Disclaimer: Same as Chapter 1 &2.

Summery: This story is about what would happen if Monsters from a previous Ranger villain decided to attack Reefside. Terror Toad, Pudgy Pig and Eye Guy are all being controlled by someone evil.


Chapter 8

Still the previous night while the Rangers slept.

It had been almost half an hour since Elsa had returned from the moon and they were waiting on the person Elsa had spoken too to appear.

"Elsa I thought you said the person would be here soon?"

"So you must be Mesogog" a strange voice.

"Yes I am and who are you?" Mesogog asked.

"I am Scorpina, Mistress of Mayhem and I will destroy the Power Rangers"

"Why do you want to destroy them?" asked Mesogog.

"They took everything from me my Friend Rita, my boss Lord Zedd and my fiancé Goldar. Now with the help of a trusted ally Finster I have recreated 3 of my friends deadliest monsters"

"Ii know we have seen your efforts are delighted to see the end of those Rangers that Toad like thing has eaten, but I have evidence that the one surviving Dino Ranger is recruiting help"

"What do you mean?"

"She has found three Rangers to come and help until she can save the ones that are gone"

"Who has she found?"

"A child in blue from after your time, a lady in Yellow again after your time, and your one time target in Black"

"Adam huh interesting I think its time for some recon work"


The two villains had been talking for almost another hour until they had reached an agreement.

"So we will use my Hydro regenerator on your creatures if they die in return for you making some super Tyrannodrones for me?" said Mesogog.

"Agreed Mesogog, come and see me on the moon in a couple of hours" With that said Scorpina vanished and returned to the moon.


Back on the moon Scorpina had returned.

"Finster find as much super clay as you can and make some super Tyrannodrones for Mesogog?" said Scorpina.

"Yes, right away your evilness" replied Finster as he got to work looking for the super clay.


A few hours later Finster had just finished making the Super Tyrannodrones for Mesogog.

"Your evilness I have finished the Tyrannodrones" said Finster.

"Excellent keep them hidden until Mesogog arrives then send them outside to train against the Scorpion Putties" said Scorpina.

"Very well your evilness" said Finster as he headed back to his workshop.


An hour later, Mesogog and Elsa finally arrived to inspect their new super Tyrannodrones.

"Scorpina we are here to inspect my new troops?" said Mesogog.

"Yes Mesogog they are ready and waiting for you to look at them" said Scorpina.

"Well show me them then?"

"Right this way, they are outside?" said Scorpina leading them outside.

They walked on to the balcony and looked out at the new super Tyrannodrones.

"What is that?" asked Elsa pointing to an object in the distance that appeared to be moving.

"I have no idea" said Scorpina as she walked over to Rita's Telescope and pointed it towards the object.

"So what is it?" asked Mesogog.

"It appears to be a person" replied Scorpina.

"I thought this place was safe?"

"It is all this means is you can have a demonstration on how effective your new super Tyrannodrones really are"

"Super Tyrannodrones attack that person in the distance" called Mesogog as he turned to Elsa and said. "Go and keep an eye on them"

"Yes my lord" said Elsa as she removed her sword and followed the super Tyrannodrones.


Half an hour later at the Tyrannodrones and Elsa reached the person in the distance and saw he had a cloak on and stood ready to defend himself the person got knocked down the hood stayed in place though covering the face of the person, who got to their feet and pulled out sword and attacked with it not doing to much damage to the new Tyrannodrones but managing to get the better of Elsa. The stranger had knocked Elsa away but was then surrounded by the Tyrannodrones but then with a flash of light the stranger had vanished.