This is officially my last post...on this account.

Yes you heard me right, I'm fully abandoning this account and all my fanfics. I'll leave it up because it appears some people still read my stories

Now as to why I said THIS account:

Due to me leaving the Transformers fandom, I'm not going to be Autobot StarRacer anymore. I now mainly focus on Hetalia, I even roleplay with 4 Facebook pages now. I made a new account to get a fresh start on FanFiction that focuses on the fandoms I'm currently in, primarily Hetalia.

If you wish to continue to follow me and such, my new account is called "Fly Me to the Moon 95" with currently only one story called "Don't Hurt Him."

Thank you to those of you who followed me for so long, especially to fellow authors who supported me.


Autobot StarRacer

Aka Admin Jess