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Life; a constant struggle between light and darkness, strength and frailty, beauty and unsightliness. It is what allows one to experience love and loss, hatred and heart, pain and prosperity. Some lives are fair, but that is a rare occurrence. Most often, as far as a bard is concerned, the opposite is true; a horrid fate, placed upon the protagonist and leads to atrocious acts. This is the birth of our story.

Or is it?

Most hear of the greatness of a clan, the power of a person, and believe in the propaganda. This is true in the case of one Uzumaki Naruto. These beliefs in fear lead to hurt and pain, and the death of hope. However, as fate as many twists and knots, a single event changed; and the Konoha we knew of is no more. In its place is a Konoha tempered by war and allied with the strongest of strong: Uzushiogakure, the strong hold of power in the elemental nations that had survived the second war. This place, an Eden of prosperity, would lead to many great things; its former leader helping train the next generation in the code of life and the path of light. Saving the world from the perils pain on the way: even if this leads only to pain for the remaining country.

But enough vagueness, this is the story of Naruto of the Uzumaki, raised by the family that was not taken from him, tempered by an experience of life that is not crazed, and treated as an equal. The tale of Naruto the Galliant begins, not with the hero himself, but the events leading to his graduation. In the begging, our hero is but a side of a story. First, let us meet the condemned.

In Uzushiogakure, a war has transpired. The clans of Uzu had reached out for Konoha, but the messenger was slain. As the encroaching terrors of Iwa, Kumo, Kiri, and Taki, Kusa, and Ame approached, the Uzukage, Shadow of the Whirl, stood in his study. He is in a position of great distain. Both the sacrifices his pride, or his people; and the answer are obvious. As he, his lead Jonin and his lead tactician all work together a plan is formed.

"Are you sure they have all been spotted. That is more of an extermination force." one said quietly.

"Yes, Uzukage-sama. We have reports from the seal squad stating so. Were you not informed? You have not abandoned your duties I hope." An older Jonin said, he was the only one near a window, thus he was illuminated. He had greying red hair, green eyes and the standard Jonin gear of Uzu (thick robes that were sown with seals that allowed camouflage, and underneath was gear similar to Konoha gear). His face is scared in many places, and his eyes seem far too old for their bearer.

"Tonsho, do not be so hard. We of the seal branch have not had a chance to see Uzumaki-sama in a long time. Your burocracy keeps him away." The female in the room chuckled. She had long green hair, held into two long pony tails with bangs framing her face. Her light blue eyes shown in the darkness, and the moonlight intensified just enough to see her face.

"Yokiko, flattery will get you everywhere." the last figure said with a slight laugh at the end. "Anyways, no Tonsho, I have not. But things have been hectic, What with the whole "impending doom" thing."

"Have we heard from your troublesome sister?" Tonsho asked.

"Not yet, but she is due back within a few moments. Have you spoken to the Sealing Branch yet? I will if you have not." The Uzukage said.

"My lord, they said they could funnel the chakra, and help you draw it tonight. But they cannot go into battle. The explosions a few days ago injured most of them." Yokiko said.

The Uzukage sighed. Those damned Iwa ninja planted explosive tags into the sealing branch barracks, and detonated them. Many were injured, and several died.

"I can accept that; have them ready within 5 minutes of this meetings end." He said.

"Yes, Uzukage-sama."

"Tonsho, I want the combat, ninjutsu, and kenjutsu corps to place these onto their arms." The Uzukage said, showing the man a seal that he wanted painted onto them. "They should all be able to do this small part. If any problems arise, please contact me or the sealing branch."

"As you wish." Tonsho said.

"Good, now I believe we should also..." he stopped suddenly, and looked to the right. "Hello there Mizumi-chan. How are you?" He asked in an overly polite manner.

When he said this, the wall he looked at shimmered and a woman with short red hair, green eyes, and a diamond on her forehead appeared, with a tick mark marring her face.

"Kamidamnit! Why do you always ruin my fun?" She pouted, causing the Uzukage to laugh.

