Janet left the bar early. Sully could see she was distracted. Tables were getting the wrong food and drinks, she even gave back the wrong change to a customer. Luckily it was a regular who fessed up right away and gave Janet back the extra cash. He finally sent her off, telling her to do what she needed to do. She was no use to anyone with so much on her mind. Sully had no clue what was wrong, but her good mood from the morning had vanished and he thought it might have something to do with Rory's return to the Ridge. Looking back he felt badly giving her so much grief about it, sometimes Rooster just brought out the worst in him.

Janet had driven her jeep today, they were expecting rain and the Charger wasn't the safest choice. God she was angry, the nerve of him. Lies of omission are still lies, dodging her phone calls and voicemails, not telling her that she went to the shop, not coming to the bar like usual for his after work pint. He was in for a firestorm when she got there. The gall of him to think he could press pause and put her on hold while he decided what was going on with Rory. He must have been out of his fucking mind to think for one minute she would stand for it. She knew him better then he knew himself, something he admitted to her several times. Janet pulled on to Gelson, her body tense and if she was being honest with she self she was scared. Maybe Eddie had already decided and he chose Rory. That's why he was all shady and distant. Maybe he was going to break off with her, marry Rory and have genetically gifted children. Maybe a house would fall on Rory and this would all be for nothing. Janet smiled at the thought of Rory's perfect legs getting shriveled up under a house. It was just that moment that Janet saw Eddie and Rory kissing in his front porch for everyone in the Ridge to see. Sadness washed over her first, but it was quickly replaced with anger. That son of a bitch, to have that little respect for her and their relationship. A relationship they both fought tooth and nail for just to get to a good and comfortable place. For him to just throw it away for Rory! Janet pulled her Jeep over, and flung her door open, storming over to Eddie and Rory on the porch just as they pulled apart from their kiss.

"Hey Eddie. What goes on?" Janet said her voice dripping in anger and sarcasm. A deadly combination.

Eddie's world stopped at the sound of her voice. Shit! This was the worst possible thing that could happen. The moment his lips touched Rory's he knew he wanted Janet and only Janet. But the look in her eye told him that didn't matter. That kiss pulled the pin out of the hand grenade and he was just sitting there, hopelessly waiting for it to explode.

"Janet, this is so not what you think it is." Eddie quickly stood, extending his hands to her. Rory looked on clueless, still not putting the pieces together.

"Oh this is exactly what this looks like Eddie. You are a dick, a world class dick. You always have been actually, you have always treated women like shit. But I really thought I was different." Janet started laughing.

"Jem you are different, please just hear me out."

"Hear you out, no you are going to hear ME out. All day I gave you the chance to come clean with me that she was in town, and you lied and evaded. You kept me at arms length all day, you never called me once… even when we were just friends you called me at least once a freaking day! I trusted you, I trusted us and what we had so I tried to give you some space, let you get your head right but when you didn't come to the bar after work like you usually do. That was it…" Rory sat there stunned, Eddie was dating Janet Meadows. A lot had changed since she left the Ridge.

"Maybe I should go." Rory said standing up.

"No Rory, this won't take more then a minute and then he is all yours."

"Janet don't say that, can we please just talk."

"No we cant, I am so done with this. All the waiting and worrying for the other shoe to drop. In a way I am glad this is over." Eddies eyes widened.

"Janet, this is not over, please just…"

"Oh yes it is over. I have given you a bunch of chances, the BBQ, Providence, dinner with Ray and Hannah. Every time something was important to me, it was an argument or a letdown. And lets be honest Eddie, you don't love me because if you did you wouldn't be here trying to reclaim your Hail Eddie days with the girl who left you for another man. You were right… you ARE a sad person." With that Janet turned and ran back to her Jeep leaving Eddie there on the porch like he had just been punched in the face.

