"So where are we going exactly?" Lyra questioned. Septimus did not respond, he merely closed his eyes momentarily then reopened them. "Ahh…" She spoke leaning back on the horse, "I see you just aren't going to talk to me."

Septimus once more said nothing; he had no intention of speaking to her unless it was completely necessary, for he had promised himself he would not allow her to distract him from his quest.

"Well do I have something to share with you!" She spat, clearly furious, "Who in the hell do you think you are showing up and kidnapping me without any explanation? Why you no good thieving, reckless, good for nothing, arrogant-"

Septimus cut her off mid-sentence. He spoke in a well-mannered voice, even though his patience and temper were reaching sky rocketing levels, "Prince." Lyra raised her brow, "Prince?" Her face suddenly read a look of utter confusion, or the same particular expression one would wear prior to getting hit by an oncoming train.

Septimus nodded his head, "You forget to add Prince in your seemingly long list of words to describe me.

Lyra scoffed, "Prince? You're a bloody prince? Do you think because you're of royal blood you can make kidnapping perfectly okay?"

Finally having enough of her sharp tongue and sour attitude, Septimus pulled on the reins of his black stallion, making the beast whinny and come to a violent halt. He spun around to face her, his cold eyes flashing a warning of what was to come. Lyra scooted back on the horse a bit.

"I am the seventh son, and future king of Stormhold!" His eyes narrowed as he continued, "And I would appreciate it if you-" He studied the girl momentarily with a sheer look of disgust, "A poor market girl, would stop talking before I throw you from this horse and leave you to the wolves. Do you understand?"

Lyra bit her bottom lip hard until metallic taste dripped into her mouth. She said nothing, and nodded her head. Septimus faced front once more and whipped the horse's reins. The sudden movement nearly caused Lyra to tumble off the horse and fall, so she grabbed his waist to hold herself upright but almost immediately let go when she saw him glance over his shoulder at her.

Lyra sat up poking at the slowly dying fire. It crackled as the end of her stick touched the hot ashes underneath the dwindling pile of wood. Septimus' team had stopped for the night to eat and rest after nearly an entire day of riding through a seemingly endless route of dirt paths through the woods.

Although Lyra herself could not seem to even shut her eyes long enough to sleep through the night. So she found herself here, sitting up alone staring at a campfire which would soon perish and leave her alone in darkness.

The sound of a branch snapping behind her made her spin around quickly, holding the small stick up in defense. The figure, still hidden by darkness, chuckled a bit before speaking, "You know, that stick would not do you any good in a real battle." Lyra lowered her weapon and casted an irritated glare as the figure stepped out of the darkness and into the dim light coming off the fire.

"I should have known it was you." Lyra growled quietly as Septimus took a seat down on the log opposite her in front of the fire. She glanced up at him, her already bright blue eyes seemed to be almost glowing against the light from the fire, "What keeps you up at this hour?"

"Too much on my mind…" He practically mumbled, but Lyra still heard him anyway.

"All that stone hunting and destiny stuff not working out as you planned?" She asked, avoiding eye contact but knowing she was being given a riled glare.

"It's not as easy as it may sound. I thought by this point Primus would be long dead and I would be the ruler of Stormhold." Lyra raised an eyebrow,

"Has it not only been two days?" She seemed slightly shocked by his high expectations. Septimus nodded his head and dropped his glaze to the fire for only a moment, then looked back up at her. They locked eyes when he spoke, "Did you steal and then sell my stone?" He asked, returning the conversation to the original question that had started this whole thing.

Lyra looked away quickly, "I've never seen the stone you spoke of. That is my story and I'm sticking to it." Septimus dragged his hands down his face wearily, "Then I suppose there is no point of dragging you along with me then."

Lyras' lips curved into a smirk as she began poking the ashes once more, "I don't really mind the adventure."

Septimus hid a smile behind his hand, being very wary not to let her see it. He stood up, brushing the soot from the fire off his pants, "It's rather late, perhaps we should both be heading to bed, and I will leave you out here if you're in a cranky attitude tomorrow."

She smiled to herself as he stalked off into the darkness once more. There was something bothering her about all of this. It wasn't even the fact that the previous day she had been kidnapped by a strange angry Prince, or the fact she was now on a dangerous adventure with a man she didn't really trust or know.