"Because you're my little sister and that's my job." He answered with a smirk.

"You are such a shiri Yuudai Uzumaki."

"I try" he retorted.

"If your pissing match is done," Yokiko said, "its late and I would like to sleep, so Mizumi-sama, please tell us of your report."

Both of the Uzumaki ignored the jibe and returned to seriousness.

"Brother, they are correct. The kage of Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri are here, and it seems they brought all of their jinchuriki. Taki brought theirs, and Ame sent Hanzou. The numbers are in the hundreds of thousands. They outnumber the entire village, civilians and all, 20 to 1. The ninja alone are outnumbered 60 to 1. It will be bloody. Almost as it was at the Battle of the Bloody Whirlpool a few years back." She said, noticing a slight flinch of Yuudai.

"Alright. Mizumi, go to mother, she has a gift for you. Yokiko, get the sealers, we are going now. Tonsho, do as I have commanded. And may Kami have mercy on us."

"Hai, Uzukage-sama" the replied as one, all vanishing I a whirl of air.

When they left, he looked up until two figures descended.

The first was a young woman with blonde hair in two pig tails; she had a diamond on her head, brown eyes, and a grey gi on. Her normal attire was missing her coat with the word gamble on it.

The other was a tall man with long and spiked white hair. He had a head band with the word oil on it, and he had two red lines running down his face. His clothes are made up of a red sash like material over the shoulders, a green gi, which is open enough to expose his fishnet shit. He wears fish net arm and leg warmers that, on his feet, lead down to geta.

They are the feared Sanin of Konoha: Jiriaya the Galliant and Senju Tsunade. Yet, this man just looked at them.

"Why are you here? This is no place for you, pervert. And Tsunade, why would you be here, war is no place for you."

Both looked taken aback at this. Then both laughed, causing the mask of annoyance that marred the Uzukage's attitude to shatter, and he joined them.

"Brat, you need us here! You would be lost without us." The old toad laughed.

With a response of a snort the Kage went to a light switch and turned it on. When the illumination converged onto the shape of the kage, it revealed that he was a young man, maybe in his late teens. He had long silver hair that if you looked closely, had crimson strands and streaks. His eyes were grey and green, an almost ethereal combination of patterns in the shape of clouds. He wore a long sleeved gi that was similar to Tsunade; the only difference is that his was colored dark blue. He had a blue diamond on his forehead, and appeared to be greatly amused.

"You do realize I could have you both executed right? And I don't NEED your help, I just would like it." He said lightly.

Jiraiya look as if he was about to cry and Tsunade was laughing heartily at him.

"Gaki, I missed your humor. Anyways, is there anything we can do for you? I would hate to see one of my best pupils die so young." She said an edge of sorrow in her voice.

"Actually yes, Tsunade-shisho. I would like you to take this scroll," he asked as he went to a shelf on the leftmost wall, and grabbed a gigantic scroll, "and give it to the old monkey. Also, tell him that when the outside of the scroll glows with a green instead of blue, to activate it." He said, showing them the glowing scroll.

Tsunade took it, and immediately felt how heavy it was. "Yuu-chan, could you put it into a smaller scroll?" She asked.

"Maa maa, fine" he griped as he grabbed a smaller scroll and spent about 10 seconds drawing on it with a brush that was on his desk. "Here, just put it in the middle and apply chakra."

Jiraiya look stunned. "Yuudai, how did you draw such a complex seal so FAS- oh wait, duh? Uzumaki. Damn luck bastards." He started then mumbled at the end. This caused Yuudai to laugh harder.

"Shisho, Hentai, if I were you I would leave now." The laughing dispersing and the Uzukage returning to grave seriousness.

"Good luck, brat. Don't die." Tsunade said quickly, leaving the room.

"You heard the woman Gaki." The toad sage agreed before leaving as


"Wait!" The man called. Almost instantly the two were back with grins.

"I told you he would need us!" Jiraiya said gleefully.

