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Episode/ Chapter 15- Ailee's first love! The gift of a Doll Monster!

In a foster home on Independent Street was a girl of the age of 12. She was looking out her window sill as she twisted her red hair. Her name was Ailee and she waited and waited for a family to adopt her but everyone turned her away because her unusually eyes. Her eyes were orange and so did she hate them.

"Ailee-chan, mama wants to see you. She said it would make you very happy!" a little girl named Nimira said.

"Ok I'm coming" Ailee said getting up from her spot. She wondered what it could be. When she came towards her "mama's room" she heard talking. She opened the door to see a women and man with their daughter.

"This is Ailee" Ms. Silver said as Ailee was confused.

"Oh! How could anyone not want to not adopt her!" the woman said as smiled at her. The girl stared at her and nodded along with her mother.

"Ms. Silver what is going on?" Ailee finally asked.

"This is your new family. The one you have been waiting for!" Ms. Silver said. Ailee felt a wave of shock and excitement run through her. Finally there were people who didn't judge her by her eyes at all! A tear found its way out and was sliding down her face. She nodded as the woman and man and their daughter came to give her a hug. Ms. Silver knew this is what she wanted all along.


Queen Nova growled and slammed her fist on her throne. Nigel had failed her once again and she was angry.

"My Queen you wanted to see me?" Nigel said bowing in front of her. She stood and walked calmly towards Nigel as if nothing was wrong.

"Ah yes I did" She said as a slap was heard across the room. Nigel eyes were wide opened as he turned his back to face his Queen.

"You can't even defeat them yourself! They are just girls in cute little suits and they are kicking your ass every time you try to something!" Queen Nova said as she growled at the end.

"I'm sorry my Queen please give me another chance…" Nigel said.

"…Get out of my sight!" She said as Nigel disappeared. Just punishing them she was losing energy. Oh why couldn't they understand.


Hiroshi Star walked down a road, he needed to think. As walked he heard a familiar voice behind.

"Hey Mister! You never gave me your name" the voice said as he stopped. It was that girl, what was her name again oh yeah Maiko.

"Geez, at least let me know your name" Maiko said as he walked away but she followed him.

"Why should I tell you?" He said as they walked.

"Because it's the nice thing to do" Maiko replied.

"Hiroshi Star" He said without thinking at all.

"Oh" Maiko said as she stopped talking.


When they got home Ailee was given a room at her new home. She wanted to get to know the girl and family. She walked down stairs and towards the window.

"Are you okay?" a voice said as she turned to face the girl.

"Hai! I wanted to get to know a bit. Is that alright with you?" Ailee said she smiled and nodded. Ailee and Selena sat on the couch near the window.

"I'm Selena and your new sister it is nice to meet" Selena said.

"And I'm Ailee. It is nice to meet you sister" Ailee said with a cheerful voice.

"How old are you?" Ailee asked her.

"I'm 14 and I'll turn 15 on June 25" Selena said as Ailee nodded.

"You're two years older than me. I'm 12" Ailee said as a soft sigh was heard from her lips.

"Do you play sports?" Selena asked as her mother and aunt enter the room.

"Well I like to swim but I haven't been to the pool in a while" Ailee said putting a finger on the bottom of her lip.

"Maybe you two girls should go shopping. Maybe to the new doll store" Aunt Lucy said.

'A new doll store? Maybe I should bring Cosmic with me.' Selena thought as she nodded.

"Good and make sure you go to the clothing store for Ailee because she needs some clothes" Mrs. Auski said as Selena nodded getting up. Ailee went to get her shoes while Selena went to get her flats and Cosmic. Selena walked into her room and went to her closet.

"Where are you going Selena-chan?" Cosmic asked her as she came out of the closet.

"Taking my little sister to the new doll store and to some clothing stores" Selena said as Cosmic sat up.

"New? All of a sudden…maybe you should investigate the place and report to me if anything is fishy" Cosmic said as Selena nodded and walked out of the room.

'If this is the Dark Kingdom doing then we have to stop it' Cosmic thought as she heard the front door close.

Ailee gasped at the dolls at the store and they walked around. For some reason she was amazed by dolls of all types. Selena looked around until her eyes landed on a doll.

"Welcome girls to my shop. We have all types of dolls here for you to choose in fact we are having a sale" The lady said with a fake smile upon her face. Ailee eyes widen as she ran to the doll Selena had laid her eyes on.

"I don't have this doll! It's so nice" She said as she looked at the doll.

"It is the new Tokyo Girl doll, her name is Siako" The lady said as Ailee hugged the doll. Selena looked closer at the doll and could have sworn its eyes moved. Selena turned her back before having an eerie feeling that something was wrong.

"Can you buy it for Sister-chan! Please" Ailee said as Selena smiled and nodded. After they bought the doll, they headed to the clothing store for some clothes. In the bag, the girl doll grinned as she started to take the girl energy from her little by little.


The next day, Ailee was enrolled into her new school which wasn't far from Selena's school. She straightened out her uniform and walked into the room.

"Class this is our new student, Ailee Auski. Please introduce yourself to the class" Mrs. Windlock, the teacher, said.

"Auski Ailee and it is nice to meet you all" She said as her lips formed a smile. She sat in her seat and looked around. She hadn't been to a school in a while. Looking around she saw other kids either tired or about to fall asleep. Was it that boring or was it the teacher. Her eyes landed on a boy who was writing something down on a piece of paper and then pasted it to a girl beside him. He looked up and smiled which made Ailee blush and turned away. While she was writing down the problems that were on the board, she felt someone tap her. A girl who had a piece of paper in her hand was handing it to her.

