9 year old Reyna Darby played with her friend, Rafael Esquivel. Sure he was 3 yrs. older than her but their moms were actually good friends so there was no problem with them hanging out. They raced their toy cars down the road from Raf's house when he got a call from his mom. They laughed whenever a car would flip over dramatically. There was a scream and the revving of a motorcycle engine and both children turned to see Reyna's older brother Jack landing in front of them on a blue motorcycle.

"Woah!" they both exclaimed with wide eyes.

"You have no idea!" Jack panted. When he got off of the bike two purple cars drove up and transformed into robots. Reyna screamed in fear and hid behind Jack as the motorcycle transformed as well.

"It ends here 'cons!" the robot yelled before attacking the other robots. Suddenly Reyna clutched her head in pain and all the sounds of the battle were lost. She was surprised to find out that she was having one of her visions during the day.

**Reyna's vision**

Reyna looked up at the friendly robots above her. The red and blue male held her close to his chest so she snuggled up against him. The female looked down at her as well with happiness in her eyes. Reyna could feel the heartbeat of the one holding her and it was surprisingly soothing. She heard another robot approach quickly.

"Where's my little niece?" the girl asked excitedly. The female closest to her turned and smiled at the new arrival.

"Relax, Arcee. StarRacer is right here." She answered. The one named Arcee approached Reyna with happiness in her eyes.

"I can't believe you're a carrier, Elita! I'm sure you and Optimus will raise her to be an amazing femme." Arcee said. Optimus sighed and held Reyna a little closer.

"I certainly hope so." He said with worry in his voice. Reyna giggled as Arcee tickled her and looked up at the bot.

"You'll do fine." She assured.

**End of Reyna's vision**

"Reyna wake up!" Jack yelled again for the hundredth time. Reyna sat up and looked around, noticing that she was home again. She looked up at her relieved brother.

"Jack…were those robots real?" she asked quietly. Jack nodded slightly. She started to tremble. "Jack…the blue one reminded me of my dreams. She was in there!" Jack looked down at her startled. Why was a giant robot appearing in her visions? And why did she have one during that battle? He was starting to feel concerned for her well-being. He looked at the clock and realized that their mom would be home soon.

"C'mon Rey; why don't we surprise mom with dinner tonight?" Reyna's eyes lit up excitedly. He chuckled at her happiness. Reyna had been adopted as a baby and she was always trying to impress June, even though the woman loved her like one of her own. But no one could ever tell that they weren't related, the only give away was that Reyna's eyes were a bright baby blue that seemed to glow sometimes while Jack's eyes were a darker blue. They both had the same black hair but hers seem to have a dark red shine to them. To everyone's surprise she was extremely smart for her age; she was a grade below Raf right now! When June came home she was surprised to see the table made and dinner almost ready. She hugged both children before sitting down to eat with them. Neither Jack nor Reyna mentioned the giant robots thankfully.

**Next day**

Reyna was walking with Jack and Raf outside of the school building together when Raf pointed out the Camaro on in the parking lot. They cautiously approached it and Reyna realized that this must be one of the robots as well. The door opened and some whirring was heard.

"Little boy and the girl, come with me." It surprised Reyna that she could understand the bot.

"I think it wants us to come with it." Jack stated. Reyna stared at the car nervously. She didn't really trust it. Raf pointed to the other side of the parking lot as he talked to Jack. Reyna and Jack shared a worried look before Reyna got into the car with Raf.

"H-Hi my name's Reyna." Reyna said with a small voice before motioning to Raf. "And this is Raf."

"Hey, my name's Bumble Bee. Can you guys understand me?" the car responded. Raf and Reyna nodded quietly. "Reyna, are you okay? I saw you pass out when you saw Arcee fighting the decepticons."

