What A Guy Can Do

I do not own One Life to Live. It is the property of ABC Disney. If I did own it, I never would have cancelled it. Also Matthew, Destiny and Shane would have gotten much more airtime than they did. Thanks to Wendy for Beta reading. All remaining mistakes are mine.

This takes place after the December 27th 2010 episode. I was always wondered what Matthew's reaction was to what Darren did. P.S. Matthew did not kill Eddie Ford in this.

Matthew sat in his Algebra class unable to concentrate on the quadratic equation that Mrs. Smith was writing across the blackboard. Instead his mind drifted back to the events of the past couple of days making his blood boil. He could not believe his father had slept with that home wreaking whore, Inez Salinger. His father, the man he had looked up to more than anyone was nothing but a cheater he thought as he looked across the room at Nate and his stomach churned. The apple certainly did not fall very far from that tree did it? The whole family had been nothing but trouble for the Buchannons since they slithered into town. He shook his head in disgust.

Adding to Matthew's sour mood was his worry for his mother Nora. She had done nothing, but shut herself up in her room and cry since he had revealed his father's indiscretion. He had never wanted to hurt her, but his father's nonchalantness had just so infuriated him that he had to blurt out the awful truth.

Normally, when his life was spinning out of control he would talk to Destiny. Destiny he thought as he looked over at the girl who had been the light in his dark world for the last two years with a small smile which turned to a worried frown when he saw her sad face. That site strengthened his resolve. This was something he could and would do something about.

Chapter 2 Later that Same Day Boy's Locker Room

Darren is straightening up after most of the basketball team has left, when he heard the locker room door slam. "Price." He heard shouted before a pissed off Matthew Buchannon stalked into the room.

Throwing the last of the towels in the basket, "What the hell do you want Buchannon?" Darren asked with a snarl, for Matthew was the last person he wanted to see today.

"What do I want? What, do I want?" Matthew repeated as he angrily approached the smaller boy. "What I want to know is How could you do that to her, she cared about you?"

"As if its' any of your business. It was time she just got over it." Darren shouted stepping up to Matthew in challenge before continuing. "She had to forgive them before she became just as bitter as you."

"Oh its time, according to who Darren, you? Who the heck are you to determine that? You've never been betrayed by the people you love and trust most. Have you?" At the shake of Darren's head, Matt continued. "No, I didn't think so."

Before Darren could retort, the boys were interrupted when Nate Salinger emerged from the shower room. "What are you doing Buchannon?' Nate injected.

"Stay out of this Salinger. This doesn't concern you." Matthew addressed the intruder before dismissing him and turning his attention back to Darren.

Chapter 3

"You know Darren last New Year's I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life when I told Destiny I only wanted to be friends. I made her cry. I regret that. I promised myself I would never allow myself or anyone to do that to her again."

"Why don't you just stay out of our relationship?" Darren sneered pushing Matthew backwards.

Grabbing Darren's arm and twisting it behind his back, Matthew pushed Darren up against the lockers. "Let me tell you something buddy." Matt hissed into Darren's ear. "When I realized what a fool I was to pick Dani over Des, she was with you so I backed off and respected that. I respected that she cared about you, and that you wouldn't hurt her. I trusted you. That was my second mistake." Matt finished releasing Darren's arm and backing up with a chuckle. "You know Price should really be thanking you for being foolish enough to break up with her."

"And why is that?" Darren sneered.

"Well, Darren the way is now clear for me to show Destiny just how much I love her and I am going to pray that she is willing to give me another chance. And if I am lucky enough to get that chance, Mark my word I am never going to let her go." Matt finished before grabbing his back pack and exiting the locker room.

"Do you believe that jerk?" Darren stated to Nate who had made himself busy stuffing the last of his basketball gear into his duffle bag before turning to Darren.

"Is what Matt said true Darren? Did you make Destiny cry?"

"So what if I did?" Darren replied shrugging his shoulders. "How I deal with my woman is my business. Not Matthew's."

Shaking his head in disgust, Nate replied. "I don't believe you. You're and even bigger jackass than Buchannon is! At Darren's shocked expression, Nate continued "I'm out of here" before slamming his locker shut and ruffly pushing Darren aside as he stalked out of the locker room.

Chapter 4

After storming out of the locker room, Matthew headed towards his locker to gather his books. Stopping at the site of a slumped defeated looking Destiny at her locker, Matt began to gather his thoughts when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Turning to see who it was, Mathew exhaled at the site of Shane Morasco.

"Hey Shane, What's going on? Matt asked his young cousin.

Shane answered that question with one of his own. "Is Destiny alright Matt? She seems awful sad lately."

Watching the object of their conversation, Matthew responded. "No she isn't, Shane. But, she is gonna be if I have anything say about it."

Following his cousins gaze, Shane stated. "You care about her a lot don't you?"

"Yeah,yeah. I do." Matt responded looking at Destiny longingly.

"Well then, Why don't you tell her? Shane asked giving him a slight shove towards his goal before grabbing him and pulling him backwards. "But one thing Matthew, make sure you treat that girl right or Shawn and I will beat your ass. Shane stated looking Matthew dead in the eyes.

Returning Shane's stare, Matthew responded with his trademark smirk. "Don't I know it?" With that he walked over and wrapped the amazing girl who they had been discussing in his arms. Without a word, Destiny turned and sobbed quietly into his comforting embrace. Sharing one final look with his cousin, Matthew promised himself he would prove to this girl just how much he loved her.