an: Hey everyone! Long time no see (if you're someone who's read my work before) if not, welcome to my first attempt at something very different than along the lines of what I usually write! This fic is in response to blaterboy67's recent "Show Your Fandom" Challenge. Basically I have to write a fic in a fandom I secretly love but am a bit embarrassed to let anyone know. My fandom of choice? Star Wars of course! And more specifically the character of Ahsoka Tano. I have to admit I was not too impressed with her to begin with but after the second season of the clone wars series she really began to grow on me and soon became one of my favorite characters. Therefore this story will consist of not only the traditional love story, but a coming of age as well as plenty of action and adventure.

Updates will be consistent, Tuesdays most likely being my day of choice, however there may be many occasions where I choose to upload more frequently.

Though I am a fan and have done my research, not everything will be completely up to scratch so please bare with me. Feel free to leave comments explaining anything I've gotten wrong (which I hope will be scarce!) Reviews are greatly appreciated! Your advice is valued as always!

Without further ado, I give you my first Star Wars fic.

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Chapter one

"Make sure everything is secured in the back Snips," Anakin Skywalker called towards his padawan distractedly, as he fiddled with flashing buttons and levers, preparing his small ship for landing in Onderon.

"Already did Skyguy," Ahsoka said in retaliation, inwardly cringing at the use of her dreaded nickname. The voyage had been long and she was already cranky enough, let alone to be taunted with the name bestowed upon her when she was fourteen. Ignoring the open smirk on her master's face, Ahsoka distracted herself by admiring the beauty of the planet displayed before her as the duo entered the atmosphere, taking note of the multicolors, assuming the terrain to be flamboyant. "Where exactly are we landing master?"

Anakin's boyish smirk immediately faltered at her question, instead twisting into something of great determination. "Anywhere that looks safe,"

Ahsoka wasn't sure if he was being serious or sarcastic. The word "safe" was not usually found in Anakin Skywalker's vocabulary, especially when it came to dealing with seperatists. The pair had been sent to Onderon to help prevent the separatist occupation currently trying to take over the capital, Iziz. After securing a safe landing zone a distance away from the city walls, the 501st would be called in, in order to determine a plan of action.

"Uh oh," Anakin's gruff voice alerted Ahsoka back to reality as she looked to her master for the source of his distress. "We're coming in too hot,"

Glancing out the window, Anakin's assessment was clearly right as their ship sped over the Onderon horizon, much to fast to make a decent landing.

"Crash landing it is," Ahsoka muttered, gathering her composure as she prepared herself for the impact, the faint ringing of Anakin's voice in the back of her head as he directed directions to Artoo.

"Impact in 5…4…3…2…1!" With a strong lurch, the ship was thrust into the earth, sending its passengers lunging forward, having gone completely airborne if not for their seatbelts. The ship jerked heavily as it bounced twice, continuing to barrel across the Onderon landscape before slowing and coming to a complete halt amongst a bushel of large leafy trees.

Smoke arose from the engine and Ahsoka waved it away briskly, coughing as she rose to her feet.

"Bones all intact?" Anakin said, disoriented as he too stood up.

Checking herself for any scrapes or bruises, Ahsoka gave her master a quick nod. "Everything seems to be in tip top shape. Can't say the same for the ship though," She cast a weary look towards the hull before turning towards R2-D2. "What about you Artoo?"

The astro droid let out a bubbly beep, signaling to Ahsoka that he was more than fine. Following her master out of the ship, Ahsoka stepped in a jungle-like landscape, littered with trees and shrubbery of all sorts. Harmonic sounds of birds littered the skies and she had to admit, it was quite tranquil. They had landed (or crashed more explicitly) in a small clearing, leaving a large trail of overturned dirt in their wake.

Ahsoka watched on timidly as Anakin surveyed the ship, biting her lip with every frustrated sigh he omitted.

"Well the ship's totaled," He finally spoke, leaning up against a tree and crossing his arms.

"What do we do now?"

Anakin scanned his surroundings before pointing in the opposite direction of the crash. "My senses say this way towards the city. We're far from it now and we'll need to be closer in order for our men to breach the north wall,"

Ahsoka nodded and hoisted her small supply pack over her shoulder, following her master into the dark depths of the Onderon jungle.

"Shh…I sense something," Anakin's fluid motion beckoning her to cease all movement made Ahsoka stop in her tracks. She had learned over her years of being his apprentice that his ability to feel things around him was never one to be questioned, and never to be taken into doubt.

They had been traveling for hours now it seemed, with no sign of movement despite a small jungle rabbit or snake, nothing out of the ordinary. Until now at least.

She sensed it as well, something large and headed their way. And then without warning, the ground shook, causing Ahsoka to stumble and lean towards a tree.

"Master?" She questioned Anakin, an unfamiliar look of fear in her eyes as Artoo gave a low beep.

