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Episode 1/ Chapter 1: Rise of a Star, Sailor Lunar!

The sun shined straight threw Selena's curtains. Knowing it was time to wake, Selena's eyes slowly opened as she swung her legs over her bed. She didn't say up to late last night studying the moon. It had always interested her somehow. Selena dressed herself in her school uniform, a white long sleeved shirt that went to her chest and then a long white dress from under it that went to her thighs. She pulled her white stockings up her legs and then after that she put white high heels on. Fixing her white bow that lay down on her chest, she began to brush her and put it into her regular hair style. When she was all dressed, she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. A few minutes later she was walking down the stairs, to the kitchen.

"Good morning, mother" she said taking an apple from the fruit bowl (You can really tell she is different than Serena. Just to let you know this is Serena in an alternate universe"

"Good morning, angel" her mother said fixing her something to eat. Her daughter was already 14 years old (1 year older than Serena at the beginning of sailor moon) and she turned out to be a fine young lady.

"I best to get going, it's already 8:27" she said grabbing her bag and her apple, walking out the door.

"I have a good day" her mother replied. Selena, a 14 year old girl with pink hair and blue sapphire eyes was a cheerful girl who always made good grades actually the best in the school.

"Kitten, wait up!" her friend Hazel replied. Everyone she knows says she is as nice as a kitten so they call her that.

"Hazel, you're finally early" Selena said with a soft chuckle.

"My mom woke me up today and let me tell you it was loud" she said rubbing the back her head.

"Well, I don't want to be late" Selena said turning to walk. Hazel followed after her. After walking and talking for 5 minutes, the school appeared. It didn't take long to reach their classroom or their seats. Selena was reading a book on the moon while Hazel was chatting with her friend.

"Eh, Kitten your always reading that book" Kati said. Looking up from her book, Selena just smiled and laid her book down.

"I like the moon, the legends and fairy tales" she said putting her book away.

"Really, you must watch it every night" she said.

"Yep, I can't go to sleep until I send a prayer to the goddess of the moon Selene" she said.

"You're amazing, don't you know" she said. Class was starting and the teacher Mrs. Allen was collecting homework.

"Mrs. Auski, may I please have your homework" she said. Handing her homework over to the teacher, she looked out the window. Today was going to be a wonderful day.

School went by fast for Selena. Walking home with Hazel, she could hear Hazel's sighs. She wondered if it had to do with the math test they had today. She had the highest score in the class, a 100 while Hazel had got an 81. Looking over, she saw a light purple cat being poked by a group of kids.

"Look, that poor kitty is being poked I'm going to help it" Selena said as she walked towards the ground of kids.

"Wait for me!" Hazel shouted loudly waving her hands. The kids turned to see her and backed away.

"Why are you poking this poor little kitty?" she asked.

"We just want to see what's under that bandage" they said pointing to it.

"Well you don't have to poke it, please go home your parents are probably worried" she said with a smile.

"Ok" they said and ran off.

"Wow you are so good with kids, what are you going to do with the cat?" she asked.

"I'm going to take it home after I remove this bandage" she said reaching down to take it off.

"Well I'm going home, see you later" she said and ran away. Pulling the bandage off, a sliver crescent moon appeared. She blinked at the symbol, she wonder what it meant.

"Well kitty, we best to get you home" Selena said and carried the cat.

'She's the sailor of the moon, the search for the princess starts now' the cat thought as she closed her eyes to rest on the way there. Walking home, she wondered who could abandon such a cute cat. Her mother would probably let her keep her or him anyways. Rubbing the cat's head, she saw the symbol again. Where did it come from? Her house appeared and she walked up closing the Iron Gate behind her. Opening the door, she let the cat down and wiped her feet.

"Let me put my stuff away and then I will get you some milk" she said and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. The cat meowed and walked around.

'I'm going to have to speak to her soon. But not now' she thought as she ran into the wall. She rubbed her head and sat down opening her eyes. Selena heard the noise and ran downstairs, seeing if the cat was ok. Looking down the cat seemed ok and she went to get her some milk and went back up stairs.

'She's a caring girl, I hope I'm right about her being a sailor soldier' she thought licking the milk. The door opened as her mother and father appeared. They saw the cat and called their daughter downstairs.

"Who's this cat?" her father asked.

"It was being poked by some kids earlier and it looked like it had no owner so I want to bring it home with me. I'm sorry for not asking first but I couldn't see it left alone out there" she said looking down.

"Its ok, you did the right thing even if it's not your cat, I wouldn't want an animal to be left alone outside either" her mother said. Selena's eyes lit up.

"I guess you're staying and by the looks of it you seem to be a female" she said picking the cat up.

"I'll take her to my room now" she said turning to walk back to her room. Opening her door, she put the cat down on her bed and returned to her homework. Cosmic turned to her and sat down swinging her tail. It was time to tell her. She was on her last question when the cat spoke.

"Excuse me miss, I'm Cosmic thank you for taking care of me" she said. Selena turned around looking at the cat.

"You can talk?" she said her eyes were wide.

"Of course I can, didn't you see this crescent it allows me to talk" she said. Selena blinked, this couldn't be real.

"I will love to know your name" Cosmic said leaning her head to the side. Sighing Selena turned back to finish her homework then back to the cat.

"I'm Selena, Auski Selena nice to meet you Cosmic" she said.

"Well, Selena you are the hero of Love and Justice, Sailor Lunar and your job is to find the moon princess" she said.

"Nani, I'm not some hero I'm just a regular girl" she said.

"You are and if you don't believe me, than here" she said as her crescent glowed. A brooch fell into her hand. It was gold on the outside and white on the inside with a sliver moon.

"Please repeat what I say, 'Luna Prism Power, MAKE UP'" she said.

"Ok, Luna Prism Power, MAKE UP" Selena shouted and her transformation began.

"She is the chosen one after all" Cosmic said as Selena landed on her feet. Looking in her mirror she was wearing a Sailor Scout outfit.

"This looks cute and what's this" She said as she touched her forehead.

"The jewel in the middle will glow when someone is in danger" She said as the jewel glowed brightly and projected an image of Hazel appearing in some monsters hand.

"Oh, no Hazel's in trouble at the beauty salon" she said.

"Let's go!" Cosmic said.

At the beauty salon, Hazel bleeding on her neck because the monster was scratching her throat. It laughed as all the energy was being sucked out threw her nails.


"No one is going to help you little girl" it said.

"You're wrong!" someone shouted. Sailor Lunar was standing by a window looking down at them.

"When the light fades away, Justice will rise, I'm Sailor Lunar and in the name of Selene I will punish you!" She said holding a pose.

"Let's get this over with" it said sending slim at her. Sailor Lunar slammed against the wall while Hazel dropped to the ground. It was getting closer to her by the minute.

"Use your tiara, Sailor Lunar!" Cosmic shouted. She nodded and turned around to see someone hit an arrow at the monster. She thought he was kind of cute but returned her focus to the monster.

"SLIVER MOON TIARA!" She yelled and the monster was dusted.


"Great job, Sailor Lunar" Cosmic said.

"Thanks, but who was that gentleman" she said.

"We may know soon" Cosmic said as they left.

Sitting on her bed, she stared at the moon. Maybe there was to it then she could ever dream.

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