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The Small Wild Flower

As the December weather sets in, dark clouds reside over England. Rain pours over the yard and pounds against the window of a mansion, while a boy watches from inside. His hair consists of smooth, dark blue locks falling over his pale face. Said boy's arms lie resting on an ebony windowsill, holding up his chin. His frame being so small and fragile, one would think he could break apart at the slightest touch. But to say this would be a lie, as any one of the people this boy comes in contact with will tell you otherwise.

Inside his mind resides complicated thoughts and feelings that no soul dares to reach.

Watching the drops of water hit the glass, he sighs, making a warm cloud appear in his reflection. His eyes glisten with a deep cobalt blue hue, with the exception of his right. Covered by a rarely removed eyepatch, lies his dark and hellish past. This boy's name is Ciel Phantomhive.

Growing tired of watching the endless rain stream down the window, in a voice barely above a whisper, he calls out a name.


Instantly, a man opens the door to the room as quickly as his name is uttered. This man is the Phantomhive butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Being quite tall with erubescent, crimson eyes, he shows little to no emotion a majority of the time. If one manages to look away from them, they will find combed, midnight black hair falling flawlessly around his head. His slender figure fits perfectly into a black tailcoat, resembling a raven. Just the slight presence of this creature instantly captivates anyone near.

Upon entering the room, he bares no expression on his face. The raven silently walks towards Ciel, without saying a word, until he comes to a stop, a few feet away from his master.

"Is there something you need, My Lord?" He asks, though he knows the answer, even before it's given.

"Tea." Ciel glances at his butler only once before returning his gaze to the window.

"Of course, Young Master." Placing his gloved hand over his heart and giving a small bow, he leaves his master's study and closes the door, leaving Ciel to himself. Continuing to stare out the window, a bolt of lightning fills the room. The sudden light illuminates all darkness unreachable by the candles. However, loud the thunder may be, Ciel remains unphased by this, and simply yawns.

Soon after his butler leaves, Ciel decides to return to his desk. Lifting his head and slowly walking to his chair, he sits down and relaxes for a moment. He has not had the chance to sleep much recently, as the Queen has kept him in London on a kidnapping case. Until now, he has not paid much attention to his health. Being extremely tired, Ciel lays his head down on his arms and slowly drifts off into sleep.

'What is this place?' In the curled position of a ball, he barely has any body heat left, and finds himself shivering. Feeling the cold ground on his bare feet, he lifts his head up from his knees to see where he is. Around him stand metal bars, resembling a birdcage, along with a few candelabras on the walls outside of it.

'It's so cold...'

He begins to panic and looks around frantically. Ciel's eyes eventually come across a few boys in the corner, around ten or nine years of age. Upon looking at one of the boys, he sees deep pools of blue staring back at him, into his soul. This boy, with piercing cerulean eyes, has stained blood covering his entire fragile body. However, most of the blood is not yet dry. He is still bleeding. He has fresh wounds that have already been infected and bones that are clearly broken.

Who would do something so horrible to a child? How could anyone let this happen? These eyes share a familiar pain with Ciel that he knows he has seen before.

But, where?

The expression of pain given off in this boy's eyes is unbearable to watch. It is an expression broken souls give off once they lose hope and tear apart.

Those eyes...no it can't be.

Within a matter of seconds Ciel realizes what is so familiar about this broken boy. His eyes widen in horror as he sees himself staring back into his own soul. That boy, the lost boy who has given up hope, in the corner of this forsaken place is Ciel.

Instantly his heart sinks and all of the air in his chest escapes from his mouth, as he is now unable to move.

'Is that...me? No. That's impossible.'

Ciel closes his eyes, tight, to try to hold on to any shred left of his sanity. As soon as he opens them, he does not see the boy anymore, it is now an empty space. A shockwave of pain runs through his body has he looks down to see himself covered in blood. Every time he attempts to move a limb or joint, he is accompanied by an agonizing burning sensation, causing him to cringe and let out a small yelp.

'What happened just now?' Asking himself this question, he can almost understand where he is. The closest place on Earth one could get to experiencing Hell itself.

Wait, what was that? Voices? Ciel can't understand what they are saying, only hearing a few phrases, but he knows they are talking about him. The Phantomhive boy.

Ciel desperately tries to stay calm, but every time he takes a deep breath, a sharp pain runs through his lungs. He had once had asthma, as a small child, but it hadn't regressed, until now.

'This can't be an asthma attack, can it?'

His breathing becomes more sudden and painful, along with involuntary coughs, as he holds onto his chest and leans forward from the searing pain.

Without notice, a hand reaches into the cage and pulls at Ciel's wrist. He winces as he hears a crack and almost instantly a spasm of terrible pain shoots through him. Blurting out another fit of coughs, he cries out in pain as the man drags him, by his wrist, to a stone block on the ground.

