I know you're gone and never coming back, but I want you to know a couple things about me. My name is Sa5m. The 5 is silent. I live in Lodi, New Jersey. My favourite drink and straw is respectively, Coke and Twizzlers. I used to stutter when I was young but my stuttering has cleared up. I talk without emotion because I feel emotion is overrated, all emotion does is hurt you. I loved you, and you left. Without emotion, my dreary repetitive existence hurts a lot less. Although you're paying my mom to help raise me, I can never be sure that the cheques are an act of love. For all I know a higher intelligence could be controlling your actions, meanwhile, you could not care at all. I gave up singing after losing the last competition I entered. Mom tried to keep me singing. She kept telling me that the judges were idiots and that I had a beautiful voice but I just couldn't take another loss. I bet if you were here you would tell me that quitting is never the way to go, but considering that's exactly what you did I wouldn't listen. You quit our family a long time ago. I don't have many friends because of my pessimistic outlook and slow monotonous tone of voice, but I do have a few. My best friend is named Will Burton; he is also my boyfriend and the one person who got me to sing again. I am the lead vocalist in the band he manages called I Can't Go On, I'll Go On and sang at Bandslam. Although we lost, we ended up being signed to David Bowie's new Indie label. Normally being signed to some hoity-toity record label wouldn't be exciting to me but after Bandslam, and seeing the crowd's reaction to my singing, I have more confidence. Until Will came along I was comfortably numb, and although he has hurt me, being hurt by him hurts a whole lot less than the hurt I felt when you left. I'm not expecting a reply from you. I would only be kidding myself if I did. You're going to read this letter and soon after forget all about me again, my name will slip your memory, and you will go back to living in ignorant bliss. But before you do, I just wanted you to know a little about me, know that I'm still alive (if you even care), and that I forgive you.