She wouldn't do it. Why wouldn't she do it?

It must be done. It had to be done. Regardless, she loved her for it. Mio was kind enough to not kill her but it was truly necessary.

Her hands held onto her face. She was trembling.

Listen to me.

She continued to refuse her request. Her SIMPLE request. If that was how it was supposed to be then she had something else in mind. They would stay here forever. There was no other option. They would stay together in HELL.

Don't refuse me.

Her dear twin didn't move. She could sense the fear and confusion radiating off her body. It was going to be alright though, for they would never be separated…ever again.

Mio, she was so beautiful. The brush glided carefully across her lips, giving them a ruby color. Oh? Was that a tear she saw?

It's alright Mio.

Mayu placed her lips on her face, kissing away the tear with a smile on her lips. Or was it a smirk?

They were going to be here forever.