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Chapter 6


Nothing but silence can be heard from the ears of the sleeping earl as his mind is lost in a dream. Or rather, a subconscious world of delusional lies, as he has more than once stated dreams are.

The previous night, long after his butler had left his room and the boy was left to himself, Ciel closed his eyes and thought. He didn't sleep; he thought. Sleeping never appealed to him. It only brought unconsciousness and vulnerability; not to mention the nightmares that left him more tired than rested the next day.

As he was lying there, he opened his mismatched eyes and stepped out of his bed. Only wearing his nightshirt left him a bit cold, but he didn't mind. The boy walked over to his window and pushed aside the curtains to take a glance upward; noticing how not even a sliver of light shone on the moon. He took a step forward and unlatched the windows, allowing them to ease open and let fresh air into the room. However, cold the wind might be, Ciel returned his gaze from the window to the sky. The absence of the moon left the night-sky littered with small, glistening lights in the distance.

For a moment, Ciel closed his eyes and stood there, taking in his surroundings. He listened; listened for anything to tell him he was still alive. Silence sounded, which left Ciel somewhat happy. The unbreakable noiselessness that surrounded him caused the slightest of smiles to form upon his lips. He was finally able to be left alone.

The boy opened his eyes once more and realized how tired he actually was. He thought about slipping back into his bed, but decided against it. Instead, he rested his arms on the windowsill and sighed, admiring the stars.

The silence that filled the room a few moments ago has been sliced in two by a low voice Ciel knows well. "Young Master, it is time to wake up." Sebastian is already by the window, opening the curtains to let the morning sunlight pour into the room. He turns and looks for his young master, finding him curled up in a ball with the covers over his head. The butler sighs and repeats himself once more. "Young Master, it is time to awaken."

Sebastian is standing next to the bed, patiently waiting for Ciel to awaken. He soon discovers no progress is being made, and with no more patience, he takes to drastic measures. Sebastian swiftly pulls the covers and folds them on his arm; all in less than ten seconds.

Once Ciel wakes up and realizes what has happened, he sleepily sits up and gives his butler a death glare. Well, as much a death glare one can give early in the morning. "What the hell, Sebastian?" The boy rubs his eyes and tries his best to get all the sleep he can out of them.

Sebastian returns Ciel's glare with a smirk and states the painfully obvious. "My apologies, Young Master, but your stubbornness to awaken has forced me to take an alternative course of action." He bows slightly and places the folded bed sheets on a nearby chair, planning to take care of them later.

"Whatever." Ciel glances toward his bedside table and spots his tea and breakfast. The aroma quickly catches up to his nose and he instantly feels more awake. His butler notices this and begins to recite the breakfast meal for the day.

He opened his eyes once more, rested his head on his hands and half-closed his eyes to look out at the forest surrounding the manor. Lazily looking around, Ciel saw Pluto, trying to run up a tree. "What is he doing now?" He tried to focus more on the demon hound and ended up seeing a black cat on a tree branch, who happened to be staring directly at Ciel. Ciel smirked to himself and turned around to climb back into bed.

"Young Master, you shouldn't be up at this hour; you need your rest." Sebastian's voice startled Ciel for a moment, as he thought he was alone. However, he composed himself and turned his head to look at Sebastian. The butler looked the same as always, even though it was the dead of night. He was clad in his black butler's uniform, as demons do not need sleep.

A bit annoyed and frustrated that his butler had intruded on his privacy, Ciel glared at Sebastian for a moment. He was about to make a witty remark, but decided his tiredness wouldn't allow him to do that. So, he sighed and climbed on his bed, still staring at his butler. "Why are you here?"

"Is the Young Master not pleased to see me?" Ciel said nothing to his response, knowing his butler would answer the question sooner or later. Sebastian took a glance at the open window and walked over to it, intending to close it, when something caught his eye. "So beautiful..."

"Sebastian!" Ciel knew Sebastian was watching the cat he'd seen previously on the tree branch while Pluto was desperately trying to catch it.

Sebastian turned around, a bit reluctantly, and answered his Young Master's question. "I heard noises coming from this room and thought it wise to check up on the Young Master." His usual smirk became noticeable as he continued his story. "I take it everything is in order, am I correct, My Lord?"

Ciel closed his eyes and relaxed against the pillows as he hesitantly replied to Sebastian in a question. "Sebastian...answer something for me."

