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A Digimon-ish story by Crazyeight

Chapter: 1

The office building stood in the cloak of night, dark save for the odd light within and the illumination of its neighbors from without. Across from it stood a small, lithe figure wearing dark khakis, a dark-blue T-shirt, and a similarly colored mask covering their face. In the dim light, violet eyes flashed as the figure, feminine in appearance, took a step back and jumped. She flew the distance across the divide between the buildings and came down on the rooftop hard. Chips of stone and mortar scrabbled across as she hit the surface and fell into a roll. Quickly getting to her feet, she glanced around quickly before relaxing her stance. She pressed a finger to her ear.

"All clear," she said to the quiet of the night.

"Okay," replied a voice, male and deep, on the other end. "Your target is on the eighth floor in the director's office."

"Roger." The girl felt her lips tug upwards under the mask, as if at a joke known only to her.

"Be careful," warned the voice on the other end. "Security is heaviest in his office. You have to keep your F.S. Field as low as possible…"

"I know the routine," the girl replied, her smile vanishing almost as soon as it appeared. She quickly zeroed in on the building's rooftop entrance and made her way to it. Stopping in front of it, she checked the door—more out of curiosity than anything else—and turned the handle. As she expected, it didn't budge so much as an inch.

She furrowed her brow and reached for the belt wrapped around her waist. Withdrawing a circular device from one of the belt's pouches, she pressed it against the door and hit the small, red button in its center. A green light lit up and at once the door popped open with a beep. Removing the device hastily, the girl entered the door and after pulling out a flashlight and clicking it on, she carefully began to make her way down the stairwell.

Thirteenth floor, she thought with dry amusement, seeing the number on the wall as he passed one of the doors leading to the top inhabited section of the building. The designer certainly wasn't superstitious.

She paused for a moment, briefly curious to see what lay on the other side, but remembering her job she quickly passed it up and continued her journey downward.

Five floors later, she found herself at her destination. Checking the door handle as she did earlier she again withdrew the circular device and pressed it against its surface. She waited for a moment before raising her free hand to her ear.

"Are you still with me?" she asked under her breath.

"Yeah," the voice replied. "Sorry. The security on this one is a bit tighter. Just a nano."

The girl nodded, waiting. Her patience was soon rewarded by the click of the locking mechanism and she pulled quickly. Retrieving her device she slipped inside and flashed the light around her, quickly taking in her surroundings.

"Seven spheres," she whispered, hand back at her ear again as she swung her light around once more, making note of everything she saw. "Looks like they're pretty serious."

"According to my source, there should be eight. He doesn't know where it is though, so…"

"Be careful, and don't use my F.S. Field," the girl interrupted. "Got it." Her eyes narrowed a little as she traced the hallway. Imbedded in the ceiling were seven black orbs evenly spaced out. Swallowing, the girl closed her eyes and concentrated.

I have to make myself as undetectable as possible. Can't let all this be for nothing.

In her mind's eye she envisioned a ball of blue light, flickering within darkness. Focusing on that light, she took a deep breath. Envisioning the light dimming, she felt an energy within her lessen. Taking a couple more calming breaths, she reopened her eyes and stepped beneath the spheres, her muscles fighting the urge to tighten beneath them every step of the way. After what felt like an eternity of nerve-grinding tension, she cleared the last one and proceeded onward.

I should be coming up on it soon, she thought, counting off the numbers on the office doors as she went. Let's see… Which one…? Ah. An invisible grin crossed her features as she came to a stop. There it is.

"Okay," she said to her companion, one hand back to her ear. "I'm at the office and I'm about to crack it."

"All right. Let's take this one step at a time. Given that this is the Director's office he's undoubtedly got an extra layer of security. If we're not careful, we could end up running into the eighth sphere or even a Hall Monitor…"

"I can handle them," the girl growled slightly under her voice. She instantly regretted doing so as behind her she heard the wine of machinery powering up and a red light instantly flooded the hallway. Spinning on a dime, her eyes widened just in time to see three black spheres drop from the ceiling, angry red lasers glaring at her.