Anakin immediately held up a hand as he strained his ears and quieted his emotions, sensing for what exactly was in their midst, however without warning the ground gave one more tremendous shake as trees barreled over and an enormous and mighty beast broke through the line of shrubbery.

It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Tall yet barreling, the monster had tough leathery skin and resembled a Rancor, yet it was hunched over with a larger jaw and enormous horns jutting from its head which appeared to have some sort of fleshy sensors on the end that dragged behind it on the ground. It's eyes were stark white and gleaming, with no pupils in sight.

She remained frozen with fear, eyes wide and glancing desperately towards her master, waiting for orders. For once in her life, Ahsoka wanted to flee.

Anakin seemed just as paralyzed, rather intentionally or physically she could not tell.

"Make no sudden movement," He mumbled out of the corner of his mouth. "It's blind, but it can feel tremors in the ground,"

Not thinking once of questioning her master, Ahsoka closed her eyes and eased her body as the monster drew closer to them, it's larger feelers sweeping the ground as it sniffed the air. She could feel it close to her, hot breath tickling her face as it tried to decipher what she was. Her heart seemed to stop as it froze, it's feelers beginning to grasp her legs before letting out a swift growl.

"Run!" Her master's voice called from several feet away from. She needn't be told twice. Snapping open her eyes, Ahsoka had barely a second to catch the foul stench and twisted face of the creature before taking off towards the opposite direction, the crashing vibrations behind her signaling the beast was not far behind.

Anakin was shouting something to her but she couldn't decipher it over the howling wind in her ears and the sharp roars of the monster pursuing her. She did not question herself why she was running, even though she was well armed with plenty of training to fight a beast. She only knew that she had to, and even the screams of her legs in protest did not cease her retreat.

So occupied in her escape, she nearly stumbled over a sharp drop as she came to an uneasy stop in front of the top of a water fall, water rushing past her as fast as her heart. She didn't stop to think, to catch her breath, to even glance behind her at the giant beast about to spring. Closing her eyes, she did nothing but the force beckoned her to do; with a great leap forward, she hurtled towards the water below.

The fall was forgettable, so fast that she could barely remember dropping at all. It was the impact of the water, the pressure on her chest, and the inability to control her movements that truly haunted her thoughts. She tried desperately to swim towards the light of air above her, yet every time she drew near the surface a sharp current would drag her away, leaving her fingers to desperately cling at the water around her.

It was when her breath was suffocating, her eyes dampened, and her body finally going limp and moving along with the current did she finally get rushed to the top, flung from the water like a lose spring. Coughing and heaving, she flailed her arms around her, trying to remain above water, treading as the current swept her closer and closer to land. Soon she found her feet touching cold rock and she dragged herself from the surface, spewing from exhaustion as she collapsed to the shore, glancing up towards the distance in time to catch the creature let out a deafening roar, before giving up and slowly stomping away.

She hoped her master was clear out of its path by now.

And without notice or any precautions, Ahsoka's consciousness was lost.

Voices. It was the first thing that greeted her arousal as her senses began to rise from dormant, leaving a groggy feeling to cloud her brain. She couldn't open her eyes yet, but she could decipher distinct voices going on around her with familiar accents, ones that were almost quite soothing. She sensed tension and anxiety in the room, and the first thought that entered her mind was where in the universe was she?

"Oh he's not going to be pleased about this I can tell you that. What do you make of her eh'? Sneakin' around our camp she is!" One voice was gruff and ruthful as it bounced off the walls of whatever enclosure she was in.

"Calm down," The other whispered, clearly a female. "We don't know she's a spy. You're jumping to conclusions,"

"To hell I am!" The man sounded outraged. "The Separatists think it's funny to send a spy do they? I say we kill her right here and right now!"

Before the man could take things any further however, a third voice entered the room, this one so familiar and so comforting that it nearly sent chills down her spine.

"What's going on in here?" The third voice demanded.

The other two seemed to immediately become formal in the presence of the new arrival.

"Sorry sir," Said the gruffer man, the shuffling of footsteps becoming prominent on the floor. "It's just I found this spy down by the river, passed out it seems. Me and Ruska here were just deciding what to do with her…"

His voice seemed to trail off and Ahsoka dared take a peek as she opened her eyes, nearly gasping at the sight she saw before her. She seemed to be in some sort of tent made of leather, lit by a small fire that cast shadows on the walls in the dark of night. Three pairs of eyes were upon her, the one to the left, a slender woman with a sharply cut ginger bob and bright concerned looking eyes, the one to the right a stout unshaven man who was sporting a blaster rifle tucked carefully under his arm.

And then her eyes fell upon the middle figure and his name formed upon her lips, like something sweet and forbidden, remembrance of a strong friendship and dire gratitude passing through her body.

She could barely form his name on her lips for being so utterly surprised.