The raven stayed silent for a moment and closed the windows along with the curtains, awaiting his master's order of a question he now had to answer.

Upon walking down the hallway after eating and being dressed, Ciel notices something off. "Sebastian, why is that not cleaned up?" He gestures in the direction of the shattered remains of a vase, along with wilted roses on the floor. Without asking, Ciel knows Alois most likely is the cause of this, as he sees many more shards of porcelain down the hall.

"My apologies, Young Master. I shall take care of this immediately." Sebastian then places his hand over his heart and bows slightly, as he begins to dispose of the remnants.

Ciel continues his walk and eventually finds himself at the base of the front door. He opens it up and continues out, wincing a bit at the harsh sunlight. Taking a moment to look around, he sees his loyal gardener, Finny, weeding. Well, perhaps that isn't the right word for what he's doing. 'What the hell is he doing? Even I know that's not how you garden.'

Finny takes a moment to look up and sees Ciel, staring at him. He cheerfully waves and shouts a quick 'hello' before going back to destroying the flowers. Ciel sighs and continues walking until he comes across a bench. He sits down in the shaded bench, hoping Alois won't invade his privacy once more and takes a moment to look around.

Many responsibilities come with being an Earl, and paperwork is one of them. That said, most of Ciel's time is spent inside, writing information or signing useless documents that take hours to complete. All investigating trips and going to town on business aside, he never has the chance to enjoy the scenery.

'I wonder how long this will last.' Ciel rests his arm on the bench and props up his head with his hand as he stares at a few red bushes nearby. This moment doesn't last long, however, as a familiar butler walks up to the white bench and stands by Ciel.

The two don't say anything for a long while, each lost in their own thoughts. After a moment passes, Ciel decides to say something.


"Yes, My Lord?"

"What are you doing?"

"Whatever do you mean? I am simply standing by your side, as any proper butler should."

"You know what I mean." Ciel turns his head and looks up at his butler with a questioning look. "Don't you have other things to do?"

Sebastian quickly replies to this question and remains standing next to Ciel. "All of my tasks as of now are complete." He then shifts his crimson eyes to stare into Ciel's cerulean as he continues. "Would you prefer to be alone at the moment, Young Master?"

Ciel promptly shifts his gaze away from Sebastian's and turns his head away in the process. "I don't much care either way."

Only Sebastian would be able to decipher a 'yes' or 'no' from the answer he is given. Sebastian knows how Ciel tries to hide his inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings so much, and he can't help but smile when Ciel turns away, knowing what the latter was actually saying.

Ciel closes his uncovered eye and leans his head back as he feels an unexpected warmness on his right side. He snaps his eye open and turns his head to the right, to see none other than Sebastian, sitting next to him, smirking.

This makes Ciel blush a deep shade of red, being so close to his butler, and he turns back away, trying to hide his cheeks in his hair. "You don't have to be so close."

"Wasn't it you who stated that you 'don't much care' if I were remain or not?" His smirk is now audible as he speaks, noticing the obvious blush on Ciel.

"Shut up."

Keeping his eyes closed, Ciel turned away from Sebastian and pulled the covers up to his ears, as he finally asked his question. "Why did you...do what you did when I was out of that building?"

Before answering, Sebastian slowly walked around the bed, so he was facing Ciel, and kneeled down to be eye-level with him. He watched Ciel for a moment and answered the question. "Because, Young Master, you are just too adorable to resist."

This statement made Ciel's eyes open wide for a moment, not just from the words, but the fact that his butler was right in front of him. Before he knew what was happening, his face had flushed red and Sebastian let out a small chuckle from Ciel's embarrassment.

Ciel was not amused, and raised his hand to slap Sebastian, but found it was quite difficult while lying down. Before Ciel could properly slap Sebastian's face, the butler took hold of Ciel's wrist and looked directly into Ciel's violet and cobalt eyes. This, of course, made Ciel's blush even worse, as he tried to break free, to no avail.

Sebastian released Ciel's wrist and smiled slightly while standing up. He turned to leave the room and as he was at the door, Sebastian took one last glance at Ciel's flustered face and smirked. "Goodnight, Young Master."

As soon as the door closed, Ciel looked up at the ceiling and sighed, trying to return his face to his natural hue. The smallest of smiles crossed his face, but he quickly brushed it away. "Idiot."