Chapter 1

The Fallen Star


Once upon a time about two hundred years ago a star fell on a clear night at the end of July. Most didn't even notice the stars arrival to Earth for many were already sound asleep in their beds for it was almost the middle of the night. However, one young couple did catch a glimpse of the fallen star during a romantic stroll just of the outskirts of a small town called Wall.

A young woman with bouncy red curls and rosy cheekbones turned her head to the sky, "Oh look Vincent, it's a falling star!"

The tall man that she had been walking with titled his head upwards ever so slightly. He flashed the girl a smile, exposing his white teeth. "It's beautiful." She stated, still staring up at the sky, as if captivated by it. The man's chocolate brown eyes were on the sky for only a moment before his gaze landed back on the girl.

"It's only half as beautiful as you my sweet Sophia." The man took the girls hands and held them tight, "The light in your smile is more captivating and brighter than any star in the sky."

Sophia bated her eyelashes shyly as her glance slipped away from his eyes. Vincent stared at her with worry hidden behind is expression,

"Is everything alright darling?" He asked placing his forefinger on her cheek and pushing her face back to meet his. A smile curved onto her red lips, "Everything's perfect."

However in the land behind the wall things weren't quite as perfect for the star that had just hit the Earth south of Stormhold. Three witches had been waiting for this moment for quite some time now. They sat waiting as a mixture of time and using their magic quickly aged their once youthful appearances. Finally a star had fallen, and one of the witches would venture out to capture the star and cut out her heart. Lamia, the eldest of the three entered a their large corridor with much energy that July night,

"My sisters, a star has fallen!" Two other witches move slowly out of their dusty beds to greet their sister.

"Are you sure Lamia?" The youngest sister, Empusa asked doubtfully. The previous time there had been news of a star it simply turned out to be a wild rumor and used one good Babylon candle on a wasted trip. Empusa was a sure she would not let that foolishness happen again.

"Yes I am sure, if you do not believe me then let us check."

The plump middle sister, Mormo, nodded her head and pulled a small ferret out of a cage. With little remorse, the witch drove a knife into the ferret's stomach and ripped it open.

"Lamia is right a star has fallen! And just south of Stormhold." Mormo spoke as Empusa sighed with relief. Lamia stepped forward, "I will go, and it shall not be a long journey for we still have a bit of Babylon candle left." The other sisters nodded in agreement.

It took a year for the witches to find the fallen star. For a while it seemed as if it had almost completely fallen off the map. Although, Lamia caught up with her in a market within Stormhold on a rainy June morning. Never before had that happened. Never before had a star gone missing without a trace for so long. The three sisters felt proud and eager that they had finally caught the missing star, and once more their beauty had been restored with the taste of her heart.

However what they did not know was that within the walls of Stormhold held the reason the star was so untraceable for such a long period of time. In a small cottage deep within Stormhold lived a newly widowed man and a small child. The child had hair as red a fire itself and eyes as crystal blue as any neither sea nor river. And when this child laughed or smiled, she shined as bright as the biggest star in the sky.