"Actually, I just wanted to ask you do help me with something tonight before you are both off." He corrected. "I do not want you fighting at all." He added for clarity.
Tsunade nodded in understanding, knowing her former pupil well enough to know what he was planning. Jiraiya on the other hand, was looking confused and lost.

"I need you sealing skills, menial sealing skills, to help me draw one up. And Tsunade, you would be an excellent chakra battery." He stated, cutting of Jiraiya's announcement of his "awesomeness" before he could utter anything.

"Hey! That's not fair! Even the best of experts look like special needs children when compared the Uzumaki sealing knowledge. I'm damn good compared to normal people!" Jiraiya protest vehemently.

"Jiraiya, you are less than special needs infant compared to us. You student would be the slightly impaired child." The man said.

"Were you even born yet when I taught him? You're what, 16?"

"Yes, I am. Got something to say about it?" He asked with an edge.

"As a matter of fact, I don't." Jiraiya said.

"Good. Now stay right here while I go speak to my branch."

"Alright, Gaki." Both said.

"You know," Tsunade said after Yuudai left, "if we were to speak to any other foreign leader, we would be dead."

"Yes, a few hundred times over if we did not know Yuudai so well." Jiraiya agreed. "I hate it when he's all in "kage mode". He loses all of his fun."

"I think you mean psychosis." Tsunade said with a laugh.

Right then, as the two old teammates where chatting, a large group of about 89 people walked into the office: or tried to anyhow. They were all dressed similarly. They all had beautiful robes that looked as if they were made of silver. The most interesting part was the beauty of the design made on them. On top of the illuminant silver, there were black inscriptions, made with what looked to be onyx. The markings seemed to go all along the robes in a pater that almost seemed to create a grander design. The only divergence in the robes was across the very middle of the back. At this point, the markings coalesced into a single Kanji, or other symbols that differed from each other.

This was the famed sealing branch of the Uzumaki. The very creators of the art, as well as its most dedicated followers.

As they all sat down in lotus position, someone in even more empyrean robes entered. His seemed to be made out of the very clouds themselves. The color was a pearl grey, and had symbols made of turquoise symbols. They differed greatly in the fact that the symbols on the robes were almost impossible to disifer, and they seemed almost to be glowing with an ethereal light. Yuudai Uzumaki, the famed Ōkingu Shi (The Walking Death) of Uzu. The only person to have single handedly defeated Hanzou of Ami, a feat not even the renowned Sannin of Konoha could claim.

"Well someone went a little metrosexual with their robes." Jiraiya giggled. Instantly all eyes were glaring at him.

"Not funny, Jiraiya of the Sannin. Here, in this room, are the remains of my branch. Those that can still move. Thus, with your help, we shall be going to the border of Uzu no Kuni and setting up the Fuin:Ōdo no Shōheki (Art of Sealing: Barrier of Warding) and Fuin:Kimigawarui Shi no Sōzō(Sealing Art: Creation of a gruesome Death) . We are creating a barrier, which once it is erected, all inside shall be eviscerated." He paused. "Any questions?" He asked.

Not a single person raised their hands.

"Good, then let us go." With that, every person in the room disappeared and went to the battle field that was soon to be. None knowing the dangers of what they created. And the battle to take place in but a few hours. Once the giant seal was created, the Uzukage sent both of the Sannin to Hiruzen Sarutobi, the professor and the Kami no Shinobi.

The dawn after the e seal was drawn, would be one of the bloodiest in most of Ninja history. A truly devastating battle that would shape the future of the Elemental Nations for the rest of time. And this one act, this one change in history, changes the entire course of the story...

A/n: well, there it is my first revision to the story. Again, I felt that I had started the story badly the other time. Also, for new people this story is highly Oc oriented: thus meaning that the first few chapters are filled with Oc. This is not the entire story, as Naruto is the main character. Also, as a side note, this does not change the majority of the story. I've had the majority of the story planned out, story planned out to the end. Oh! And someone asked how long this is going to be, I will answer. This story spans over 23 years. So yeah. Also I am going to re write all the other chapters I have. And I was upset with how I did the reckoning….