Suddenly it occurred to her what was bothering her about this whole situation, she felt like she did know him. That he wasn't some stranger that threw her onto the back of a horse. It was an annoying feeling, like if someone were to continuously pinch your skin and no matter how much you pleaded they just wouldn't stop. The feeling was gnawing at her mind at all hours of the day. Perhaps this is why she couldn't sleep. Finally with a deep breath she stood up and kicked out the final flames of the fire.

Meanwhile across their camping site Septimus lay on his back staring up at the stars. The constant reminder of a mistake he had made 17 years ago stung in his mind. He pushed those thoughts away as he closed his eyes once more attempting sleep. He tried to remember a time when he was happy, when his only goal in life wasn't becoming the king of Stormhold and killing all of his brothers to do so. It was then one memory filled his mind from when he was younger. He could almost remember the exact rhythm of the music playing, he can practically smell the wide variety of foods spread out amongst the dining table, and he can almost hear the sound of her laugh ringing through the grand ball room…

"He's looking at you again." A young girl with wavy black hair whispered to her friend. The girl she was talking to playfully hit her arm, "Una stop!" The girls giggled standing near the long dining table which was placed off to the side to make room for the dancing couples in the middle of the white marble floor.

"This place is beautiful." The red headed girl spoke tilting her head back to admiring the crystal chandlers and the detailed paintings and ribbons that hung from the ceiling high above the floor. "Just think Lyra, just a few days ago this place was covered in dust and cluttered with old furniture." Una smiled, admiring the room as well.

"Yeah until we cleaned it." Lyra mumbled taking a sip of a red liquid from a crystal glass. She wasn't quite sure what it was, but Primus insisted on trying it. It tasted vinegary which made Lyra's nose scrunch up.

"Did you really expect my brothers to do such work?" Una said, Lyra shrugged her shoulders in agreement. Now a days the boys spent most of their days training and sword fighting, both Una and Lyra never really spoke of what the brothers were preparing for. However, they did both know, and the thought of it made them both sick.

Una looked at Lyra again and smiled. "Seriously go over there I know you want too." She bit her lip trying to contain the excitement that had just overwhelmed her. Lyra rolled her eyes and looked out into the crowd of people.

Between the couples dancing on the other side of the room where five brothers stood looking awkwardly amongst the room. Sextmus and Quintus however were not there… it seems as though the brothers had already begun picking each other off. But tonight was a special night, it was the annual Stormhold ball which is held every summer, and it appears the boys were probably told to behavior this evening. This is probably the only explanation for them all standing together at one time.

She then noticed the youngest brother, Septimus staring at her from across the room. He, Una, and she were all the same age currently, sixteen, but Septimus was only days away from his seventeenth birthday.

Lyra blushed furiously, "Please go over there." Una begged in her ear. Lyra turned to her for a moment, "I find it odd you're pressuring me to flirt with your brother." Una didn't respond, but the same enthusiastic expression hung on her face. Lyra rolled her eyes and shoved her drinking glass into her friends' hand.

"Hold this will you?" With that she began to walk away hearing Una let out a short shriek of excitement. When Lyra crossed the floor she didn't approach Septimus at first, instead she walked around the area they were standing, pretending to look for something.

"Need any help Lyra?" She spun around when hearing the exact voice she wanted to hear. "Septimus! I didn't see you there." She lied. Septimus glanced over his shoulder to see his elder brothers watching him with looks of amusement glimmering on their faces.

He turned awkwardly away from them. "Lyra-would you like to dance?" He asked quickly. She smiled softly, took his hand and led him out to the dance floor.

Septimus placed one hand on her hip and the other in her hand. He didn't really mention he had never really been a skillful dancer, but with his other four brothers watching, practically waiting for him to mess up so they could all laugh about it later, he refused to seem any less than a professional.

"You're quite a good dancer" She lied again, for he had stepped on her feet almost five times since they first approached the dance floor. Septimus smiled, "You don't have to lie- they can't hear you over here." He gestured to his brothers and Lyra laughed.

"Good, because you may be good at something's Septimus, but you are a terrible dancer." They curly red hair bouncing off her shoulders with every movement. It was hard for Septimus to concentrate on not stepping all over her floor length green gown, but he couldn't help but noticed she had a certain glow about her, every single time she smiled.

With that final thought on his mind Septimus finally drifted off asleep, a small smile curving on his face.

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