Amalthea: I have finally hit the deep end! This will be a reincarnation/transformation story about the espada but will focus on Nel's Reincarnation and Nnoitra! So Enjoy! KON HIT IT! By the way, TheBlackSeaReaper…This Pairing is for you!

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Here are the dog breeds and ALL OF THEM ARE REAL BREEDS!

Aizen: Chocolate lab/ Golden Retriever mix

Gin: Greyhound

Tousen: Irish Water Spaniel

Stark: Welsh springer spaniel

Lillinette: Miniature Schnauzer

Barraggan: Old English sheepdog

Tia: German shepherd

Ulquiorra: long hair Akita

Nnoitra: Wolamute (Wolf/Malamute hybrid)

Grimmjow: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Zommari: Rottweiler

Szayel: Smooth Collie

Aaroneiro: Bull Terrier

Yammy: St. Bernard


Jade Potter was an unusual girl in the fact she was the reincarnation of the former 3rd espada Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck and that she was now a young witch who finished her last year of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Jade sighed as her relatives dumped her off in London and then drove off with the words "Don't come back, you little freak!"

Jade just shook her head at their stupidity and head for the Leaky Cauldron so she could get to the Wizarding bank and see if she could finally claim Sirius's secret house that he left to her. She bowed politely to the goblins at the door and then headed to a teller as she asked to see her account managers, She was shown to the office and she sat down to wait as the account managers were alerted to her presence. Two hours later, Jade was free as a bird to do what she wanted. She quickly went to her new home and over the next few days, cleaned the place from top to bottom.


Nnoitra groaned as he woke up and looked around to find himself in a pile of puppies, he looked around the kennel in confusion as his sleep muddled mind caught up. He looked down at his hands and became wide awake as he yelped like the young puppy he was now, he twisted and turned as he prayed that this was one of Aizen's illusions when he heard his Leader's sleepy voice "Nnoitra, go back to sleep. It's too early for your dramatics…"

The young Wolamute puppy turned and went to snarl at his leader when he noticed Aizen was a small chocolate lab/retriever puppy, Aizen noticed the wide eyed look he was getting from the…PUPPY?

Aizen leapt to all fours and turned in a circle as he tried to figure out why he and Nnoitra were puppies, he looked over the other Puppies and quickly found Tousen and Gin. The sliver Greyhound puppy had his head on Tousen's side as he kicked all four paws in the air, Aizen quickly woke Gin up and the small Irish water spaniel that was Tousen who both flipped out about their new forms. One by one the rest of the espada woke up and freaked a little over their new forms when Grimmjow in the form of a Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy said, "Wait…didn't all of us die though?"

Everyone stopped and looked at each other when they realized that what Grimmjow had said was true, they had all died at the hands of the shingami including Nel who died by accident. Tia was the one who mentioned Nel wasn't with them causing them to really get a good look at the kennel they were in, Aizen then sighed and told them that they had to try and stick together since it seemed they were in a pound or something similar, the espada and the two generals nodded in agreement when they heard footsteps coming towards their kennel…

Jade grinned as she walked into the Pound at finally being able to get the dogs she always wanted, she talked to the person at the front desk and told them that she was looking for a few puppies since she had just moved onto a thirty acre farm with plenty of space to run around in. The lady smiled and told her that they just got a bunch that morning that had been found in a box outside the doors, Jade smiled and asked to see them as she followed the lady to the kennel where the puppies were. She took one look and instantly fell in love with them as they all were huddled in a corner, looking a little scared as they looked up at her.

She counted the puppies and found there was fourteen puppies in total as the lady asked which ones she wanted, Jade smiled and asked politely how much it would be for all of them since she didn't want to split them up. The lady looked at her in surprise then smiled as she named a relatively small fee and then offered two free vet visits to be included, Jade thanked her as the lady walked in to the kennel with fourteen second hand collars and leashes and quickly put them on all the puppies who just looked at her then walked politely beside her. Jade was then handed the leashes and Jade thank the lady for her kindness as she left out the door. Jade walked slowly so her new pets could get used to the loud noises of the city, Jade then looked at the note the lady had slipped her about a Vet's office near where she lived and decided to get her puppies their shots and exams over and done with.

Aizen noticed the building they were heading to and gave a curious look at the sign where he froze after reading it. He let out a pathetic whimpers as his tail tucked between his legs causing the other males to stop and look at the sign. Jade noticed the looks on their faces and quickly reassured them that she wouldn't get them fixed which caused the two females in the group to giggle at the males' relieved looks.

Three hours later…

Aizen and the others were exhausted as their new owner opened the door to the house that they would living at for now, Jade smiled as she unclipped each Puppy's brand new leashes from their new collars and they went in front of the fire place to rest. Aizen watched as Jade left the room and sighed tiredly, his paws were hurting from walking so much today and he laid his head on his paws as he began to drift to sleep. The other espada puppies followed his lead and all of them quickly passed out in front of the warm fire…

Jade came into the sitting room about half an hour later to find her new pets all curled up together in one big pile while they fell fast asleep. She noticed the Wolamute puppy was waking up and she gently scooped him up so he was in her lap, Nnoitra looked up at her in surprise as she smiled a familiar smile and then realized she was sketching something in a handheld sketchbook. He tried to peek at it and she giggled and said "Ok you really do remind me of someone I knew in my past life…"

Nnoitra watched as her eyes became sad as she stared straight ahead and then shook her head as she let a tear slip down her cheek, Nnoitra then was shown a picture of his human self in his released state. He looked at Jade in shock as she said "I miss Nnoitra and the others…my Life is certainly not the same without them."

She then heard the whistle of the kettle and gently put Nnoitra on the ground as she headed for the kitchen, Nnoitra sat there stunned as he could feel his heart pounding in his chest at being so close to the young woman he had gotten kicked out of the espada by accident. Jade came in to the room a few minutes later as the others started waking up, balancing fourteen bowls that smelled delicious to their noses. Jade smiled as she set the fourteen bowls down to reveal stir fry beef in a mild broth, all the puppies then quickly attacked their meal and chow down. Jade giggled as they ate like they were starved and she took her own meal of beef stir fry to the couch, she had just finished her small dinner when she noticed her puppies were just finishing their dinner and were now licking their dog bowls clean.

Aizen licked at his lips as he finished his meal last, Jade gently took his bowl and they followed her to the kitchen where she washed and dried the bowls before filling them with fresh cool water. Jade then opened the door to the HUGE backyard and told them that this was their last chance to do their outdoor business before bed, Aizen and the others looked up at her with confused expressions and she giggled as she said "Ok, let's put this in other terms…This your last chance to go to the washroom before bed. So I recommend going now."

Needless to say Aizen and the others were all embarrassed by this and decided to get it over and done with as they all hurried into the backyard and found their own little hidden areas to do what they needed to do…

Jade smiled as she looked up from her sketchbook to find all her puppies standing at her feet, she then closed the backdoor and headed upstairs with all her Puppies following. They entered a room that had a Mural of a very familiar place to the espada and found that seven LARGE dog beds had been placed along the wall, Aizen and the others then managed to climb up onto the beds and lay down while Jade grabbed her pajamas and headed into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Jade came out to 13 sleeping puppies and one Wolamute puppy that was fighting sleep as he sat at the base of her bed, she smiled and scooped him as she slid in to bed and softly said "You can sleep in my bed tonight, Pup…"

Nnoitra's tail wagged against his will as he was cuddled to her chest and held there as she lay down for the night, he looked up at the girl who had to be Nel's reincarnation and wagged his tail gently as he settled down for the night…