoke through gritted teeth.

"Why aren't I responding? Well, if I respond to something that I said people will think that I'm insane."

The man was hopeless.

"Or maybe you were referring to my purpose of being here? Well," Stark paused in the middle of his sentence. For dramatic effect, Loki guessed.

"You never answered my question so I see no reason to answer yours."

"I never asked," Loki mumbled under his breath and then louder, "You must enjoy hearing your own voice." Never once did his gaze waver from the dot in space that he was looking at. If he looked towards the mortal he would only find the need to inflict damage on him.

"Why yes, I find that my voice is quite soothing."

"Tony Stark?" A high pitched voice jarred Loki's ears. Finally, as he could resist no longer, he turned to face the mortal.

"The one and only," Tony winked at Loki before turning to fact the girl that was standing in front of him.

Loki watched in disgust as Tony's eyes scanned the girl before he turned and brightly smiled at her. Loki took his own time in accessing the female and found nothing appealing. Even for a hot summer's day, she was ridiculously underdressed, her highlighted brown curls falling over her tanned shoulders in loose curls. Her blue eyes were staring expectantly at Stark, her mouth smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe this. I'm such a huge fan. That whole thing you do with Iron Man is amazing,"

Loki snorted and turned away.

"Tell me about it." Loki wished that he could get up and leave but he couldn't. Even though he didn't need to listen to Thor, it was in his best interest to oblige to whatever he told him to do.

"I'm Christina," Loki watched from the corner of his eye as the girl stretched her hand out.

"Pleasure meeting you," Tony replied, shaking the girl's hand. The exchange of paper that occurred was not lost on Loki.

Shaking his hand he turned his gaze to the floor.

"So, I kinda have to go now, but it was totally awesome meeting you," Loki listened in silence as the steady beat of feet slapping against the ground got fainter.

"Cute but not really my type," Tilting his head slightly, Loki watched, amused, as Stark crumpled up the paper and deposited it in the pocket of his brown dress pants.

"What are you doing here? I suppose you aren't here to woo Midgardian women." he couldn't stop himself from asking, curiosity beating sense.

"I think you owe me an answer to that question first. And no, that just comes as a bonus. I don't know if you know this, but I'm irresistible. You're not in a very agreeable mood, are you? But then...you never were. Really a stick in the mud. Wait...don't tell me your jealous? You probably scare away all the women, don't you? But then again they love the whole badass image."

Loki didn't offer a response. He had made a mistake asking. Instead he returned to his earlier stiff posture, eyes staring at the floor. The mortal wanted to see Loki get irked. Well, Loki wouldn't give him the pleasure of succumbing to his will.

"Oh wait, no...there was this one time, right? A horse or something?" Stark burst out laughing.

Loki clutched his hands into fists, nails digging into palms. He had the urge to throw Stark out of another window, even though this time they weren't high up. But at least this time ht didn't have his suit.

From the corner of his eye, Loki watched as realization dawned on the mortal's face.

"Don't tell me that Thor actually took me seriously. Did he refer you here?" Loki's face twisted into a grimace as Stark entered another laughing fit.

"Oh gosh," Stark managed to get out in between laughs. A few excruciatingly long minutes later, he was wiping his eyes clear of the tears that had formed.

Before people had been sneaking peaks at the two from behind magazine covers but now they were openly staring. When Loki completed his sentence he would wring Stark's neck.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm also here to see Dr. Lucas," the buffoon's voice was laced with mockery.

"But you see, he's a close friend of mine. I'm here to visit him not to seek a consultation for any mental problems that I may have, which by the way, you seem to have a surplus of." The mortal had a death wish.

"Loki Laufeyson? The doctor's ready to see you." The words finally came.

Without saying a word to Stark, Loki hoisted himself out of his seat and walked over to the secretary who would lead him to the doctor's office.

Mistakenly, Loki looked back. The look in Stark's eyes chilled him to the bone. He could never have imagined the mortal looking so worn down and lost. A pain that stared at Loki whenever he looked into a reflective surface was mirrored in Stark's eyes.

Loki shook his head to chase the thoughts away. He had to focus on the torture that awaited him; He had enough on his plate without thinking about the broken genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

A/N: So yeah...um, I have no idea. This story is actually me experimenting with Tony and Loki's characters since in one of my other Avengers fic I'm having a little trouble portraying them. So you're going to get to see a lot of different shades of these two.