So just a quick note to everyone, before you read this you might want to read my other story, The Last Princess of Narnia as this story is the sequel to it...

Issa was running for her life through the woods at midnight, her heart was beating rapidly in her chest as she tried to escape from whatever it was that was chasing her. She was running blindly, barely seeing what was in front of her as ran through the trees trying to find somewhere where she could hide. Issa could whoever it was behind her approaching even closer and she allowed her self to briefly look behind to see who it was. But in Issa's haste she didn't check where she was going and she tripped over a chuck of wood, which tripped her over and sent Issa rolling until she hit something very hard. Crawling to her knees Issa saw that it was a lamppost, in particular the lamppost she had come very much to hating with every fiber of her existence.

"Stupid lamppost…" Issa murmured to herself before she heard something snap behind her and Issa turned round slowly. Where she was now she was safe because of the dim light coming from the lamppost but whatever was out there was hiding in the darkness. The sounds of something walking in the woods, stepping on twigs got increasingly louder a figure stepped out of the darkness and into the dim light and Issa gasped when she saw who it was; Aslan and Issa couldn't believe what she was seeing. "A-Aslan… I d-don't understand…"

"You must find him…" Aslan warned.

Issa was still in shock, she hadn't seen Aslan in over twelve hundred years not since the coronation of the four kings and queen's of Narnia. "Who Aslan? Who must I find and why? Where are you Aslan? Why haven't come to us in Narnia's time of need?"

"Caspian… You must find Prince Caspian!"

"The son of the dead King Caspian IX? Why?" Issa demanded.

"He needs your help Issa, you must find him before it's too late…" Aslan urged.

"I don't understand Aslan, you need to explain all of this… What is going on and why does it involve a telemarines prince?" Issa asked.

"There isn't time to explain but you must find him Issa before his uncle does and help him… Caspian must take the throne if peace is to return to narnia. Find him and work with him and the two of you will know what to do…"

Issa snapped up suddenly wide awake and after taking a deep breath she rubbed her head repeatedly, that was some dream she had and it certainly seemed like it was real as her was throbbing from where had hit her hand on that damp lamppost in her dream. Standing up Issa shook her arms and legs to shake off the stiff feeling that she had in them before sighing again she hadn't meant to fall asleep but at least she was up and able to try and make sense of that dream of hers. She hadn't dreamt of Aslan in one thousand three hundred and eight nine years ever since she was a prisoner of the witch which seemed like a life time ago and to an ordinary Narnian it would have been several lifetimes.

"Queen Issa, I bring urgent news!"

Waking out of her tent Issa saw a jaguar name Elezar standing out there waiting for and so she smiled and bent down in order to talk to him. Never did Issa think that she'd become Queen but here she was, the lone queen of narnia and the last of what was the golden age. "What is the problem?"

"I bring the news from the telemarines castle, I hear Queen Prunaprismia has given birth to an heir and now Prince Caspian has fled the castle… this may be the opportunity that we've been waiting for"

Issa paused and looked around her surroundings, the dream surely must have been a dream but Aslan telling her that she must find Caspian before his uncle and news of him fleeing the telemarines castle after his aunt gave birth to a child was more than a coincidence. Issa was starting to believe that the dream wasn't actually a dream and that Aslan had actually came to her. "Gather the others, I must speak with then now we don't have much time…"

"Yes ma'am." Elezar said with a bow of his head before disappearing back into the barely lit forest where the 'old narnians' had been forced to hide ever since narnia had been conquered just over three hundred years ago by the telemarines, who were a brutish human race who had forced them all into hiding. Even then Narnia had been in disarray, anarchy had been clawing at narnia ever since the four kings and queens left. Despite the fact that Issa knew they were gone, searches were conducted to locate any sign of them until Issa in her role as queen appointed a king. Various came and went but because of an effective government and interference from other nations narnia fell into what was declared as the 'dark ages' and that made it very easy for the telemarines to invade.

Taking a deep breath Issa left her tent and followed the dim light to the heart of the camp where few who remained loyal to her and the old ways remained. There numbers had dwindled over the years but Issa trusted them all with her life. Issa cleared her throat when she arrived and they all bowed until Issa motioned for them all to be at ease. "I assume that you have all heard the news about Caspian being on the run?"

There were a thunderous roar from Issa's people and she just bit her lip, their joy at the crown prince being on the run was understandable the telemarines had taken everything from and forced them to hide and fight just to survive. "I saw we find him and force the telemarines to give us our kingdom back in exchange for him!" A dwarf called out and it seemed like many supported this idea as cheers soon followed.

"We are going to find Prince Caspian but no harm will come to him, we are to find him and offer him sanctuary." Issa loudly and clearly stated much to the displeasure of everyone else.

"Your majesty, y-you can't do that, you of all people know and have lived through what the telemarines have done to us and now you want to offer one of then protection with us?" Nikabrik demanded in outrage.

"I do understand and you have every right to be angry but you will respect the decision of your queen." Issa calmly stated before taking a deep breath. "I honestly don't understand any of this myself and I wish I could say why we are doing this but Aslan wants us to protect the boy and protect him we will…"

There were gasps of shock in the air as everyone there except for Issa had never seen Aslan just heard the many tales about him from Issa and stories passed down through the generations. "A-Aslan, are you sure?"

"Yes. He came to me and said that we must find Caspian as soon as possible as he is in danger and needs our help. From the little Aslan told me I believe something has happened with the telemarines and Caspian may know what and according to Aslan if we ever want peace then it must be with the young prince's help, Caspian must ascend the throne." Issa revealed.

"The throne?" Repicheep, a small but mighty door mouse demanded in utter shock. "But your majesty you are our queen and a direct descendent of the first king and Queen of Narnia. Us Narnians have proudly followed you ever since you ascended the throne so why must you give it up to a telemarines prince?"

Issa smiled as she bent down and picked Repicheep up, her people made her out to be a better queen than she really was. The only reason why Issa was still here and was able to lead them all was because of them, they had so much faith and belief in her that sometimes it was the only thing that got her through the day. "I will never stop being your queen but it is the will of Aslan and I for one will not go against it, there is a reason why Aslan wants us to get Caspian and I believe we will find out the reason for that all in due time…"

"What are your orders your majesty?" Glenstorm a centaur asked.

"Spread the word to the others, let them know that I have ordered Caspian not to be harmed and as soon as he is found word is to be sent to me and I will come for him. But we must all be careful, we cannot let word get out to the telemarines that we are looking Caspian for both his and our sakes…"