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Chapter 2: The Arrival of Change

Two days later, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Kami No Shinobi, was sitting in his office. The day was going as normal; Paperwork coming in, handing out missions, arguing with his former teammates, thinking of burning said paperwork. All normal, everyday crap. Well, until his two students flew into his room, both looking ragged and haggard.

"Tsunade! Jiraiya! What is the meaning of this?! Are the two of you okay?" The Aged man asked in a rush.

"Sensei, there is time for this later. I need you to look at this scroll." Jiraiya said hurried as he gave the scroll to the old man. Hiruzen opened it immediately and slightly widened his eyes. He quickly unsealed the other items and read the note sent to him from the Uzukage. As soon as the massive scroll that appeared with the note appeared, it started to glow with a steady blue. The ancient monkey gave the two others in the room and raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Sensei, according to my spy system, a minor faction of Iwa that opposes Onoki teamed up with the bloodline haters of Mizu, and a faction that opposes the current Raikage. Several smaller factions also seemed to have joined this rebel faction to eliminate the Uzumaki, and all of Uzushiogakure. However, my information proved false, as it was that Onoki and both the jinchuriki they have attacked, along with the Third Raikage and the Mizukage. It is almost unheard of besides the time in the Second War, further more I am going to find out why my network failed." Jiraiya stated.

Tsunade decided to speak up, "I have been in Uzu for a few days before the Perv got there. Yuudai was organizing his troops for a small army, not this annihilation force. He found out this force was much larger while Jiraiya and I were in the room. He seemed to have the same eyes that Ooji-san (Grand Uncle) did the day he left Konoha for the last time."

Hiruzen looked concerned at this. At that moment the sealing scroll flickered with a red light several times, always reverting back to blue for a millisecond. This slightly unnerved everyone present, as it was supposed to turn green. In his concerned state, Hiruzen turned a questioning gaze upon Tsunade and Jiraiya, who both shrugged. At this moment, the scroll turned blood red, giving off an oppressive glow. Not being able to take it much longer, the Sandaime Hokage opened the scroll and did the standard summoning hand seals. He slammed his hand onto the scroll, and a massive puff of smoke appeared. Seconds later a battle cry echoed in the room, as did the sound of sloshing. Tsunade did a few hand-seals and said Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Style: Great Breakthrough), instantly the smoke was blown away.

As it dispersed, a grotesque sight emerged. In the middle of the room, two people who appeared to have just bathed in blood were standing. The first one was in a tattered cloak of what used to be grey, he also appeared to once have had white hair, but it was covered in shiny and fresh blood. He had a staff of a white stone in his hands that was also covered in blood.

The other appeared to be a woman in her late twenties to early thirties. She had blood stained red hair that ran down to her back, she had the most brilliant green eyes and heart shaped face. She was wearing a blue battle dress. It had one sleeve that went to her elbow and the other went to her hand, slightly covering it. It was a very low cut, showing off some impressive bust, but still retained modesty. When it got to the legs, it had a split in it where her right leg was exposed, and the other, completely covered. This dress was completely soaked in blood.

Both looked startled, before the male turned and looked directly at Hiruzen with murder in his eyes.

"YOU!" He shouted at the aged man, "I was in the MIDDLE of DEFENDING my village, when YOU summon me BEFORE I gave the signal. WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE." The silverette shouted, bring a glowing green hand over his wounds as he shouted.

"Yuudai I-"Hiruzen stated.

"It's Uzukage-dono, Sarutobi." The angry man said coldly.

"Yuudai, the seal was glowing in a disturbing red light. We thought you were in danger." He defended himself.

"Of course it glowed red! It's bound directly to MY and MY MOTHER'S life force," he said pointing at himself and then to the woman, who was being treated by Tsunade for a few stab wounds, "and we were fighting S-class ninja! What the hell do you think was going to happen?" he said bitterly.

"Yuudaimaru," Hiruzen said, using the Uzukage's full first name, "How would I know that. The sealing method was too complex for even me, and the only person in the village better than me at sealing is Jiraiya."

The silverette sighed in contempt at this. He understood perfectly what this meant. "Well, it is a good thing that I have critically injured the one I was facing then is it not?" He said.

This got a nod from the three, before Tsunade asked, "Who where you facing?"

"I killed the Third Raikage, and the Mizukage. That Mizukage was a stubborn little ass. The damn Sanbi (A) kept him alive for so long, and the Hachibi (B) Jinchuriki was so under trained it was easy to kill after I stopped its raging." He said dispassionately "However, that damned Gobi would not die! I think cut his femoral and aortic enough that he should die. I used my best poisons so he should be dead by now."

