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Chapter 1

Conner, Ethan, Kira and Trent had just arrived at Tommy's house for some additional martial arts training so they could be ready for anything and so they could fight off the Tyrannodrones with out needing to morph all the time. Out of all the new Rangers only Kira seemed to pick up the moves quiet easily which was to be expected since she was a musician. But Conner, Ethan and Trent were helpless Conner new a few kicks thanks to his brother and his soccer skills but not much.

Tommy came out his house and said to the Rangers "Let's go round the back we'll train their today"

"Ok Boss" said the Rangers.

The Five Rangers headed round to the back garden and split off in to groups but soon it broke down to a who could beat who but as usual it ended up with Kira defeating Trent, Conner and Ethan, then she turned to Tommy and said "How about I try to beat you?"

"Fine Kira, but remember I have been trained in Martial arts longer than you?"

"I don't care I just want to see if I could hang with you"

What Dr. O didn't know is Kira had copied his Ranger story disk with Ethan's help and she had tried to learn different fighting styles from the Rangers shown on it and also what moves Tommy might use. So she was quietly confident she could surprise him.

After five minuets Tommy was starting to wonder were Kira had learned to fight like this he had counted the styles of 6 different Rangers and she had countered some of his top moves. Then it took another twist as Kira changed her style again this time in to what Tommy thought was Justin's but their was also something else it was a hybrid style as he countered her blows he realised it was his style crossed with Justin's.

Conner, Ethan and Trent were looking on in awe as Kira and Dr. O went toe to toe, then finally Kira made an error and Tommy caught her with a kick and she went down.

Their was a round of cheers while Tommy offered her his hand to help her up.

"Were did you learn to fight like that I know I haven't taut you most of those moves infact the only place you might have seen them is in the video of Ranger history"

"Yeah I have a slight confession, I had Ethan do me a copy so I could try and learn some different moves from all the different Rangers"

"Oh really" said Tommy while he thought about what Kira had said then he said "I guess if was just for learning then it can't really hurt"

"Thanks Dr. O" said Kira.

Half an hour had passed and the Dino Thunder Rangers were hanging out in the chamber until they got interrupted by the Alarm.

"Finally it's been way to quiet around hear?" said Ethan.

Uh guys what are those thing's they don't look like Mesogog's normal monsters?" asked Conner pointing to the screen.

"That's because their not Mesogog's creations" said Tommy.

"What don't tell me we gotta deal with some other freak as well as Mesogog? Who is it now?" asked Trent.

"These are three of Rita Repulsa's creations the original enemy of the Power Rangers"

"Also the person who gave you the Green Ranger Power Coin and made you the evil Green Ranger?" asked Kira.

"Yes the very same" said Tommy.

"Well at least you know who they are and how to defeat them?" said Trent.

"Yeah I know who they are and this could be trouble"

"How I thought you beat them?" asked Kira.

"I had help from the other Rangers and they attacked one at a time not all three of them at the same time this is and unknown and extremely dangerous" said Tommy.

"So is it Rita then or not?"

"No it isn't Rita was turned good in the energy wave of Zordon's pure good energy after he got Andros to brake his tube and flood the universe with his positive energy"

"So how did they survive?" asked Ethan.

"I don't know Ethan but I intend to find out"

"So what do we do while they're attacking the town?" asked Trent.

"You go and fight them" was the simple reply from Tommy.

They headed for the raptor riders and the other vehicles just as Haley came down the stairs in to the command center. "Be careful guys these creatures are a lot more powerful combined than they are on their own" she said.

"Yeah they each have a unique way to kill them and can do damage to you so watch your backs guys" said Tommy.

"What aren't you coming with us Dr. O?" asked Conner.

"Not just yet I'm gunna research why and how they survived and came here to attack now?"

"And I'll help Tommy. But if it looks like you might be loosing I'll send Tommy to help but seeing as he knows these things it's better if he stays here and fills me in on what they do who they are and how to kill them"

"Ok so how do we attack them?" asked Trent.

"Try divide and concur" said Tommy.

"Right. Ready guys?" asks Conner

"Ready" they reply.

"DINO THUNDER POWER UP" they call and soon turn into the Dino Thunder Rangers.

"Guys be careful trust your judgment, your all smart in your own way" said Tommy.

"We will Dr. O" said Ethan as the Rangers left to fight the three monsters.

A/N This was supposed to be how Mesogog kidnapped the Rangers but ended up changing it in to this story. See if you can guess who the three monsters that are attacking are.