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All the Young Avengers had decided to meet up for New Years at the Tower. They had began to arrive, arms full of presents from their parents, the day after Christmas. They were all smiles and laughter. Besides one.

Storm was different now. Maybe the other members noticed, maybe Coulson or Fury noticed. But none of them tried to understand. No one asked her if anything was wrong. No one tried to understand. But somehow, the world turned on. She trained extra hard even though it was not required until the break was over. She always managed a few smiles and a few witty remarks but there was no doubt. She was different.

Mal watched the clock on the wall strike midnight. He hadn't met his deadline. He hadn't even tried. He held his breath. The sound of his father's boots filled his ears. "Do not think that I have no idea what you have done." Loki grabbed the back of his son's head. "YOu have made the task more difficult ten-fold. And you almost ruined our plans. Are you proud of the emotion you have allowed to over take you?" Mal did not speak. He did not flinch or react. He just kept holding his breath. "You're in for it this time." Loki released his grip and spun Malficium around to face him. "You misjudged her. Thought the girl would high-tail it back to Asgard, eyes full of tears. But no, she's strong. She has reamiend here. And now it's my chance with the girl." Mal's eyes widen as his father's smile did the same. "You get to come too, be ready at 9." And he was gone.

The Young Avengers were awake suprising early the next morning, and decided to take a stroll through the city. Storm was less than pumped, but the guys managed to drag her out anyways. But after an hour or so, she was cheerful. Maybe even a bit like her old self. Her friends truely made a difference. Howie's jokes, and Sam's reactions to his jokes, always could cheer her up. Marcus had a superb ability to disappear and reappear. But Brian was now shy around her, almost avoiding her. However she was more happy now, even with the hole in her chest. They continued their adventure through New York.

Father and son sat out of side, using mischief, magic, and illusions to disguise themselves. They stared,still as statues, watching and waiting. As the group of laughing teens approached, Mal's skin crawled. "Please be able to save her." he silently messged them. "Please, my father's strong and I cannot stop him myself." Loki grabbed his son's wrist. "It's showtime."

"And that's when I looked Happy right in the eye and said 'If you tell my father I'l..." CRASH. Howie fell to the ground with a thud, a wave of power overtaking him. He shook his head trying to focus, people were running, the other Young Avengers were scrambling to take out their weapons from their bags. Then, he saw him. Loki. The God of Mischief. The one who started the original Avengers. And he was aiming right for him.

Sam jumped in front of the beam, using his shield to block the ray. "Howie get your suit on. NOW!" Howie scrambled to open his bag and allow JARVIS and the suit to function.

"Oh so much like your parents. So eager to fight." Loki lowered his weapon. "I just want to talk. Oh. And take this one." He grabbed at Storm but she used Tempestas to stab him...or almost stab him. That Loki dissapeared to reveal the true Loki standing behind her, his spear poking the base of her neck. "Look at this scar. Wish my good for nothing son could have done something like this. But this here is the work of the monster." As he traced the scar Brian let out a low growl. "Don't do anything stupid now children. I just want to finish the job my son couldn't manage. Mal, look at the excellent work your father has done."

"Mal." Storm's heart raced at the thought of him. She had known, it had always burned in her mind when she spoke to him. He was the son of Loki, the one her father had once thought a brother but turned enemy on him. She should have known that this was the plan. Not only to break her heart but to kill her to.

Loki forced her to her knees, execution style. "Now my son, you will learn what happens when you love. Use her knife against her. She is to die for my cause. And if any of the other Young Avengers try anything, I will free my army onto New York. Thousands will die. Not just her."

Storm turned her head to look at her friends. "Do not rescue me, it is better this way. Just let me die. Please." She closed her eyes. But Mal wasn't going to play this game. Mal picked up Tempestas. "Storm..." He whispered as he went towards her neck. "Do what you do best."
Malficium tossed Tempestas through the air and pushed his father to the ground where the other members of the Young Avengers attacked. "Tempestas, RETURN." Storm jumped to her feet as Mal grabbed her hand, using his illusions to disguise their paths. "I tried to get you back to Asgard." he yelled as they ran through the streets of New York. "I don't give up that easily." They smiled and kept running, hand in hand.

Loki had vanished. Slipped through their fingers. Fury was furious. Coulson had a calm face but anyone with eyes could feel his alarm. The Young Avengers sat, defeated, back at the tower. "She could have died." Howie finally flipped, knocking over his chair and heading to the window. Sam walked up behind him and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "She's fine. You know she can handle herself." Howie took a deep breath. "I mean she accepted it so easily. The iminent death. She didn't even look sad. Auggg." He punched the window. "Please don't upset Brian." Sam tried to make it where only Howie could hear but Brian piped up anyway. "This is our fault. But she's fine now. She can get away." Howie interjected. "Yes but with that son-of-a-bitch. He would kill her just as quick." "No he wouldn't" Marcus finally spoke up. "Loki kept rattling on about how weak he was." Marcus shifted in his seat a bit. "Plus she snuck out a few times. Followed her, just to watch. They're friends. Maybe more. He isn't going to hurt her."

"Well on that note let's go." Fury had slipped into the room. "We are going to find her."

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