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Haunting Memories

In this world you tried not leaving me alone behind.

There's no other way.

I prayed to the gods "Let him stay."

The memories eased the pain inside.

Now I know why . . .

All of my memories keep you near.

No matter where Dick would go, memories of his parents would be poked at and prodded with the slightest trigger. They would flit across his eyes and he would close his eyes in hope that the memories would stop. But alas, his actions only made the memory clearer and more heartbreaking. Not to mention it needlessly reminded him of what he had lost five years ago . . .

If that wasn't cruelty, Dick didn't know what was.

In silent moments, imagine you'd be here.

All of my memories keep you near.

The silent whispers . . . the silent tears.

He couldn't even go to school without passing a place that he and his parents had quickly visited before their last show together. Yes, they had managed to see EVERYTHING. If only they hadn't . . . Then maybe he would have been able to do the simple task of going to school without having his heart stabbed with pain.

But even though his heart would throb with aged pain, his grief would be somewhat softened to a more bittersweet feeling. Oh, how that had boggled his mind time and time again but somehow . . . he didn't mind that he didn't understand. Maybe it was better that he didn't understand the way scars and aged feelings mended and grew into something else. Maybe it just meant that he was human just like the rest of the world.

But whatever the reason, Dick's emotional pain had softened and had opened his eyes to the happiness he would in his bittersweet memories. He could now tell you what horrible jokes his father had made about how big Gotham City was and how his mother had simply shook her head while Dick had grinned. He could now tell you, with a small smile gracing his face, how he had seen his parents smiling happily while he played at the only playground in Gotham. He could now tell you that if he could ever find a way to talk to his parents again, he would thank for all the happy memories they had given to him while they could.

Because with those memories, he had finally found the strength to move on and not turn back.

Reminds me again it's worth it all.

So I can go home . . .

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