A/N: Confession chapter one isn't really a chapter. It's an overview of the characters and who their parents are. Please review with constructive critisims or if you have any questions or if you just love it :)

1. Howard Stark- child of Tony and Pepper. Like his father, he is a genius and has his own version of the Iron Man suit. Unfortunately, also like his father he has the same cocky attitude. Except now he has red hair.

2. Sam Rogers- child of Steve and Bernadette (who he meets in one of the universes) The mutated cells of Steve made their way into his sons body as well. Very well mannered but a little better with technology than his father.

3. Marcus Barton- child of Natasha and Clint. His archery skills are decent but his interrogation skills are much better. But living in this household makes him a bit anti social and cold.

4. Brian Banner- child of Betty and Bruce. Similar to the Captain's son where the cells found in his father's blood stream have made it's ways into his. However, because it is not a full inpact he has more control over his "other guy." He is a bit of a hot head though...

and our narrator...

5. Storm-daughter of Thor and Jane. Upon the birth of a royal child in Asgard, (in my world anyways) they are given what they are the god/goddess of. She is the first female heir in many centuries. Storm is the goddess of the wind. Her weapon is Tempestas, a knife that cannot be seen by anyone but Storm unless she wishes for them too and it is similar to Thor's Mjolnir because it will return to her upon command.