Hello, all. I should explain a few things. This is my first Wicked fanfiction. I'm stepping into new and scary waters, for me, at least, so please be gentle in your criticism. Secondly, I might not be able to update consistently. At least, not at first. Thirdly, I want you all to enjoy this story. I'm not going to beg for any reviews or comments or anything like that. I just wanted to try my hand at some Wicked/Gelphie fanfiction.

Having said that, I present to you: Speechless Voice.

Galinda Upland was scared. Hurt and scared. How was she supposed to feel about this? Who could she tell about this? So many emotions rushed through her mind. Fear, sadness, worry, pain, anger. Just to name a few. But shame was the most prominent. Unadulterated shame.

How could she have let this happen? Was it because she was too weak? Was it because she always made herself out to be this blissful, blonde little girl that wasn't the brightest in her class at Shiz?

She remained where she was laying for what felt like an eternity, her arms wrapped around herself as she tried to quiet her sobs and wipe away her tears. With a shaky deep breath, she managed to at least pull herself up into a sitting position. Even only that much hurt. She sat still for another minute or so, knees pulled to her chest, her chin resting on top of her knees as she looked blankly at nothing in particular. She had to move eventually. She knew that much. She couldn't stay out here forever. Especially after what had just happened.

"Come on, Galinda. You are Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands. You just… you need to get to your room, take a nice, hot shower, and then everything will be…" She broke down into quiet sobs again. Nothing would be okay again, not after this. But the attempted pep talk at least got her to push herself up off the ground and start to make her way back to their dorm at Crage Hall. She kept her arms wrapped around herself, as if she were figuratively trying to keep herself and her world from breaking into a million pieces. She tried to hum a cheerful tune, tried to think about anything other than the past half hour. Anything but that.

Finally, she reached the entrance to Crage Hall, walking as quickly as she could to her dorm room. In her rush to get inside, she fumbled clumsily with the key as she fit it into the lock, turning it and entering the room as quickly as she could, closing the door behind her rather loudly.

"I see you've returned from your nightly waltz around Shiz." That would be the artichoke, Elphaba Thropp, snarky, as usual. "Tell me, have you found anything new worth viewing around campus since yesterday? One might suspect witchcraft, should there be something there that wasn't there before."

But Elphaba's dry humour was lost on Galinda, and she ignored her completely as she walked very quietly to her bed, sitting down gingerly and staring at the wood floor beneath her feet. This gave Elphaba pause. The blonde always had some form of comeback, whether it be a snide comment or another rude nickname for the tall green girl. She looked over at the little blonde, her characteristic glare softening a bit as she studied her. Something wasn't right. The blonde was never this quiet. Ever. That alone was enough to make the green girl worry. And furthermore, the distant look on her face gave Elphaba chills. And definitely not the good kind. After a few moments of unbearable silence, Elphaba decided to speak up.

"Miss Galinda… Are you alright?" She watched the blonde carefully, but she showed no signs that she had even heard Elphaba speak. Now Elphaba was certain that something was wrong. "Galinda." She dropped the formal prefix as her voice grew more firm in her concern for the petite blonde girl as she moved to stand in front of her. Her worry for the girl, despite herself, only continued to grow when she didn't even seem to acknowledge that Elphaba was standing right in front of her.

Against all of her better judgment, she moved to kneel in front of the girl, ducking her head to try and meet Galinda's distant gaze, which seemed to bore straight through the green girl. She let out a soft, mostly inaudible gasp as she studied Galinda from up close. Her clothes, normally perfect and unblemished, were smudged with dirt. Was that a rip on her sleeve? Her gaze moved up to Galinda's face, and she searched her for any sign of emotion. That couldn't be a bruise on her cheek, could it? Something definitely was not right. Not in the slightest. She watched her for a bit longer, her gaze scrutinizing, before she spoke quietly. "Galinda…" She hesitantly reached a hand up and placed it on Galinda's arm, which appeared to be the wrong thing to do, or possibly the right thing, when Galinda flinched and her ocean blue gaze focused on Elphaba's own dark gaze. "Are you alright? Has something happened you need to tell me about?" She spoke with an intensity that neither girl really understood.

There were a few moments of uncomfortable silence as Galinda seemed to struggle internally with what to say. Could she really tell her roommate what had happened? Would this just be reason for the green girl to further taunt her with? Not that she could see Elphaba Thropp using something like this against her. That girl couldn't, and wouldn't, hurt a fly. But she was scared and hurting. Oh, how she was hurting. And she wanted nothing more than to be able to tell someone why she felt so alone right now. Why her world was crashing down. But there was another voice screaming inside her head. A voice that told her she could trust no one, that after tonight, she was completely alone in the world, and that she would have to deal with the repercussions on her own. In the end, the second voice, the fear, won control of her actions.

