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Part 2 Chapter 15 Hallway after 1st Period"

"Hey you." Destiny stated with a smile as Matt emerged from the room with a sigh

of relief.

"Hey tardy." Matt responded with a chuckle resisting the urge to turn, shove her up

against the lockers and make his daydream a reality.

"I am not. I made it on time." Destiny defended herself shaking her head with a

broad smile.

"Yeah, by this hair you did." Matt teased lightly pulling on the loose strand that

hung on the side of her cheek before continuing. "Where were you anyway?"

"I overslept." Destiny confessed with an embarrassed blush before attempting to

change the subject with a question of her own. "So what was with you playing space

cadet in class?"

"I just had something more important on my mind than English this morning." Matt

stated shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head with a small smile praying she

would not push the issue because a crowded hallway certainly was not the place to

show her just who was so much more important than English this morning.

Unfortunately his prayer was answered as Justin and Becca approached them in the

hallway. "Hey Evans, heard you barley made it to class this morning. What were you

catching up on your beauty sleep?" Brad called with a snicker.

"Cut it out Justin or you're going to be eating this floor." Matt threatened blocking

his path and pushing him backwards hard as he advanced on Destiny.

"What are you crazy?" Justin asked regaining his footing and advancing on Matthew

only to be slammed backwards and pinned against the lockers.

"Apologize, to her right now." Matthew commanded tightly jamming his fist into

Justin's stomach hard repeatedly.

"Matthew, Matthew please let him go." Destiny pleaded coming up behind and

placing her hand on Matthew's arm before continuing. "It's not worth it."

"Hey guys you've got to see this." Whitney called out from down the hall standing on a chair fastening a poster to the wall with Darren.

"Looking from Whitney on top of the chair, to Destiny's pleading eyes, Matt finally

relented and released Justin, but not before whispering a stern warning into his ear.

"You ever bother her again and I promise, you will find out just how crazy I am."

"Whatever." Justin countered trying to save face as Whitney's crowd of onlookers

began to turn towards the other action in the hallway.

Seeing that her boyfriend was now free, Becca stated maliciously before turning and

walking away with Justin in tow. "Since Justin won't say it I will. We're sorry Density,

but all the beauty sleep in the world wouldn't help you."

Matthew started for the retreating pair only to be halted by Destiny's voice.

"Matthew don't.

"Why are you stopping me?" Matt asked turning to face her before continuing. "I'm

not going to let them treat you like that."

"Matthew it's not important." Destiny stated holding up her hand and continuing as

Matt was about to interrupt. "I don't want you getting hurt or into trouble fighting

Justin because of me."

"I can take the heat Des." Matthew stated confidently putting a hand on her


"Well I can't alright." Destiny confessed before continuing. "How do you think I'd

feel if you got thrown off the team or worse hurt because of me? Please Matthew let

me deal with them. You have too much to lose."

Finally understanding, Matt wrapped his arms around Destiny from behind effectively

halting her as she started to walk down the hallway where the crowd was still gathering

to check out the poster. Turning her to face him, Matt stated firmly before glancing

down the hall at his adversary and silently vowing revenge. "One, I can handle Justin

and any of his buddies just fine."

"But Matthew." Destiny interrupted staring up into his eyes.

"No but Matthew. I am not afraid of them Des." Matt stated confidently pulling her

against him and whispering with a chuckle into her ear. "And you Little One, when are

you going to finally get it through this pretty little head of yours' that you are so much

more important to me than basketball or anything else for that matter." As Destiny

looked up at him in surprise, Matthew eyes scanned their surroundings, before thinking

"Oh to hell with it," and slowly moved in for a kiss only to be halted at the sound of a

door closing behind him.

"Mr. Buchannon and Ms. Evans you two need to get your hands off each other now

and get yourselves over to where your classmates are and then to your next class which

begins in exactly five minutes." Mr. Cuff called sternly from behind Matthew. Nodding

their heads, the two complied and walked over to join their classmates.

"Hey Shane, what's going on?" Matt asked his cousin indicating the poster hanging on the wall.

"Bout time you two made it down here. You just about missed the news." Shane

stated looking from Matt to Destiny. The latter who was engrossed in reading the

poster with Jamie at her side.

"They are adding a costume ball to the Reinassance Fair. Jamie explained with an

excited smile.

"Return to the time of Lords and Ladies, Peasants and Kings"." Destiny read out loud

from the poster with a smile.

"That seems really cool." Shane stated with a smile his eyes fixed on Jamie.

"The four of us should definitely go." Jamie stated to her friends who nodded in

agreement as they turned and headed off to second period.

Lagging a bit behind the rest, Matthew stared after the girl he had foolishly passed

over a year before as a plan began to take shape in his mind. A plan that with the help

of a certain someone would hopefully begin to lead him toward the second chance he so

longed for.