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Chapter Eight

Her mind was drifting into ease in the early morning silence, legs crossed and mind steady as she meditated on her dream…premonition…whatever it was. Her eyelids fluttered, trying to keep a steady mind though images of Lux shifting into death plagued her thoughts and she jerked her eyes open with a start.

She bent over, burying her head into her hands as she let out a dry sob. Her body was pulsing, overheating with rage and confusion. She felt so lost, torn between her allegiance to the Jedi and that of which to her lover.

A hasty cough announced a presence at her tent and she became angry with herself, unable to sense the presence of her master through her emotional turmoil.

"Ahsoka are you alright?" Anakin poked his head into the tent, concern etched across his face.

"Fine, master," She quickly regained her composure. "Just, meditating, that's all."

He observed her, a suspicious look on his face. "Are you sure there's nothing you want to…discuss?"

"Of course not," She protested, rising to her feet and tucking her lightsaber onto her hilt. "I don't know about you but I'd much rather win a battle then talk about nothing if that's alright with you Master," She snapped, emotions flaring as she pushed herself out of the tent, ignoring the upturned smirk Anakin gave her on her way out.

He shrugged. "Whatever you say Snips,"

The troops were huddled together in the middle of camp, getting their briefing from Rex before their departure. Lux stood on the outside of the circle, methodically huddled over a map. Catching her out of the corner of his eye, he beckoned to Ahsoka who cautiously obliged.

Looking at him now in the dim light of morning, she couldn't help but feel the need to distance herself from him. She wanted to run away and take her death cloud with her, though every time he gave her a small smile, every time he touched her hand or enveloped his lips with her own, it merely gave her another reason to stay. And she hated herself for that.

"You look rested," Lux smiled at her, giving her hand a tight squeeze when no one was looking.

She grinned weakly at him, dropping her hand from his side as a soldier walked pass the duo.

"You and I will be leading a small squadron over the wall and straight down the center of the city. It'll be dangerous, but we're taking some of our best men. And we have you of course," He smiled.

"Of course," She said, sarcastically patting the hilt of her lightsaber. "Are we all ready then?"

"As long as we all have our grappling hooks I think we're good to go," He paused, seeming to hesitate as he studied her closely. "Ahsoka are you alright?"

"What? Oh, I'm fine," She answered, fear trilled at the edge of her voice. It was like everyone could read her like an open book. "I'm going to scout ahead,"

She pushed passed him, starting towards the dense vegetation without looking back. Lux gazed after her with confusion, sighing before shrugging his helmet onto his head.

They were ready.

"Alright men," Lux called over the mutterings and small talk of the anxious troops. "This is what you've been training for. The climax of the war is in our hands, and you can be damn sure we're going to give them a fight to remember," The men gave a routy whoop of approval and the battalion soon dispersed into the woods in tight formation, headed by Lux and Ahsoka who cleared a path through the thick branches of the Onderon vegetation.

"I believe Captain Bonteri, you're getting much better at pep rallying," Ahsoka smirked, slicing a long vine with her lightsaber, navigating around the fallen brush.

"I try not to make it look too easy but, you know," He grinned down at her.

A loud scuffle sounded behind them, followed by an "Oof," and the steady laugh of the scattered troops. Booth had taken a tumble over the fallen vines and no one was really obliging to help him to his feet.

"We're not exactly being discreet," Ahsoka pointed out, extending a hand towards the fallen soldier who grudgingly took it, face red as she pulled him to his face.

"All eyes will be on the front wall. They'll not be expecting an attack from behind. I think we're okay for now," Lux answered, eyes scanning through the dense trees. "I think I see a clearing up ahead. Let's see if we can scout out from there,"

The group shuffled into the clearing, Ahsoka pulling out an infrared scanner as she examined the area ahead.

"The wall's about a hundred feet ahead of us. Don't see any patrols, but let's be cautious just in case," She directed.

"What's our plan of action?" Lux asked.

She stared at him, surprised. "It's your battalion Lux. Just tell us what you need us to do,"

He cleared his throat. "Right. Of course,"

She eyed him carefully, noticing things about him now she hadn't realized in the early morning light. Beads of sweat trickled down his neck, his eyes wide and bloodshot, breath coming in unsteady gasps. He looked terrified.

"Lux are you alright?" She gently touched his arm.