After a moment, Tenmei spoke, "I was able to kill all the generals and the rest of the Seven Swordsmen besides Kisame and Zabuza. They were, however, able to reclaim the swords before I could pick them up. And the poor Nibi Jinchuriki(C) stopped fighting and begged me to let her go. I did so, for she must have only been in her late teens. Poor girl was scared out of her wits."

The others in the room nodded in understanding before Jiraiya asked, "What of the Iwa leaders?"

"Mizumi handled him. She left of her own accord after the fight." Yuudai answered.

"What were the losses?" Hiruzen asked.

"I don't know. YOU summoned us before the fight was over. "He said angrily.

"Whatever you may think, I did what I believed to be best. How long do you and Tenmei plan to stay?" the aged kage asked.

"Well, since Onoki liked to Jinton our village, I will need to have it rebuilt. We are using article 24, section 865, subsection G of the Intorqueo Arborem Pact (D). Also, my clan shall be coming in with the Uzuki clan." At this, they all heard, and ignored a slight intake of breath from the rafters (E).

"That is an old law, Yuudai. It is going to be a pain to explain this to the Council."

"You still let those power hungry civilians make decisions?" the silverette asked in a disgusted manner, "What have I told you about such foolishness. You are a dictator, ACT LIKE IT! The only reason Uzushio has a council is for battle preparations and the military like, and even then they are all high ranked Shinobi! I don't even let civilians, with the exception of their elected official, into the building during the meetings."

"That may be, but tell me again what happened to the village in the Second War?" Sarutobi fired back.

"That was Konoha's fault!" Tenmei bristled, "Your lazy asses couldn't get there in time for the majority of the fight to happen! Our council only had two days in total to prepare! That is barely enough time to evacuate the civilians to the sealing chambers!" she finished with a retort, having been on the council of Uzushio at the time.

"HEY! Tsunade-him, Orochimaru and I were there are killed a lot of those bastards!" Jiraiya protested.

This arguing continued for four more minutes before Tsunade had enough of this. "Children! There are more important issues at hand. Such as the fact that I need to go and get Shizune."

With the decency to look humiliated, the Uzukage got back to business, "Hiruzen, my mother and I would be glad to accompany you to your council meeting." He said with disgust at the word council.

"I understand you being there Yuudaimaru, seeing as you are the leader of Uzushio, but why would Tenmei be going?" He asked curiously.

"Hiruzen," the woman said with a deadpan, "I AM the Daimyo and a former clan head. Yuu-chan," she said, ignoring the glare from said man, "took over for me a few years ago as patriarch."

"And my paperwork load has been ever increasing." Yuudai wept sadly.

Hiruzen nodded at Yuudai in somber understanding, knowing first-hand the bane of all Kage. It was just horrid luck that he was also his clan's leader. That paperwork must be mountainous. Thank Kami-sama he gave Azuma the clan head title years ago; he was sure that he would have gone crazy.

"Fine, I shall call them. Be back in one hour unless you wish to stay here in the tower." The Sarutobi said, signaling the ANBU hidden to gather the council.

"Actually, where is Anko usually at this time?" Yuudai asked, "It has been over six months since I've last seen her."

"She is usually at the ANBU Holding Cells, or at the Hoshiki Dango stand. I would also try the Jonin lounge." Hiruzen replied with a small smirk. "I would also suggest cleaning off the blood first." Referring to the amount of blood that still drenched the teen.

"Why? I happen to like the smell and taste." He said, licking the blood dripping from his fingers to accentuate this point.

"Weird." Tsunade sighed (F)."You're going to scare the children and the civilians."

"Not really disproving my reasons. Not such a good dissuasion effort." Yuudai said flippantly, causing Hiruzen to deadpan, Tsunade and Jiraiya to face palm, and Tenmei to laugh.

"You are going to do whatever anyways, so go ahead." Hiruzen sighed in defeat.

"Later then!" he said and Shunshined (G) out of the room.

"Why is he so happy?" Jiraiya asked.

"He isn't responsible for an entire village at the moment." Tenmei answered still laughing.

"And no more retched paperwork!" Hiruzen whispered in awe. Then cursed the "Damn lucky Uzumaki bastard."

When Tenmei stopped laughing, she gained a somber expression.

"Jiraiya, could you walk me Kushina's grave. I would like to pay my respects to my sister and nephew. It has been many years since I was here long enough to visit last." She said sadly, gazing out the window, missing the alarm that flashed over Hiruzen's face.

"Sure, would you like to get some flowers as well?" Jiraiya offered.

"Yes, and I would like to get a bowl of Ramen to place by her grave. (H)"

"Of course, I will call Ichiraku and make a "to go" order of miso for you." Hiruzen said, trying his best to hide his anxiety.

"Alright let's leave now." Tenmei said lost in her thoughts about Kushina and the nephew she never got to know.