As he tosses him onto the stone, Ciel hears another deafening crack, this time it arises from his spine. The pain makes him flinch and give off a small shriek as his coughing fits suddenly take a turn for the worse, which make him vomit on the slab. The ice cold stone makes him feel as if he is lying on knives coated with broken glass against his fragile, wounded body.

"No...stop! Let go!"

Ciel can barely make out the man who broke his wrist next to the block as others gather around him. Even though Ciel closes his eyes as tightly as he can, tears find their way down his cheeks. They are not soothing, but rather, they are hot against his cold skin, burning as they flow down. He is unable to comprehend how human beings can do this to their own kind. His universe has shifted, from his once-innocent view of humanity, to a darkness-filled world.

The men are wearing masks, that much he can see. Every one of them starts to surround him and hold him down. His uncontrollable coughs continue as he vomits, again, on the slab. The men seem unphased by this and continue with their 'sacrifice' as they previously mentioned. Soon, one of the men speaks up and says two words that make Ciel's skin crawl and his eyes widen.

'Ciel Phantomhive.'

The man holds a knife in his hand, above Ciel, so close to his chest he can already feel the pain. A chuckle escapes the man's lips as he watches Ciel squirm. Ciel's eyes widen as he desperately struggles to break free, knowing any move he makes causes sharp pains to course through him.

A shiny speck of light emits off of the knife from the candles as the man brings it to Ciel's chest. The light is short-lived, however, as the room quickly descends into darkness. A blood-curdling scream is heard throughout the cold and dark room.

"Stop!" He yells, quickly opening his eyes, to find himself lying on the floor. A clap of thunder follows a bolt of lightning, echoing throughout the mansion. Curling his knees up to his chest, he shakes, violently. Even though he feels like a helpless child, he cannot will his body to move. Closing his eyes slightly, he hears three knocks on the wooden door.

Knock Knock Knock

Sebastian waits silently outside the door for an answer, carrying his master's tea.

Ciel loathes himself for being so vulnerable and refuses to let anyone see him weak, even in the slightest. So, he desperately tries to stand up, but finds himself not even able to sit up straight. A violent burst of air rushes through his lungs in a cough, making his chest ache in pain. The familiar pain instantly brings back his nightmare he just tried to forget. His mind races with the images of his past and is unable to shake them away.

Knock Knock Knock

'I have to say something,' Ciel thinks, as he tries, once again, to sit up.

"Young Master? May I come in?" His butler starts to grow concerned, as Ciel did not answer his knocks.

"No. Leave."

This answer made Sebastian sigh, as the tea on his tray begins to cool. He assumes it best if he lets his master handle himself for the time being.

'I don't need anyone. I am capable of standing by myself.' He involuntarily lets out a cough as his body jerks forward. "I need t-to calm d-down. I n-need to-" He coughs again, this time more painful than the last.

'Why can't I move? It was only a nightmare, nothing more. So, why can't I shake these thoughts away?'

A light flashes across the room as Ciel vomits on his sleeve, coughing more intensely now. Every breath he takes becomes colder than ice on his lungs. Breathing deeply is so difficult for Ciel now, that even his short breaths start to hurt. He falls forward onto the floor and hears the crack of thunder across the room.

'Damnit, why am I so weak?' Squinting his eyes and gritting his teeth to keep his coughs in, he refuses to call to anyone for help. Although he never admits it, to him, his pride is more important than his life.

As he closes his eyes tightly shut, a warm feeling envelops his entire being.

'Am I...no, I can't be dead. Not yet.'

Coughing and violently shaking, he opens his eyes to see crimson eyes gazing back into his.

"Young Master, why didn't you just call for me?" The dark raven wears a small smile on his face as he carries his master out of the latter's study to his bed.

Ciel doesn't have the energy to snap a witty remark at his butler, instead he only coughs a small amount of vomit on Sebastian's coat. "S-Sebast-"

"Talking will not help your condition, Young Master. Please try to calm down and slow your breathing." Sitting on the bed, he sets Ciel on his lap and tries to calm him.

Reluctantly obeying his butler, Ciel inhales a copious amount of air, but cringes as the oxygen burns, like dry ice, on his lungs. This causes him to take short, shallow breaths, now ignoring his butler completely.

"Young Master, you must take deep breaths. I cannot help you if you do not cooperate." The look on Sebastian's face shows no emotion, but his eyes, however, show immense worry and concern for his young master. The butler runs a hand through his young master's hair and pulls him into an embrace.

The warmth that covers Ciel soon turns to a feeling of being numb, as he passes out in Sebastian's arms.