Author: Me duh

Title: You must be Stiles

pairing: Stiles s./ Derek h.

A/N: so I decided I need to work on my smut writing for the multi-chapter story I'm currently writing called talk me through my panic so this is basically plotless. As I was rewatching season one of teen wolf I noticed something. Peter knew Stiles name before they ever met and I was all like, hold up how the fuck does he know Stiles name and then it struck me Derek must have visited his uncle and talked about Stiles. That thought lead to this. Enjoy. Takes place between season one and two. This will be two chapters, no more.

(The line between my note and the story...yah)

"You must be Stiles" Peter said smiling his face was all scared and deformed. Stiles thought he looked like a demon.

"H-How do you know my name" Stiles asked as he took a step back and Peter took a step forward.

Stiles woke up sweaty and breathing heavy eyes darting around the room in panic. He'd been having that dream a lot lately, ever since prom night, ever since Derek became the alpha. Stiles sighed as he allowed himself to fall back onto his bed grimacing as the sheets stuck to him. It had been 18 days, Lydia was still in the hospital but awake and healing, Stiles visited her every day and surprisingly they had gotten to be relatively good friends it made Stiles happy. A small smile graced his lips as he thought about Lydia, even in her hospital gown she looked beautiful but somehow she had diminished in Stiles eye's. Somehow as they had become friends his romantic love for her had melted into the warm glow of friendship.

Unfortunately thinking of his old love for Lydia made Stiles think of his new love which brought him right back around to the whole werewolf thing which made him think of his nightmare causing Stiles to shiver. Rolling over onto his stomach Stiles grabbed his pillow and buried his face in it hoping he could force himself back to sleep.

After about fifteen minutes Stiles gave up and rolled back over onto his back and stretched. Glancing over at his computer,

"Might as well." Stiles mumbled to himself hauling his tired limbs out of bed figuring he could probably get his history essay done within the next two hours.

Stiles stretched again as he walked over to his computer plopping down onto his chair. How to start? Stiles thought to himself, the essay was supposed to be about some big crime boss in Boston back in the day and Stiles was almost positive it was going to be boring as hell.

Kicking at the ground Stiles pushed his chair into a spin pulling up his legs and wrapping his arms around his knees. Stiles had bought this chair specifically for it's spinning ability, it would spin basically forever with almost no help after the initial push, he loved it. As the chair spun Stiles allowed his eyes to focus on one thing then the next in quick succession. On his third rotation Stiles very nearly flipped out of his chair when his eye's focused on a pair of blood read irises. After the initial shock receded Stiles glared out the window at the eye's staring in at him.

"You know Derek that is really creepy" Stiles huffed as he threw the window open.

Derek didn't respond he simply rolled his eyes and continued to stare unnervingly into Stiles.

"Soooooooo, what's up?" Stiles asked trying not to let on how uncomfortable Derek's gaze was making him.

Still there was no answer, just the stare and a look of something indefinable in Derek's eyes. Stiles decided on a different tactic seeing as being polite wasn't getting him anywhere with the alpha.

"Derek how about you get your fine werewolf ass in here and stop creeping me out!" to accompany his words Stiles grabbed the edge of Derek's jacket and yanked hopping to through the elder off balance. He failed of coarse but Derek got the message and gracefully slid into Stiles room. The second Derek's feet touched the ground Stiles realized the flaw in his plan, Stiles had been standing very close to the window so when Derek slid in there bodies where essentially pressed together leaving Stiles to stare at Derek's nicely toned chest. After a moment of shocked horror Stiles quickly stumbled backward landing on his ass on the bed Derek grinned at him.

"So Derek why are you even here?" Stiles asked haughtily crossing his arms.

Now it was Dereks turn to do the awkward shuffle.

"i uh heard your heard beat increase thought you might be in trouble..." Derek spoke so quietly Stiles almost didn't hear him. Taking pity on the poor uncomfortable werewolf in front of him Stiles decided to do what it was that a Stiles does best, talk.

"Yah I was just having this reoccurring dream, well more of a nightmare really, it always freaks me the fuck out what with your uncle being all creepy and no one there to help me and him knowing my name an-"

Derek cut Stiles off by slapping his hand over Stiles half open mouth.

"You where dreaming about my uncle?" Derek asked incredulously.

Attempting to dislodge Derek's hand from his face Stiles made a muffled angry noise it worked and Stiles once again began to blabber.

"well as I said less of a dream and more of a nightmare. Oh! I wanted to ask you! How did Peter know my name?" the question had been bugging Stiles because he always asked in his dream how peter knew his name and never got the answer and he had figured that if anyone would know it would be Derek. However after his question left his lips Derek pulled back away and 'oh my god' Stiles thought, 'was Derek Hale seriously standing in front of him Blushing?'

(and a switcharoo to Derek's point of view!)

Derek had not been expecting that question and he felt his face grow warm as he thought about why his uncle knew Stiles name.

Before Derek knew Peter was the alpha he had found it calming to go and talk to his uncle, just let him know what was going on in the world around him even if his uncle would never be able to rejoin the world or so he thought at the time. And so sharing everything with his comatose uncle, Peter had been he first and only one Derek told that he thought he had found his mate. Derek had gone to the hospital for hours at a time just to tell his uncle about Stiles and to ask his advice even if he was never answered.

And now here Stiles was sitting in front of him wanting to know how his uncle had known his name, crap, this was going to be awkward. Seeing Stiles impatient face Derek decided it was now or never.

"Stiles I will tell you if and only if you can stay quiet until I am done speaking."

Stiles was about to open his mouth and protest until he saw the intense look on Derek's face and clacked his teeth together making a loud noise in his haste to shut his mouth and obey the alpha's wish. Stiles could stay quiet for a couple of minutes if it meant getting answers, right? Right.

Once Stiles settled in Derek began his confession, words felt awkward in his mouth.

"Before I knew what my uncle was I used to spend a lot of time in the hospital with him, just talking, catching him up on everything." Derek started looking to see if Stiles understood. When the boy nodded Derek continued. "my uncle became my confidant, I trusted him with everything, so when I found my mate I couldn't wait to tell him."

Stiles was about to spout of questions about how this was relevant, what did it have anything to do with him? But the second him mouth opened Derek held up his hand silently asking him not to speak.

Desperate to finish this and get the rejection over with Derek began to began to speak at a very fast pace.

"i told my uncle all about this infuriating person who I couldn't help but want to protect but how it usually wound up the other way around. With this person saving my live instead of me saving his." Derek trailed off knowing that Stiles understood what he was trying to say, Stiles was so easy to read,his eyes where so unguarded.

"So." Stiles began very slowly, "you told your uncle about me?" Stiles couldn't keep the hopeful tone out of his voice. Derek just nodded waiting for the inevitable blow out.

Derek was shocked however when Stiles slowly stood up and walked towards him.

Stiles hands where shaking with the knowledge of what he was about to do, what he had wanted to do for a rather long time. Reaching out Stiles grabbed the flaps of Derek's unzipped leather jacked and with surprising strength tugged the werewolf down into a sloppy kiss.

Derek let out a surprised grunt as Stiles started to kiss him but it only took a moment for him to respond. It felt so right to be kissing his mate, so perfect. Stiles lips where full and soft against his own while Stiles hands had traveled up his chest and where now wound up in his hair.

Derek wanted to taste, wanted Stiles pliant and whimpering under his touch, just wanted Stiles.