Don't cry until you turn the corner. Janet was shaking now, the adrenaline wearing off and the shock setting in. She couldn't go home, she would just fall apart there. She called Hannah, told her that she and Eddie had broken up and to meet her at Sully's. She pulled into the parking lot, looked into the rearview mirror and wiped the tear stains from her face, put on some fresh lip gloss and walked into the bar head held high. Later she would fall apart but not now, she would not give the residents of the Ridge the satisfaction.

"Back so soon Meadows?" Sully yelled out across the bar.

"No Sully, I am just a figment of your imagination." He laughed and she finally smiled. "Give me a bottle of Makers Mark and two shot glasses."

"Two, are you double fisting or is Eddie meeting you tonight?" Sully placed the bottle and glasses in front of her with a worried look in his eye.

"Neither, Hannah is on her way." Janet poured one shot, drinking it quickly and then another.

"Hey there girly slow down."

"I can drink half the people in this bar under the table Sully, trust me I am fine."

"Janet!" She heard his voice behind her though the crowd. Her body froze, she quickly poured and drank her third shot before standing and turning to him.

"What?" She yelled back at him. He made his way to her, his eyes glassy and tried to touch her. She moved and pushed his hands away. "What Eddie?" her tone was clipped and indifferent, something that Eddie had never heard out of her before.

"Listen, I am so sorry for how I acted today. You have no idea how much I would like to take this day back and to never get out of your bed this morning." In a flash the morning they spent together replayed in Janet's head, an ache began to build in her chest. She felt like she couldn't breathe and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Eddie could feel her breaking, it was happening right in front of him. It wanted to stop it, to make this all go away but he just stood there powerless. Janet took a deep breath, and forced the happy images out of her head and replaced them with the moment she saw Eddie's lips touch Rory's. She swallowed the lump in her throat before speaking again.

"Yes, this morning was one of the best of my life. It amazes me how fragile you and I are still after a morning like that. How you could do what you did. Treat me how you treated me. If you're not sure about me, about us after all this time. You are never going to be."

"Janet, I am sure. I am so sure. I just lost my mind a little when Rory came back. I don't know why I just did. Please we can fix this, I know we can. I know how it must of felt for you to see me kiss her but…"

"You have no idea how it felt." Janet turned her back to him, pouring and drinking another shot. The anger rising in her again. She turned back to him "Imagine how you would feel if I kissed the next guy who walked into this bar." Eddie chuckled, the idea of Janet doing something like that was amusing. "Oh you think that is funny do you?" Eddie realizing his chuckle was a huge mistake tried to rebound.

"No, I don't. I just cant imagine you doing something like that so I cant imagine how I would feel. I am sure it would suck to see you…" Janet stormed away from him to the front door, and grabbed the guy who was walking in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and crashed her lips to his. He was stunned for a moment but his body reacted and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her back. She pulled away and looked at him, realizing who she was kissing. She started to laugh and he joined in.

"Jesus Janet, What the hell was that for?"

"I was just proving a point to Eddie."

"Well from the look on his face I think he got it. Damn, no wonder he can't keep his hands off of you… If you kiss him like that." They laughed again and Janet wiggled out of his grasp.

Eddie stood there, shocked watching the woman he loved kissing one of his best friends. The bar got quiet, stunned but what had just gone on waiting to see what was going to happen next. Janet turned and walked back to Eddie. Poured and drank he fifth shot, she could feel the anger radiating off of him.

"Not so funny now is it. Sully, put my shots on Eddie's tab." She turned and walked toward the door "LADIES! REJOYCE EDDIE LATEKKA IS BACK ON THE MARKET, BRING YOU DADDY ISSUES AND LOW SELF ESTEEM TO THE FRONT OF THE BAR AND GET IN LINE!" She flung the doors open and stormed out of the bar too drunk to drive and started waking home. Hannah pulled into the parking lot at that exact moment.

"Hey, where are you going?' Hannah called out from her open window. Janet turned to here tears streaming down her face, seconds away from falling apart. "Get in."