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I remember the first time I saw her. She was absolutely stunning. Her purple hair just reaching her shoulders and her amethyst eyes that felt like they were looking directly into my soul. It was corny yes, and completely unlike me, the jokester of the team to describe someone like this, but she did something to me, she made me want to be a better person.

When I first met her, I was 13 and short. A pip squeak with ropy muscles. I was no man, at least not one that was good enough for her. But at that point in my life I was not interested in girls. My life revolved around video games and fighting crime. Thirteen, to be carefree again, to not have to worry about "Grown up" things. Thirteen was a time before the "Beast" became an issue. Before it started to slowly become more a part of me, before it started projecting it's thoughts in my mind. And now it's thoughts were becoming more and more graphic and demanding. There was one thing that the "Beast" wanted and that was Raven.

Chapter one

Beast boy, or now more appropriately called the Changeling was making his way into the main room of the tower. He walked in through the sliding doors and over to the sofa, where Raven was currently sitting reading. Raven looked up when he entered, a small smile appeared on her face, but wasn't made noticed by her other team mates. The Changeling had grown up, no longer one of the shortest members of the team, he now made ranks among the tallest in the tower. Standing at 6'3, he was the same height as Robin. Neither were as tall as Cyborg, who stood at 6'5, but there was a huge difference from before.

The titans had grown in the 5 years since the team started. The boys all reaching over 6 ft with Starfire not far behind at an even 6ft tall. This left Raven the shortest of the titans at 5'5. The titan that had changed the most was Beast boy. Leaving his childish ways behind, he had become more mature. Stopping all of his pranking and trading out his bunk bed for a queen style bed. He didn't stop playing video games or cracking lame jokes though. This change hadn't gone unnoticed by Raven, who had slowly started developing feelings for the green teen. She had noticed when his uniforms had started to become just a little bit tighter across his chest, how she now had to look up to see him, how he stopped pulling pranks and how he didn't bother her while meditating anymore. He had been maturing, and she had taken notice. Raven saw just how thoughtful and caring BB could be. He would help Star with all of her cooking ventures, run errands for Cyborg and he would occasionally bring her, her herbal tea in her favorite mug, without even being asked.

Raven found herself staring at the Changeling from under her hood. Her eyes catching all of his actions. He walked across the main room and sat down on the other end of the couch, as far away from her as possible, she felt waves of frustration and confusion coming off of him. This worried her, if something were bothering him, why wouldn't he of told her.

'BB tells me everything.' Raven thought wryly as she closed her book and lowered her hood, a look of concern swept across her features. Clearing her throat she raised off of the couch and over to where the changeling sat. She sat timidly down next to him, careful not to disturb the deep thought he seemed to be in. Raven placed her hand on his knee to get his attention, when this happened Beast Boy seemed to jolt out of his trance-like state and stared down at the hand on his knee. He looked down at Raven, his eyes clouded, almost like he was fighting through something.

After a moment of staring down at her, he removed the hand from his knee and turned to face Raven.

"Hey Rae what's up?" The changeling asked while he plastered a fake smile on his face.

With concern rising, Raven looked up at the green teen. "Are you ok, BB. You know you can tell me anything right, you're my best friend, and I'm honestly worried about you."

"Everything is fine, Rae. I've just had a lot on my mind what with the crime raise in Jump down to Star and Rob's wedding." he smiled down at her, but it didn't reach his eyes and Raven took notice of this but she decided not to press him anymore.

Raven stood up, signaling that she was leaving. Turning to Beast boy with a small smile gracing her lips. "Ok BB, I believe you. But if you ever want to talk, remember I'm here for you." She finished and put her hand on his shoulder before she rushed out of the main room.

Beast boy looked after her, his eyes clouded with pain and worry. He gripped the arm of the couch and closed his eyes. He needed to get himself under control, but the beast was becoming to powerful and even more demanding.

'Why did she have to be so caring and her touch….' The changeling jumped up off of the couch and ran from the room leaving 3 other titans confused about his hasty exit. He ran into his room and immediately began pacing back and forth, running his fingers through his hair.

Taking a deep breath, he went and sat at the end of his bed, leaving his head in his hands. " Ok Beast Boy, you're a grown man, you can control this, the beast will not win." A little pep talk was all he needed, to reassure himself. Maybe if I just go talk to her, tell her how I really feel, maybe she will learn to accept me and the "beast."

Groaning he fell back on the bed, "Who am I kidding, Raven would never go for a guy like me. I'm an animal, a beast." he spat out, utterly disgusted at himself. Walking over to his mirror, he growled at what he saw.

"You…. what do you want." he growled under his breath, as he caught sight of the beast in the reflection.

The image smirked back at him, "It's so nice to see you too Garfield.." the beast answered with a sarcastic edge to his tone. "You know what I want, I'm just here to inquire why nothing has happened yet. She was so close to us today, how could you have controlled yourself?" The beast pushed.

"Because I'm not an animal, she deserves better than us. And I would never have her endure you, you would destroy her."

"YOU ARE AN ANIMAL GARFIELD!" He screamed back at Beast Boy. "Stop denying your primal instincts, you are an animal and animals live to mate. Embrace it and accept it, you cannot run from it any longer. Do not fight this because you will not win."

"This is my body, so yes I will win. I will not hurt her, for all I know she hates me, she wants nothing to do with me…"

"LIES! She wants us Garfield, do you not see the way she looks at us, the way she smiles, the way she leans towards us when we talk to her. There is no denying her blatant attraction towards us. I can smell it…" The beast got distracted, caught up in his thoughts of Raven.

Beast Boy was disgusted. " Don't talk about her like that!" he roared back at his reflection.

The beast was caught off guard, and ripped his attention back to his host. "I will talk about her any way that I wish, Garfield. She is our mate, there fore she is mine and very soon she will become aware of this."

And with that Garfield was left staring at his very own reflection, breathing heavily, angered at what the beast said. He cared about Raven more than anything in the world, but he would not let her be introduced to the beast.

' I need time to think,' he went to the window opened it up and flew out in the shape of a raven, just as the empath was knocking on his door.

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