It's Survivor Island, Charlie Brown!

By Shannon

[The Peanuts Gang has approx. 2 minutes to gather everything they need in order to survive on Survivor Island. After getting what they need, they scramble to the island. There are two tribes, the boys and the girls. They each consist of six people for a total of 12 people...or 10 people and one beagle and one canary.]

Charlie Brown: So we're finally here. Ok everyone, let's get this straight...

Lucy: You BLOCKHEAD! If someone's gonna be leader on this island, it's gonna be ME!

Linus: I think Charlie Brown would make a great leader.

Lucy: Shut up, little brother or you're gonna get a knuckle sandwich!

[Linus says nothing and walks off to one part of the island, sucking his thumb and carrying his blanket.]

Lucy: If I'm gonna be leader on this island, there won't be any piano-playing! [She kicks Schroeder's piano.]

Schroeder: Hey, that's my piano!

Lucy: Sorry Schroeder. Since we're on this island, it's either you or me and since I'm leader, it's gotta be you.

[Schroeder says nothing but gives her a cold stare].

Peppermint Patty: Hey Marcie, here, let's play a little football with this coconut. Whaddah' say?

Marcie: I don't know, Sir. I'm not good at football. I don't even know how to score a hole-in-one.

Peppermint Patty: [Puts her face in her hands] STOP CALLING ME SIR! And you don't score holes-in-ones in football, you score touchdowns!

Marcie: Whatever Sir.

[Peppermint Patty rolls her eyes].

Charlie Brown: Hey Linus, why don't we get busy and build ourselves a shelter?

Linus: Ok Charlie Brown. But what about Snoopy?

[Snoopy passes them by, carrying armloads of bamboo shoots and builds a doghouse out of them.]

Charlie Brown: Well Linus, let's get started.

[The two of them build their shelter].

Franklin: Hey guys, do you need help?

Charlie Brown: Sure, come on over and help us out.

[Before long, the shelters are built and set up.]

[Three days later]

Lucy [into the camera]: It's been three days since the 8 of us (me, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Sally, Frieda, Violet, Schroeder, Snoopy, Woodstock, Franklin, Charlie Brown, and Linus) came on the island. It's been hectic so far. My stupid little brother Linus is so lazy. He just sits on the other side of the island, sucking his thumb and carrying that stupid blanket of his.

Linus [into the camera]: It's been hard these past three days. Having to survive on rats and maggots was awful. Finding real food was worse.

Lucy: Well, it obviously wasn't hard for you to wash your blanket in our drinking water you BLOCKHEAD!

Linus: Where else am I supposed to wash it? Most of the water around us is salt water!

Lucy: Look, Little Brother. I'm wearing dirty clothes and you don't hear me complaining about washing my clothes in salt water!

Charlie Brown [into the camera]: Three days have come and gone and already people are bickering. Linus had washed his blanket in the girls' drinking water and got in a huge fight with his sister.

Linus: And we lost the maggot challenge all because of Schroeder!

Schroeder: Hey! I get squeamish!

[A few days later at the Tribal Council]

Jeff (host): Ok you guys, since you lost the maggot-eating challenge, you must vote one member of your team off of the island.

Schroeder: I feel bad since I let my tribe down.

Linus: You should be!

Jeff: Linus, that is uncalled for. You guys will go over to that camera over there and vote. Whoever has the most votes, is kicked off the island. Charlie Brown, you go first.

[Charlie Brown goes to the voting booth.]

Charlie Brown [Writes down Schroeder's name]: He's my friend but I feel that he's not fit enough to be on this island. He let us down in the immunity challenge. [He places his vote in the box].

[Linus goes up to the voting booth].

Linus [Writes down Schroeder's name.]: I feel that Schroeder let us down in the first immunity challenge. I feel he's too weak to be on this island. [He casts his vote].

Schroeder [In the voting booth casting his vote]: I'm voting for Linus because he's lazy and just lies around, holding that dumb blanket of his and sucking his thumb.

Franklin [Casting vote in voting booth]: I'm voting for Schroeder because I feel he let our team down and he wastes his time playing his piano, which still works even after Lucy kicked it.

Snoopy [Writes a small blurb on a piece of paper with Linus' name on it]: The blurb reads: "I feel Linus should be kicked off because he failed to share his blanket with me at night."

Woodstock [Casts his vote]: III IIII IIIIII II IIIIII! (Translation: I feel Schroeder should be kicked off because his piano-playing is awful.")

Jeff: Okaaay, the votes have been tallied. One vote for......Schroeder.

[Schroeder looks on anxiously].

Jeff: Another vote for.....Schroeder.

[Schroeder starts to break out in a sweat].

Jeff: One vote for....Linus

[Linus starts to sweat].

Jeff: Another vote for Linus

[Linus turns pale]

Jeff: Another vote for....Schroeder.

Jeff: And here's the last vote.....Schroeder.

[Schroeder puts his head in his hands].

Jeff: Schroeder, it was great having you but you now know that your tribe mates have voted you off. Hand me your torch [Schroeder hands Jeff his torch and Jeff puts it out].

Schroeder [Facing camera]: Well, I enjoyed myself. I feel a sense of relief now that I can go home and play my piano without people bugging me. I hope I can get a shower tonight.

Stay tuned for more......It's Survivor Island, Charlie Brown!