"I'm fine I have a…weird health problem. That happens to me sometimes." Reyna explained. Bumble Bee seemed to take that answer and began to talk to Raf. Reyna began to tune everything out and just stared out the window. When they were nearing a cliff wall she squeaked in fear. Bee chuckled as they drove into the base. She stared in shock as two robots stood in the room. They got out so Bee could transform. When Jack came in with Arcee she transformed as well. Flashes of her latest vision went through her mind but she ignored it. She somewhat listened as they all talked, for some reason she knew what they were going to say. She heard footsteps behind her and she turned to see a giant red and blue robot. She immediately recognized him from her vision and let out a small scream. Ratchet placed both hands over his audio receptors.

"Why must human children be so loud?" he grumbled as Reyna hid behind Jack.

"What's wrong Reyna?" Jack asked as he turned and knelt down to his sister.

"H-He's one of the robots in my visions!" Reyna exclaimed as she pointed up to the tall robot. Everyone looked down at her confused except for Jack. Jack's eyes widened and he became even more worried. That's two bots she's seen from her visions become real. Reyna looked terrified so he hugged his little sister close as she began to cry.

"What does she mean she's seen Optimus in visions?" Ratchet asked in surprise. Jack let go of Reyna and looked straight at her.

"Reyna, tell them about what you see." He whispered. She shook her head so Jack sighed and stood up to face the autobots, who seemed worried. "Reyna has these strange dreams where she sees giant robots. So far she's recognized you and Arcee." He directed his voice to Optimus. Optimus and Arcee shared a confused look before Reyna wiped her eyes and looked at them.

"In my dreams you even had your names." She said quietly. Arcee looked concerned for the girl but shook it off as Optimus began to explain the war. Reyna looked quite sad during the explanation.

"We lost many friends and family during the war. And during the evacuation, many more had been separated. Including Elita One, Arcee's sister and my sparkmate, is still wandering amongst the stars." Optimus explained sadly. Reyna's eyes widened slightly.

"Elita? I remember seeing someone by that name. Didn't you also have a kid?" Reyna asked. Everyone looked at her shocked. Arcee uncrossed her servos as she saw the sincerity in her eyes. Optimus' spark panged at the mention of his daughter.

"Yes, her name was StarRacer. Sadly I have not seen her in many years." Optimus said with sorrow clear in his voice. Every autobot in the room seemed sad at the mention of StarRacer.

"They had to send her away in fear of the war and what Megatron would do if he found out." Arcee explained further. Reyna frowned, how did she know that Optimus had a kid? Suddenly another vision seized her and she clutched her head in pain. She let out a small cry of pain and fell to her knees.

"Reyna!" Jack gasped as he caught her.

**Reyna's vision**

Optimus and Elita looked sadly down at Reyna. Tears were tinting their eyes. Reyna clutched to Elita tighter as they neared the center of Cybertron to speak to Primus. Reyna didn't understand completely what was happening but she didn't like it since it caused her parents pain. They stopped in front of a large blue ball of light: Primus' spark.

"Primus, please save our daughter from this war; take her far away from here." Optimus pleaded. Reyna's eyes widened as she stared at Optimus.

"Optimus Prime, last of the Primes, why should I send StarRacer away? It will only cause you and your sparkmate pain." The god replied. The voice scared Reyna and she snuggled closer to Elita and stared at the ball of light.

"Please, we want her to be safe from Megatron. We don't want her to get hurt." Elita One pleaded. Primus was silent for a minute.

"Very well, bring her into my spark and I will send her to somewhere safe." Primus responded. Tears fell from Elita's eyes as she neared the spark.

"Stay safe. I love you, my little shooting star." Elita whispered to Reyna.

"I love you, StarRacer." Optimus also whispered to the girl. Reyna was shocked that she was called StarRacer, Optimus' daughter. They placed her into Primus' spark and…

**End Reyna's vision**

Reyna sat up and screamed as pain filled her. She looked around to find herself alone with Jack. She became frantic when she didn't see anyone else except the humans. She silently prayed that the autobots would come but after a few minutes of the humans comforting her she realized she was back at the base. Jack looked terrified for his frightened sister. Jack held her close as she started to cry and explain the vision quietly to him. He knew automatically.

Reyna was far from an ordinary human.

So this is my very first fanfic! I hope you like it! :)