Chapter 104: Angel Square same time

"Ugh, I can't believe I ate so much." Darren complained rubbing his stomach with one hand as

he and Whitney walked hand in hand over towards the fountain.

"I do. That brunch was delicious." Whitney admitted taking another sip of her orange juice.

"That it was." Darren agreed pulling out a penny and flipping it into the fountain as Whitney

asked "What did you wish for?"

"Just a little luck in the dance contest tonight" Darren replied looking up at the statue and

continuing "the competition is going to be really tough."

"I know especially if Matthew is anything like his parents. I hear their dancing is legendary in

this town." Whitney concurred placing her hands on his shoulders.

"It is. I saw them knocking everyone's socks off at their wedding." Darren verified the

admiration clear in is voice.

"Then we're just going to have to practice all day to even have a chance at beating their son

and Destiny." Whitney determined just before hearing "Like you two losers are beating anyone"

and letting out an "Ouch" when Darren was shoved into her knocking her to the ground.

"Cut it out Lowell." Darren snapped shooting a cold glare at their adversary

before turning and asking "Are you ok" as he extended a hand to Whitney.

Using that moment of distraction, Brad hit send on his phone before snickering "Cut it out. I

haven't even started yet." as his fist hit Darren squarely in the back of the neck, knocking him

into the brick wall.

"You creep." Whitney shouted grabbing Darren's arms so that he would not hit the pavement

as well only to warn "Darren don't you're hurt!" when he tried and failed to get back to his feet.

"What? You want some more?" Brad mocked shoving Darren before turning and attempting

to bolt only complain "Hey I didn't do anything let me go" when a female cop grabbed his arm.

"Like hell you didn't." Whitney snapped glaring daggers at Brad as she knelt next to Darren

before looking at the detective who knelt on his other side and revealing "He hit him from

behind because we didn't take his girlfriend's crap."

"She's lying. He fell and hit his head against the wall" Brad swore trying unsuccessfully to yank

his arm free.

"Yeah than what is my brother doing with a bruise on the back of his neck, you little punk?" a

furious Theo Price snapped checking the back of Darren's head before gripping his shoulders and

ordering "Darren, Darren look at me."

"Theo." Darren acknowledged squeezing his eyes shut before opening them again, shaking his

head to clear it and attempting to stand with an "I'm alright."

"No, you don't move. We're going to wait for the ambulance." Theo directed looking

worriedly into his little brother's glassy eyes before turning to the other officer and advising "

Officer Jenkins please read Lowell his rights, take him down to the station and book him. I will be

along to question him once my parents get to the hospital."

Asa's cabin: same time

"Damit Buchannon, I don't know if I can stand up to this any more than the rest of

your picks?" Matthew's heart fearfully cursed feeling Destiny's soft fingers slowly sliding their

way under his shirt and up his torso towards it even as her lips were still harassing both his left

and right glands.

"So, sorry you're just going to have to suffer along with the rest of us." Matthew's still tingling

Adams apple, biceps, clavicle, dimples, ears, forehead and glands unanimously taunted causing

his heart to beat even faster when it felt Destiny's fingertips sliding on the smooth skin over it.

"Oh man!" Matthew's heart groaned fighting unsuccessfully to both calm and brace itself as

his eyes watched her lips abandon his glands until his feelings jumped in "But it doesn't mean we

can't stall for a bit and give her a little taste of just how much trouble she's getting herself in."

"Meaning?" Matt's heart suspiciously inquired before swearing "No don't, I'm ready. I can do

this, I need to feel them" in a panic as his right hand quickly but softly gripped her chin tilting it

upwards when her lips attempted to follow her fingers lead.

"Matthew" Destiny breathed out trying to turn her chin downwards so that her eyes could

at least watch her fingers continuing to prepare the area for her eager lips.

"Meaning, those pretty little fingers and these sweet lips are solely for us to kiss and

therefore she is breaking the rules." Matt's thoughts revealed while his right thumb softly slid

back and forth against her lips.

"And she was warned about that wasn't she." Matt's heart slyly questioned swelling in

excitement and watching his dark eyes drink in every inch of the beautiful face in his hands.

"Yes! She must be punished for their incorrect use." Destiny's previous targets declared their

attention focused wearily on the sweet lips as his thoughts decided "It's time to claim that last

elusive piece of her isn't it?"

"Patience our friend. That exchange will be completed very soon." Matt's

feelings promised as his left hand slid along Destiny's arm until it wrapped its' self around both

her hands and lifted those meddlesome fingers away from his thumping heart.

"Why?" Destiny moaned closing her eyes and doing her best to control the panic in her

chest as her fingers desperately stretched for his skin while being dragged away from his


"Why" Matthew repeated lifting her arms up over her head while placing his lips lovingly

against her quivering ones before pecking his way across them with the explanation "Simple

you've been breaking the rules again."

"Rules, rules, no I've done precisely what you said." Destiny defended breathlessly through

the kisses with a soft giggle only to tense with a realization of "Oh no you made me use them"

when Matthew's right thumb started tracing her lips while his left began rubbing its' self and her

small fingertips against her own pounding heart.

"That's riiiiiight,." Matthew verified grinning victoriously as he decided "And this heart will

most definitely beheld accountable your actions" while moving his lips back down to her

sweet neck just in time to feel her pulse beginning to quicken and her previous targets shout

"Oh no we must make it beat faster!"

"Yes faster, my sweet" Matthew demanded while his lips and fingers

applied just a little more pressure to both areas in their charge before thinking "Yes this is the

perfect start." with a snort as he felt the familiar goose bumps returning.