"It's for you" she whispered with her hand covering her mouth. She nodded and took the paper.

To: Auski Ailee

Don't open until lunch!

She raised an eyebrow as she put the note away for safe keeping. Looking at the clock, she wanted it to go faster so she see what's in the note.


Selena was sitting outside near her favorite tree. She pulled her Moon legends: Tales of Selene book out. She flipped to the chapter she left off and began to read. She opened her lunch box out and pulled her bowl of salad out and fork.

"Hey Selena! I heard you have a new sister. Is it true?" Hazel asked sitting next to her.

"Hai! Her name is Ailee" Selena said ate her salad and read her book.

"Awesome, I can't wait to meet her. Oh, by any chance did you go to that doll store?" Hazel said.

"Yes…I took my sister there since my aunt insisted. Why?" Selena said looking at her.

"Well, haven't you heard about those dolls. There not regular. People say that they move their selves to different spots or follow them with their eyes. Isn't that creepy?" Hazel said as Selena nodded. She started to stare out into space when Maiko came to ask her something.

"Hey, I was wondering if you saw my necklace anywhere?" She asked as they both shook their heads.

"Oh okay! I looked some more then" Maiko said before she ran off again. Selena and Hazel continued talking for the rest of the time until the bell rung.


Ailee sat her desk and opened the note.

I was wondering if you wanted to be friends? I'm Kentaro Kilik. At lunch do you want to eat lunch with? You seem lonely.

Ailee face was light red and her eyes traveled to the boy that just walked in. He wanted to be her friend? No one except at the foster home wanted to be her friend. At lunch, she shyly walked over to Kentaro's desk and studied his features. His hair was white and his eyes were an ocean deep blue. She could tell her blush hadn't gone away and tried to calm herself down.

"Oh you read the letter…you can pull a chair up and sit at my desk" He said smiling.

"Are you sure you want to eat lunch with me? I'm different than the rest" She said.

"Which makes you special! There isn't anything wrong with being different. I'm different than the rest as well" He said. She cheered up and nodded. She had made her first friend in a long time.

When she got home, she went to her room and grabbed her doll. Hugging it, she spoke softly to it.

"Siako, I made a new friend today! But I have this weird feeling inside" She said laying back on the bed and holding the doll in the air.

"I don't know what this feeling is…Anyway he is sweet and kind!" Ailee said as she got up and laid her doll on her bed. She began on her homework before taking a warm bath after. Selena came in her room to find her asleep already.

"You must be tired…but that doll…"Selena whispered as she walked back out of the room. The doll glowed as it started to take every last of her energy that was left and then taking control of her.

At 11:33 Selena woke up to the sound of s voice. She got up and opened her door to find Ailee murmuring something under her breath and holding the doll.

"Ailee what is going on?" Selena asked as she walked up to her sister and place a hand on her. Ailee had turned around and giggled before disappearing.

"Ailee! This isn't good! I got to call the other scouts!" Selena said as she went back into her room and grabbed her cell phone. Cosmic yawned and looked at a panicking Selena.

"Come on Cosmic! The Dark Kingdom is up to something…Ailee has been kidnapped by them" Selena said as Cosmic stood to attention.


They left the house and ran on top of the houses and trying to find where she could have went. She saw Sailor Mercury running on feet and jumped down next to her.

"Do you know where she is?" Sailor Lunar asked.

"She and some more girls are at the park. Sailor Mars is almost there" She said as Sailor Lunar nodded. When they got there, Sailor Mars was waiting for them.

"I saw them go this way. Follow me" Sailor Mars said as Sailor Lunar and Mercury nodded.

Nigel stood in front of them and smirked.

"Now hand your energy to the Dark Kingdom for Queen Nova!" He said laughing.

"Not on my watch!"

"Oh it is so grand for the Sailor Soldiers to join us" Nigel said.

"We won't let you take these poor girls energy! I'm Sailor Lunar"

"Sailor Mercury"

"And Sailor Mars!"

"And in the name of the goddess of the moon. We will punish you" The Soldiers said. The girls glowed a bright red and transformed into dolls.

"NANI!" Sailor Mercury said as she jumped out of the way.


"You'll have to do better than that" The doll monster said as they whipped around.

"AH!" They screamed as they were thrown in different directions.

"Now your energy will be good for our queen! Bow give it to me!" She said as she used her strings to grab them all.

"Hahaha" It laugh as it gather the energy. A girl in a Sailor uniform appeared to the scene

"Hey you there! I'm Sailor V, the Soldier of Love and Justice and in the name of Venus and the moon. I shall punish you!" She said.


"Ah" It said as it was thrown back.

"Now Sailor Lunar!" Sailor Mercury yelled.


"SHALL QUEEN DE-" It was moon dusted and the girls returned back to normal.

"Sailor V we thank you for helping us" Sailor Lunar said.

"Any time Lunar, anytime!" She said before disappearing.

"Maybe she could be a new ally?" Sailor Mars said helping the children and waking them.

"Maybe so. Ailee wake up" She said shaking her sister.

"Is it morning?" Ailee said.

"No but we need to get you back to your sister, she must be worried" Sailor Lunar said.

"Okay…SAILOR LUNAR!" Ailee shot up and stared at the scouts.

"That's right and we are here to take you home" Sailor Mercury said as she guided the three girls with her.

"I'll take theses four home and leader you take her home, okay" Sailor Mars said with a wink.

"Sure" Sailor Lunar said as she guided her sister home.

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