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The pitter patter of stilettos should have been alarming to the agents of the covert organation SHIELD, considering none of their operatives wore high heels. Should have was the key word though. If it had been any other day, she would have been interrogated, locked away, and, for lack of a better word, tattled on. But this college grad was smarter than the average Jane. The Stanford alumni had insider information, which she was using illegally today for personal gain. But just this one time.

"How is the situation in medical bay 4?" Hill snapped into her earpiece.

"There is no situation in medical bay 4. He's Captain America. Any injuries he withstood are already healed."

"How's Agent Barton?"

"He's okay. Worse off than Cap, but he'll live." The voice responded quickly.

"He better. If we lose any of the Avengers we're all dead. I want blood samples and x-rays from both of them. Over cautious is not a viable adjective here."

"Yes Agent Hill."

Steve sat calmly on the medical bed as a SHIELD agent drew a steady stream of blood from his arm. The super soldier didn't so much as wince as the vile was filled. He sighed wearily as he pulled down his civilian sleeve. At least they had given him ten minutes to shower and change. He was scraped, but generally unharmed. Clint on the other hand hadn't been that lucky.

Steve could hear Clint howling in pain as they gently tried to peel his Hawkeye suit off his bloody wounds. Steve was glad he wasn't in the same room, because he couldn't bear the thought of seeing his teammate in such immense pain. He sat motionless until he couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to the debriefing room." He stated simply as he rose and strode from the hospital room, focusing hard on ignoring Barton's yells.

"Of course Captain Rogers." The agent responded, then turned to her dark haired assistant. "Please take this to the lab for testing."

The dark haired assistant nodded quickly as she received the vile. She turned on her heels and followed Steve out the door, her stilettos clicking as she went.

She ducked into the closest bathroom to the exit and quietly snuck under the door of the handicap stall and replaced the clothes of the SHIELD agent she had tased before slipping into her own blue sundress that matched her heels. She gently placed the vile in her clutch and strode out of the stall, checking her lipstick in the mirror before she left. She burst out of the women's bathroom, yelling "Help! We have an agent down!".

Agents started toward her, then turned their attention to their colleague, ignoring the out of place beauty as she stealthily snuck out the front door, hailing a cab.

"Excuse me miss-" an agent started to question as he turned to speak with her.

But she was gone.

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