"Shit!" she swore. "Your info was wrong! There were more!"

"Get out of the…!"

The girl didn't wait to hear the rest of his sentence. In her mind's eye, the light she had been keeping down flooded her senses and she spun once more, right fist crashing into the door and shattering it to pieces. Leaping inside and narrowly avoiding deadly bolts of crimson light as they scorched the spot she had just been, she rushed over to the desk at the center of the room.

I am not leaving here without something! she shouted in her mind, spying the computer desktop on the desk. She ripped out cords and connectors, her ears straining for the slightest sound behind her.

A twitch in her muscles at the sound of a warbling sound and she hurled the desktop's screen at the first of the spheres as it came through the door. Both exploded with a flash of fire and shrapnel.

At least it wasn't built into the hard drive, she reflected, snatching up the remnants of the computer. Blue light formed around one gloved hand and pulled together in the center of her palm, a glowing star in the dark room. Gritting her teeth behind her mask, she pointed it at the window.

"Hey! What are you doing?" demanded the voice of her partner-in-crime, panicking.

"No sense hiding it now!" she exclaimed, letting loose a volley of searing azure. It hit the window, causing the glass to shatter. Taking off at a run, she leapt into the air; light similar to her attack enveloping itself around her body.

A sphere entered the room and zeroed its targeting scanners on the girl's back.

"Adjusting weapon frequency to match target's F.S. Field," it intoned before firing. The red light burst forth, briefly connecting the mechanical orb to the girl. The two lights flared upon contact, blue lashing against red as the girl flew across the cities artificial canyon. Biting back a curse in realization, the girl spun and chucked another ball of blue light at her attacker. The sphere's light brightened briefly as it cut off its attack—an act that the girl equated with a widening of eyes in shock—before her attack impacted its body, shattering it and sending its shards flying across the room. What happened after, the girl did not get a chance to see, as her back impacted the ledge of the building she was aiming for. Pain shot through her and she bit back a cry. The light around her flickered feebly for a moment, her distraction nearly cutting it off and causing gravity to assert control over her. Through sheer force of will she clamped down on it, forcing the light to awaken and burn inside her. The light flared back to life around her and she glared at the building she had just vacated.

Adjusting her grip on the computer in her arms, she glared down at it. "You're not getting away from me that easily.

The sound of her companion's voice brought her attention away from her prize and she touched her ear.

"Calm down. I got the hard drive, but I had to scram out of there fast."

I know! Reports are already going out! You've got to…" A pause. "Change of plans. You're going to have to detour and drop it off in our emergency point. PlanPol is mobilizing. Can you get home in time?"

The girl rolled her eyes.

"You know who you're talking to, right?" she said with a touch of annoyance and haughtiness. Not bothering to wait for her companion's answer, she dropped her hand from her ear and with a tap of one foot on thin air, she flew off, putting in as much speed as she possibly could.

It may not have gone according to plan, but for one Rika Nonaka, she couldn't help but feel pleased with the results.

A/N: It's been a long time since I last visited this site with the intention of writing, but I wanted to try a bit of an experiment. Recently I came across some limitations when trying to write original stories, primarily in the area of writing original characters and making them interesting. This, coupled with a ill-timed creative burnout has caused some problems, so my hoped-for solution to this problem with characters is more of a transitional one—redesigning what I am familiar with into something new to ease the shift into original fiction. This isn't something that I've seen a lot of approval for in the past, and I must admit I'm a little bit biased as well as it's not quite fanfiction. However, I've seen where it has worked well to create an engaging story, so I would like to take this as an opportunity to spread my wings.

So I would like to take this moment to remind all readers that this won't be your typical digimon story. Some of the characters will be absent or changed in appearance to fit the world they're in (namely the digimon ones, but they likely won't be the only ones). Only time will tell if this will be a good thing, but I'm hoping that, at the very least, it will break me out of the wall I'm up against. In either case, I hope that you all enjoy the story, in spite of its shortcomings and faults.

Welcome back to the world of Crazyeight. :)