Part 2 Chapter 4 Same Day after final bell Gymnasium

Side note. For this story, Brad got off for killing Gigi

"All right people inside." Christian stated opening the gym door and gesturing to the students clustered in the hallway.

"Out of my way Density." Justin Lowell snarled pushing Destiny hard towards the lockers.

Catching and steading Destiny against his chest, Matt gently pushed her towards Shane and Jamie before advancing on Justin and whipping him around to face him. "Hey Lowell, I thought I made myself clear. Leave her alone."

"And what are you going to do about it, Buchannon? Justin sneered. "She ain't worth anything anyway. Her own father would rather kill then admit she was his. Isn't that right Density?'

"Dam you." Destiny said though clinched teeth attempting to advance on Justin only to be held back by Shane.

"You son of a bitch." Matthew yelled before grabbing him and aiming his fist towards Justin's face.

"Nothing, Matthew's going to do nothing." Christian interjected coming up behind Justin and continuing. "Because if I ever see you put your hands on Destiny or any other student in this school again, getting thrown off the basketball team will be the least of your problems you obnoxious little maggot." Believing that he had made his point, Christian stated. "Now inside."

As Shane and Matt headed inside, Destiny and Jamie began to head in the opposite direction towards the library when they were halted by the voice of Marcy McBain.

"Destiny, Jamie why don't you join us? We might have a job for you."

Shrugging their shoulders the two girls complied joining Matthew and Shane on the bottom row of the bleachers.

Grabbing the microphone, Christian waited for the crowd to settle down before beginning.

"Due to the varsity boys' team second perfect 25-0 season, it is my pleasure to announce that you have earned a spot in the National Tournament in St. Joseph, Missouri next month."

With that, Christian patiently waited for the cheers and foot stomping to cease before attempting to continue when he was interrupted by several raised hands.

"What does this have to do with us?" Shane asked from his position between Destiny and Jamie.

"What does this have to do with the Art club?" Christian reiterated. "A lot actually because we need your help."

"Why does the basketball team need help from the likes of him for?" Brad snickered from his seat next to his brother Justin.

"You know Brad; you are not even on the team and since you insist on acting like a jackass there is the door. Now use it!" Christian stated annoyed pointing towards the door before turning back to his team.

"The administration has decided that it does not have the money to send us to Nationals." At the stunned silence Christian continued. "However, they will authorize the trip pending what we can earn enough money to cover the expenses and make it an educational experience. So we have decided to emphasize the junior class's Renaissance project by holding a Renaissance fair at the end of this month.

"And that is where you come in." Marcy interjected indicating the Art club. "We are going to need help building booths and creating the atmosphere for the fair."

"Now we don't expect you guys to do this for free." Christian stated with a chuckle to the groans of the art students. "So I am prepared to offer you one full grade increase if you choose to help us out here."

"And that goes for anyone in any of my English classes as well. Marcy injected with a smile.

"So do we have any volunteers" Christian asked the crowd of onlookers. At the unanimous show of hands, Christian smiled. "Meeting adjourned."

"Destiny and Jamie may I see you for a minute?" Marcy called out to the retreating students.

"What's up Mrs. M to the B?" Destiny asked with a smile.

"What's up is that I have a job for you." Marcy stated to one of her top English students and one that by her transfer records showed a lot of promise."

"What's the job?" Jamie asked enthusiastically.

"Well first I need a letter composed you Destiny explaining what we are doing and asking for donations of prizes, food and decorations anything else that you think we might need." "Then after you get the letter signed by Mr. Vega and me, I need you ladies to show it around town to stores, business owners, anyone that you think could help." "So what do you ladies think? Are you interested? Marcie finished with smile looking between the two girls with a smile.

"Yeah were interested." Both girls replied in unison.

"Well alright let's get this show on the road." Christian stated coming up and joining the group.

As the girls tuned to join Matthew and Shane by the door, Destiny was hit with an idea. Turning back towards the two teaches, Destiny asked. "Mrs. McBain, Mr. Vega would it be ok if we offered free advertising in next week's school paper for anyone who donates to the fair?

"Now that is a wonderful idea." Marcy stated with a huge smile.

"Thanks Mrs. M to the B." Destiny stated as she headed towards the door to join her friends.

"You see, I knew what I was doing asking Destiny to help out" Marcy stated to Christian.

"That you did." Admitted Christian with a smile at the four retreating students.