"Don't touch me," she murmured, barely above a whisper as she tried to move away from Elphaba's hand.

Elphaba wasn't sure if she was relieved or further worried about the girl's response. It did seem normal, though, coming from her, so she didn't think too much into it. "Of course, Miss Galinda. Wouldn't want you to catch any of my oh-so-contagious green." She let her hand fall away from Galinda's arm as she stood back up, still keeping a wary eye on the girl, however, as she turned and walked back to her desk. After a moment of hesitation, she turned back to the girl, her expression still soft with worry. Galinda was hiding something from her, and she needed to know what was haunting the poor girl. "Miss Galinda. Are you sure there isn't something that you need to speak to me about?"

Galinda moved her gaze from the floor to her roommate in the briefest of glances, her fear once again getting the better of her as she molded her emotionless gaze into one of slight annoyance. She couldn't let Elphaba know that something was terribly wrong. Not yet, at least. "Miss Elphaba, it would quite possibly be a miracle if you would be able to remain silent for the briefest of moments. I need to think."

"Shocking." Elphaba rolled her eyes, a more characteristic smirk replacing the worry on her features. "Do try not to injure yourself. I would hate to have to go through the trouble of explaining to the nurses in the infirmary that your brain simply exploded with the mere effort of thinking."

But Galinda's only response was a quiet sniffle, completely unheard by Elphaba, who had gone back to immersing herself in whatever book she was currently reading about Ozian history. To save herself from any further ridicule that would surely ensue, should Elphaba catch her crying, Galinda stood as quickly as she could, grabbing her shower things and running into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She was quick to turn the water on to hide the growing sobs that were starting to tear from her throat as she dropped her things on the floor, moving to once again wrap her arms around herself.

She didn't know how long she sat there on the edge of the toilet, allowing herself to have a long, hard cry. Eventually she figured she had better shower if she wished for there to be any hot water left for her, so she very carefully removed her somewhat tattered clothes and stepped into the shower, wincing a bit as the water hit her. She did her best not to look at the bruises and scrapes that lined her arms and legs, to ignore the sting she felt where the man's hand had connected with her cheek. But most of all, she tried to ignore the excruciating pain between her legs, and the blood that mixed with the water as she rinsed herself off.

As she continued to clean herself off as best she could, she thought back upon the night. It had started out nice. She had had a date with Fiyero. They had had a nice picnic by the Suicide Canal, and they had watched the sun set. It was perfectly romantic. And all too soon, it had to come to an end. And since boys were not allowed in or near Crage Hall, they had had to part ways there, leaving Galinda to walk back to her dorm alone. It hadn't seemed such a bad thing to have to do, at the time.

Suicide Canal wasn't even very far from Crage Hall, but Galinda had decided that she wanted to walk around campus for a bit, since she had never seen anything around campus at night. Thinking back on it, that was her wrong step. What girl in their right mind decides to go exploring campus at night? And alone, too, no less. But she had already made up her mind, since she was so stubborn, and had begun her trek around campus. Had she found anything to look any different at night than it did during the day? No. But it had been the idea of a nighttime walk around campus that had tempted her, she hadn't really expected to find anything new or unusual.

She hadn't thought much about when she happened to see someone following behind her when she looked over her shoulder. Maybe this person was just headed home. Or maybe it was just that silly Biq, who always tried to grab her attention in any way that he could. Nevertheless, she had picked up her pace a little, an unsettling feeling coming over her. That was when she noticed the footsteps behind her were getting quicker, too. In a moment of pure fear, she began to run. Much to her dismay, so did the person behind her. Before she had even been able to process what was happening, she was pinned against a wall, and she was screaming and begging the person to stop, but they wouldn't.

Galinda closed her eyes, shaking her head and trying to wipe away the tears. She couldn't think about this anymore. At least not tonight. She would have enough trouble, as it was, trying to get to sleep. With a shaky deep breath, she cleared her throat, washing her face to erase any signs that she had been crying, before turning the water off and drying herself off carefully. She slipped her nightgown and robe on, to hide any evidence of the bruises and scratches from Elphaba. Quietly, she headed back into their room, throwing her covers back, sliding under them and covering herself up quickly, turning so she was facing away from Elphaba.

Elphaba watched her from the corner of her eye. Something was off about the petite blonde tonight. Elphaba didn't know what and she didn't know why, but it was very unsettling. And what was even more unsettling was the amount of care that seemed to be worming its way into Elphaba's being. She supposed she would just have to wait for the right time to bring it up. Nothing would be able to be said with Galinda distancing herself even further than she already was from the green girl. But she would wait until Galinda was ready to talk about it, that much she was certain about.

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