"I'm fine," He muttered, slipping away from her grasp. "Let's just get this over with. Once we get over that wall we'll split into two groups. Booth, you take about five men and stay along the perimeter of the wall. Ahsoka and I will lead the rest straight through the core. We'll all try to meet up with General Skywalker at the front gate as soon as possible. Let's move out,"

Getting up the wall had been easy. Scaling down the other side however, had managed to prove quite a challenge.

The small battalion of ten soldiers stood on the crest of Isis's great wall, a mixture of rebels and clones all gazing down at the city below them.

"What now?" Booth called out gruffly, shuffling to the edge of the wall. "S'pose we can jump over to that roof and then find a way down from there,"

"That'd be suicide. The jump's far too long," Lux mused, hand running through his hair in frustration. "We can't stay up here long, we'll be spotted for sure,"

"There's no other option. Most of the hooks are broken from propelling up here. We can't repel down and we can't jump either. Getting to that roof is our only way," Ahsoka pointed out.

"Fine," Lux sighed. "I'll go first though. See how much of a distance it really is,"

Ahsoka bit her lip, wanting to protest but thinking better of it. Objecting to his fit of daringness would draw attention to her affection to him, and would likely warrant unwanted suspicion, especially from the clones who were more familiar with the code.

Lux stood back away from the wall, readying himself for the leap. He gave her a reassuring smile before sprinting forward, leaping off the wall and into the air. Everything seemed to slow as he flew across the gap between the wall and the roof, arms flailing wildly before falling to a heap on the roof across from him.

Ahsoka jerked forward. "Are you alright?"

Lux staggered to his feet. "I'm fine. The landing's a little rough but it's nothing you guys can't handle,"

One by one each troop leapt across the gap and onto the roof, some landing harder than others though all remaining generally unscathed.

Ahsoka was last, and she leapt across the gap with ease, landing gracefully without so much as a stumble.

"Show off," Lux smirked, pretending to wince as she playfully punched him in the arm.

They quickly navigated themselves off the roof via a large pipe on the side of the building, and were soon hidden in a dark alley way.

Ahsoka raised her comlink to her mouth.

"We're in Master. There's about twenty droids to the left of us on patrol. I think we can take them," She whispered urgently.

"I trust your judgment Snips. Good luck,"

"You too Master,"

Ahsoka glanced up to Lux, giving him a signal with her hand, gesturing towards the droids passing by the alleyway, ignorant of the oncoming ambush.

They waited for the brigade to pass before advancing behind them, blasters raised and lightsaber flourished. Lux fired the first shot, nailing a droid in the back of the robotic head. And then all hell broke loose.

Shots fired rapidly, forcing the rebels to duck for cover into alleyways and behind scattered fruit stands. Ahsoka however advanced forward, slicing each droid with ease and a ferocity of which she had never showcased before. Perhaps it was from fear of her premonition.

Whatever it was, it drove her forward with an admirable rashness and the droid fleet was destroyed within a matter of minutes.

But it was far from over.

A familiar clanking sound echoed around the desolate streets of Isis, spreading fear amongst the troops behind her. "Hold your ground men. Remember, use grenades on their shields," She called back, not sure if her voice was heard over the sound of approaching droidekas.

The troops began to form together, getting back to back with each other as they raised their blasters, preparing for the worst. Ahsoka felt Lux brush against her and she felt comforted by his presence.

"Just like old times, eh?" He grinned.

"Let's hope this time our battle doesn't end with you dragging me off to Mandalorian terrorists,"

"I can't make any promises,"

And then they were surrounded, droidekas closing in on them from every side. The air became polluted with blaster rays, casualties beginning to toll on both sides. She didn't stop to see who went down, she didn't want to know. She flew through the air gracefully, landing behind the attacking droids and ending their reign of fire within a second. She slashed viciously at each shield, causing it to flicker before going out entirely, leaving the droid vulnerable and easier to kill.

The separatist fleet was depleted at an alarming rate and Ahsoka collapsed to her knees in exhaustion when at last the final droideka lay in a scrap of smoldering metal.

She gasped for breath, gazing towards her own troops and surprised at how few of them stood unscathed. Four out of the ten were scurrying amongst their fallen comrades, some letting out cries of despair at the sight of their perished friends, other succumbing only to silence.

And then her senses were awoken with a shock as she looked once more at the survivors. Where was Lux?

She rose to her feet desperately, breathing heavily as she rushed towards the fallen bodies.

"Lux?" She cried out desperately. She staggered aimlessly through piles of metal and smoking bodies, tripping over an outstretched arm before dragging herself back to her feet.

And then she saw him, feet away, strewn spread eagle under a pile of scrap.

A blaster wound still smoked from his torso.

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