A teenage human boy with spiky green-hair and green eyes, wearing a purple jacket with black strain and brown pants with black shoes, he name is Spike.

"Sigh... man that was one of the most boring meetings I had to attend with Twilight!" Spike said as he made his way to the Sweet Apple Acres, "I wonder what Applejack is doing today?" He said aloud to himself with a smile.

As he arrive to the Sweet Apple Acres he saw his beautiful anthro farm pony girlfriend napping on their grass under a tree. Now, normally he would just let her rest but not this time he had been bored for long enough and he needed some entertainment so with a grin on his face, he quietly tip-toed over to the farm anthro pony and crawled ever so quietly over to her.

Applejack was lying down on the grass with her eyes closed and arms crossed behind her head, she wearing a green sleeve-shirt with dark red strain and a light blue short jeans.

"Hi Applejack!" Spike said.

"Hmm... Spike?" Applejack said as she opened one of her eyes just enough to see the figure of her human boyfriend Spike standing front of her, she groaned and he closed her one open eye, "What do you want... love boy?" She asked half of awake.

"I been looking for you all over the place I bore I want to do something.. So now hurry up and get up!" Spike exclaimed.

Applejack didn't move, "Just give me a few minutes... sugar!" She replied.

"Come on you lazy pony... Get off your butt and come to have a date!" Spike exclaimed. Applejack still didn't wake up.

Spike knee to her and poked Applejack in the stomach, "Come on!"

Applejack let out a gasp as her eyes shot open and her hands flew to the place where Spike had poked her. She sat up and glared at her boyfriend.

Spike raised an eyebrow, "What was that?" He asked.

"Nothing!" Applejack replied

Spike grinned mischievously at his anthro girlfriend, "You're not ticklish... are you babe?"

"Of course not... why in the world would you think... ACK!" Applejack cut herself off when Spike poked her again this time in the side of her stomach.

Grinning even wider as Spike dug he fingers even deeper into Applejack stomach. Fighting back laughter, the farm anthro pony tried to get away but Spike tackled her to the ground, this time reaching under Applejack's arms.

"Spikeeeeeee...!" Applejack cried laughing, "S... stop... it... please... stop...!" She yelled between fits of laughter.

Applejack somehow managed to wrestle Spike off of her and dug her fingers into Spike stomach. Now it was he turn to try to get away as he giggled but Applejack pulled him back and held him down.

"Applejack... ACK!" Spike exclaimed as Applejack began tickling him on he stomach. He tried to wiggle away but Applejack was too strong.

Spike continued laughs as he tried to fight he anthro girlfriend off but Applejack wasn't going to be ridded of that easily. She raised her head so that Spike would have to reach up in order to get to her neck, made sure that he could get out so easily and slowed down a little in the tickling.

As a result, Spike's laughs slowed down too. Suddenly without warning, Spike reached for Applejack's neck.

Tears were rolling down on Spike cheeks at he sides were beginning to hurt from laughing so much. In one last desperate escape attempt, Spike tried rolling away from her but Applejack put one of her arms in he way. This caused her to lose her balance and she fell over him causing them both to tumble for a short while. When they stopped their position had Applejack on top of Spike, her arms loosely around his neck, his arms loosely around her waist.

Applejack leaned in and kissed her human boyfriend on the mouth. After 2 minutes of kissing Applejack and Spike broke the kiss and both gasped for air and looked at each other with a smile.

"I love you AJ!" Spike said.

"Me too love boy!" Applejack respond.

Author's Note: Hey sorry this is so short!