As they left, Tsunade went to go for a drink, before she went to get Shizune. Immediately after Tsunade left, Hiruzen signaled for 3 ANBU.

In an instant Tori, Inu, and Saru appeared in front of him. "You three are to keep Naruto far, FAR away from the two that just left this office. Understood? Especially from the Silver haired one. I am allowing you to use Jutsu to subdue him if he gets close to the silver haired one." He said gravely.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." They chanted in unison, almost giddy at the prospect of using Jutsu on the little menace. With the affirmation of their mission, the three ANBU disappeared. When he was sure he was alone, the old Kage cursed himself.

Usually when an Uzumaki came into the village; such as Yuudai, Tenmei, or another diplomat, they came alone and only stayed for a few days. Now, however, the ENTIRE clan and its two retainer clans would be here for an extended period of time. How the hell was he going to keep the village safe from the wrath of Uzushio while still hiding the fact of Naruto's survival AND treatment?

What a great day this was turning out to be.

With Yuudai

While walking through Konoha, Yuudai got many fear filled looks from Shinobi and civilians alike. He was stopped twice by ANBU and at least seven times by chunin. 'Seriously, do they not own a SINGLE bingo book here?! I have a damned flee on sight order! So much disrespect!' the teen thought. After the ninth person and our group, he just started throwing KI (KILLER INTENT) at the oncoming groups. At first this had the opposite effect, but then people seemed to get that he was not in the mood to tolerate their idiocy.

'Do these idiots seriously not recognize their betters? It is like trying to communicate with imbecilic dunces.' He thought in exasperation. As he walked, he noticed the penury of the area he walked into. Spotting the shop he was told to head to, he took a deep breath and entered.

The shop, a gem in the rough ghetto, was fairly lavish. It had simple maple tables and chairs with an ash bar that wear was only slightly visible on. At this bar, a young woman sat, she was no older than 16. She had lovely long purple hair held in a spiked pony tail, a tan trench coat on, with fishnet leggings that ran up to an orange skirt that stopped just above the mid-thigh area(I). Next to the woman was a large stack of used dango sticks.

With a grin, Yuudai walked over silently, with all the grace of a Shinobi, and hugged her from behind.

Or attempted to.

Right as his arms enclosed around her body, the woman dissipated only to rematerialize behind him with a grin of victory on her face as she tried to grab him.

Only to fall face first through the image.

Just then, a pair of hands shot up from under the ground, grabbing the woman by her ankles and dragged her down until only her torso was above ground. Yuudai then appeared from the ground a few feet away before grabbing the woman and hugging her.

With a pout, the woman whined, "No fair! You used Jutsu! We agreed only shunshin and E ranks!"

"Well, Anko-chan, we are Shinobi. But you are right, so I lose." He said laughing and letting her up from the ground.

With a roll of her eyes, Anko returned to her dango pile. With a look back she asked, "Would ya like some, Yuudai?"

"No thanks, Anko-chan, I still have to meet with your council in a bit." He sighed, really wishing he could. It had been far too long since he and Anko had spent time together.

"Why? You aren't in the village often and when you are you avoid the council chambers like the plague." Anko intoned with concern and confusion.

"Go with me there then, I will fill you in on the way." Yuudai offered with a warm smile.

Anko feigned a sound of contemplation before she grinned and spoke, "Alright, Yuudai, I guess I could sit through your torture. I do like the whole pain thing after all."

"You are such a good friend." Yuudai deadpanned.

With that, the two headed towards the Kage tower, a trail of drying blood behind them.

With Tenmei and Jiraiya

"It has been too many years, Jiraiya. I promised Kushina I would visit every time I was in town, at least once a month otherwise. It's been over four years since I was here last. I never had the time." Tenmei told Jiraiya somberly.

"I'm sure Kushina would have understood Tenmei, she always did when it came to you and her family." Jiraiya comforted her.

"I guess. It still hurts though; I didn't even keep that promise to her." The red-head sighed as she looked down at her cleaner dress, having long since used Suiton to clean the majority of the blood off.

"Yamanaka flower shop is on the way, as is Ichiraku; let us be on our way, we still have a meeting to go to." Jiraiya said leading her towards said shop.

Right before entering the shop, the faint sound of rustling leaves caught Tenmei's attention, though when she look towards it all she saw was a blur. This could only mean one thing; ANBU.

"That was weird." Tenmei intoned, her eyes narrowed slightly.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it." A voice said from inside the shop.

Both Shinobi whipped their heads towards the voice to see an older blonde man at the counter.

"Inoichi," Jiraiya said, face lighting up in recognition, "It has been too long."

"That it has, Jiraiya-sama." The now named Inoichi agreed with a slight bow.

"Well, you certainly get reverence from Konoha, Jiraiya." Tenmei giggle slightly.

