Hellish Abyss Ending but from Mayu's point of view. I added a few things in there that may have not been seen in the actual ending. I just thought it would happen though. :D

There were so many thoughts in her mind. She felt them flowing out from within, knowing her sister was near. She didn't leave her alone. Mio promised that she wouldn't. But something was wrong, her body wasn't doing what she wanted. Mayu felt bitterness rising in her but that weren't her emotions. It was Sae's. The pain was overwhelming and she wanted it to stop. Mio was near, fighting the tortured spirit. It was a shame, it truly was. Mayu understood how Sae felt. The lonliness of her sister not being there for her. But despite that, despite what happened all those years ago, Mayu loved her sister uncontrollably.

And no matter what happens, I'll forgive you. I will never hate you for the choices you make.

She wasn't sure if her words reached out to her dear twin, but her body suddenly felt weak. Sae split from her and Mayu felt herself falling back. . .right into the Abyss. Would it end like that? Mayu falling into the Abyss along with Sae? A strong hand grabbed onto her wrist and Mayu came back to her senses after hearing the agonizing scream coming from Sae.


It was her, my sister.

"Mio!" She didn't even hide the fear in her voice. They were ever so close to the Abyss and Mayu wasn't sure if it could still erupt or not. Mio was taking great lengths to not look within it but in a matter of seconds, her sister's head saw straight down. Everything was over in a blur.

A scream. Extraneous pulling.

Mayu's heart sank when she heard the scream coming from her sister. She rested herself, being on her hands and knees while Mio knelt over in the distance, crying out in pain and covering her face. As fast as her leg permitted her, Mayu stood up, heading over to Mio immediately.

"What's wrong?" Mayu asked, her heart beating ridiculously fast. She was afraid something happened to her sister, the one that always looked out for her. What could she do without Mio? She meant everything to her. Mio couldn't speak but the only thing she could say was about her eyes. And with that small amount of information, Mayu could see the blood trailing down her sister's fingers and she knew something terrible had happened. . .worse than she could imagine.

Time went by fast. Soon enough, Mayu and Mio found themselves back home and sitting in front of the Minakami Dam, where the village once stood. The lake was beautiful but Mayu was sure that they would always remember what used to be there.

"Mio, let's go now." Their mother and uncle Kei was waiting on them. Mio nodded her head and stood to her feet, Mayu's eyes trained on her every move. A white bandage covered her eyes, not showing the damage of one look into the Abyss caused.

In her mind, Mayu smiled as she helped her sister leave the forest. Mio no longer had to worry about her and after all the years that Mayu was the one being watched, it was now reversed. She wouldn't wish for her sister to be injured but since she was, Mayu would be there with her every step of the way. She could feel the smile showing on her lips.

Together, forever.