"Accountable? Faster?" Destiny got out with a gulp before falling silent and feeling her heart

stop once Matthew brought her linked hands to his mouth with a "shush" against her two index


"That's right, Little One." Matthew confirmed slowly massaging each of the small fingers on

her right hand before kissing his way up the inside and down the outside of each of them until

he folded them one by one in between her left ones.

"Matthew what can I?" Destiny started swallowing deeply as Matthew repeated his motions

with her left fingers before folding them over her right and rolling them over so that she was

beneath him.

Kissing both middle knuckles, Matthew rubbed them, then ducked his head in between her

arms and dragged his hands down to her waist and under her sweater before placing his lips on

her large nose with the devious revelation "Shuush, Matthew says you may do nothing, but hold

still! So he can do what he must before you continue."

"What you must." Destiny repeated in a confused whisper only to try to reason "No, wait

Matthew you don't have to" when she saw the familiar gleam in his eye and felt his fingers

starting to drag themselves' back and forth under her ribs.

"Don't I? Hold still. I need to check." Matt advised keeping a raised eyebrow peeled on her

weary ones as he kissed his way back down until his hungry lips could feel her accelerating pulse

before revealing "Mmm, I was definitely right, this heart needs to beat soooo much faster."

against it.

"What? No Matthew don't." Destiny cried out just before calling out "Oh God" and begging

"Please, please no. I can't" through a round of squirming giggles as Matthew's fingers made

sure not to allow one inch of her midsection to escape their tickling torture.

"It's alright baby." Matt soothed placing an extra gentle kiss on his mark before his lips

widened slyly against her throbbing pulse while inquiring "There is no way my fingers could let

this beautiful neck escape them. Could they?"

"Yes, yes they can." Destiny proclaimed unable to stop her giggles as she tried to protect at

least the left side of her neck with her shaking shoulder.

"Nope, sorry Little One. Your heart is still not beating fast enough." Matt contradicted

continuing his assault on her ribs with his right hand as his lips rubbed themselves' against the

area of her neck right in front of that hunched shoulder which he began tapping with his left

hand while concluding "Therefore Matthew says Destiny must submit her entire neck for tickling

and kisses immediately."

"No, my lips need to start taking care of your heart." Destiny replied trying to both shake her

head and look down at the area her lips wanted to taste so badly while keeping her shoulder

protectively against her neck despite Matthew lips beginning to inch their way in-between them.

"First things first, Little One. Matthew says Destiny must tell him what guy loves her more

than anything" Matt demanded while gently pressing her shoulder down just a second before

switching hands and sliding his right fingers repeatedly against that side her neck as his lips took

hold of the once protected area on her left.

"Shaun does!" Destiny retaliated quietly into his ear earning herself an even more intense

round of punishing tickles causing her to squeal "Stop, stop please" and attempt to squirm away

from both hands with laughter as she apologized "I'm sooo sooorrry?"

"That's not good enough Evans" Matt replied with an even longer kiss this time on the center

of her throat before commanding " Matthew says Destiny must Now tell the truth. What guy

loves her more then anything?" as he lowered himself down onto her heaving chest.

"Matthew, Matthew Buchannon does." Destiny admitted trying to catch her breath as

Matthew raised his lips from her throat to hover over her moistening ones.

"Yes, that's right. Now bring me those sweet lips, Des" Matt's heart urged warming in

anticipation of its turn only to shout "No I need those lips on me now." when Matthew's lips

placed themselves' over her heart.

"You'll have them just as soon as soon as we make sure." Matthew's thoughts promised

before he let out a quiet sigh of "Oh yes 200 over 140 is just perfect" in complete satisfaction

after counting each rapid beat of the organ beneath his lips.

"What?" Destiny asked straining to hear his voice over and fighting to control the insane

pounding of her heart as she felt Matthew' lips claiming every inch of flesh above it.

"That's right." Matt repeated laying one long final kiss on it's center before moving his lips

back to place quick kisses across hers as his shaky fingers fought to unbutton the top three

buttons on his flannel shirt and adding "On both counts."

"On both counts?" Destiny questioned as her lips quickly caught his for one last taste

before he lifted them out of her reach and brought her hands back over his head.

"Both" Matthew confirmed laying another kiss on each finger while drawing her closer and

closer until her fingers slid against and her delectable lips were merely inches away from the

newly exposed target.

Taking a deep breath and silently warning his heart to brace itself, Matthew pointed his index

finger towards it, raised his right eyebrow and firmly instructed "Now! I do believe your lips and

fingers have an assignment to continue."

"Yes sir my lips and fingers must take care of your heart." Destiny responded as she quickly

turned her head and settled her lips in between her gliding fingers just in time to breath out "

"Oh" I've Got you now, Mr. Buchannon" with a nervous giggle when she felt "Matthew's heart

accelerating beneath them.

Taking several more deep breaths and trying to calm his racing heart, Matthew swallowed

hardwhile kissing his way up the side of her neck to her ear so that he could whisper "Think your

pretty funny huh, Little One?"

"No, no I don't." Destiny answered looking down and trying to hide both her blushing face

and guilty smile while vigorously shaking her head "No."

Squeezing her nose to get her attention, Matthew contradicted with a "Yes you do" and made

sure she saw his affirmative nod before promising " But don't you worry, my sweet little

temptress. I will make sure your punishment fits the severity of your crime."

"Oh no" Destiny chirped with a shiver even as she tried to appease him by replacing her lips

to their assigned area.

Wrapping his arms tighter around her, Matthew just snickered at the attempt as he placed his

lips to her head and smiled at things to come.