"Oh, I you look familiar, have we meet before, young lady?" He asked her, looking over towards her.

"Ah, you probably met my sister, but I am not from around here. In fact, I was wondering if you had any of the flowers I wanted." Tenmei smiled.

"I can always order some if we don't, but we have most of the flowers in the southern and eastern portion of the Elemental Nations."

"Do you have any pink hydrangeas, blue morning glories, and a few blue and white hydrangeas? All mixed together of course." She asked politely.

"I do, actually. I haven't had an arrangement for that since the wedding for the Yondaime Hokage. May I ask who or what they are for?" Inoichi asked as he walked into the back room looking for the specific flowers.

A small and rueful smile graced her lips, "An answer for an answer, Inoichi-san."

With a curious look, Inoichi reentered the room, "Alright, ask your question."

"Well it seems to me that you are moving through the room much faster than necessary, also you have a gleam of worry in your eyes, as well as a far off and contemplative look in your eyes, why?" Tenmei asked.

"I am the head of the Yamanaka Clan, and a council meet was just called into an emergency session. I was actually just about to close the shop, but I saw Jiraiya-sama and yourself." He answered with a slight laugh.

"Ah! That may be partially my fault. I'm Tenmei Uzumaki. And to answer your question, the flowers are for my Sister and Nephew; Kushina and Naruto." Tenmei responded, noting the gleam of recognition in his eyes.

"Why don't I throw in some white tulips for Naruto's grave?" Inoichi asked.

"Thank you, Inoichi-san. I would really appreciate it." The woman grabbed out a stack of Ryo and paid Inoichi, with another thought of thanks.

"Until we meet again, Inoichi-san." Tenmei said as she walked out the door, Inoichi glared at Jiraiya briefly, asking a question with his eyes. Jiraiya slightly shook his head, and left the shop as well.

So as they walked along the trail, Jiraiya asked Tenmei a question. "Tenmei, why no flowers for Naruto in your original order?"

"I was going to place the blue and white hydrangeas onto his, for I never got to know him." She said, as she again let her thought wander. Thankfully for Jiraiya, she didn't notice the people they passed stare at the carbon copy of Kushina had she grown older.

As they walked, Jiraiya told Tenmei to turn the corner to get to Ichiraku, as they did so they heard a commotion coming from the stand. As they entered, they saw a little blonde child with blue eyes and whisker marks chatting excitedly with a young girl and her father who worked the stand. When they approached, the older man asked, "Would you happen to be Tenmei? Hokage-sama told me to have this ready for you." He said as he looked at her.

"Yes, I am. May I also have three extra orders of Miso.? Yuudai never lets me eat it." Tenmei said the last part to Jiraiya.

"Certainly, though why would he deny you food?" Teuchi asked.

"WHHHAAATTT!? This guy wouldn't let you eat ramen! What is his problem with the food of the GODSSS!?" The little blonde boy bellowed. Tenmei just looked at him, and then laughed.

"I like you kid; your meals on me, because you also love the food of the Gods." She laughed, grabbing her order from Teuchi and paying for her, and Naruto's meal. "Ja ne, kid."

With that, she and Jiraiya left.

They continued to walk in silence, as they walked nearer to the grave yard. Finally they made it to the entrance of the War Hero Cemeteries. Normally, they only buried the highest ranked Shinobi who contributed to the war here, but because of Kushina being a war hero, the wife of the Hokage, and the strongest kunoichi in the village aside from Tsunade, she was given the right to have her son buried next to her.

When Tenmei got to their spot, directly next to a Sakura tree, she knelt down to the marker for Naruto. She placed the blue and white flowers onto it, along with the tulips. She said a small prayer from her homeland before she got teary. She then moved to the next grave, the one for Uzumaki Kushina, the Akai Chishio no Habanero (Ret-hot bloodied habanero), and Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Tenmei let the tears stream from her eyes, as Jiraiya walked back to the tower. Tenmei placed one of the bowls on Kushina's grave, along with the rest of the flowers. She got her own bowl out, said a quick itadakimasu, and ate and chatted with her sister, who could not respond. She slowly let the tears fall down her face as her grief still came, even eight years later.

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A- Yagura was the Jinchuriki of the Sanbi

B- Due to the time frame, this is not Kiribi

C-Yugito is said to have greatly disliked the sandaime Raikage.

D- Latin for "Trees of the Whirl" or "Whirled Forest"

E- Guess which young anbu this is!

F- Due to things that will be spelled out later, Tsunade got over her Hemophilia long ago.

G- Shushin no jutsu: litteraly meaning Flash Step. Used by Ninja to quickly escape, or move fast.

H-Kushina is known to have loved ramen as did Minato

I- Anko is young, and not completely a whore.