"Um... are you alright? You've sat here for the past hour sighing." Masato replied to the sorrowful sighs of Ren's father.

"Ren's been sort of weird lately." Ren's father replied.

"Weird...?" Masato wondered.

Ren's father had come over at the dorms where Ren and Masato were. Ren had left earlier while Masato was greeted by Ren's father. His face looked somewhat worried and slightly confused.

"Well... the other day..." Ren's father started off, "He was reading an interesting book."

"Interesting?" Masato sipped some tea from his cup.

"Well, it was a..." he coughed, "book on sex."

Masato spits out his tea and exclaims, "Excuse me?!"

"Yeah... it was a book on...that." Ren's father mumbled awkwardly, "Well anyway, after that, he'd hum happily around the house. It scares our servants! They think there is a ghost among us!"

Masasto sniggered, "Anyway, what do you want me to do?"

"I guess, to find out what his intentions are. Even if they are clear to see. You two are lovers, so i thought you'd make Ren become normal for a bit."

Masato wondered, if he were to find out what was being planned, it will only hurt Masato...physically.

Before class had started, Masato tailed Ren everywhere he went. He hadn't noticed anything suspicious from the young blonde man during the whole few hours. But what was so strange about his behaviour? There was a difference but Masato couldn't figure out what it was.

It was classtime and Class S had to be split up into different classes, their teacher was missing and all substitutes were booked for that day.

"Oh, what a coincidence! Hi, Masato!" Ren waved at the pale boy. He hugged Masato's slender waist and said, "I missed you!"

Hurriedly, Masato pushed away the tanned male's head and replied nervously, "Y-yeah, please get off of me."

Ren let go then kissed Masato's cheek and smiled as he said, "Let's go to class!"

It was a very long lesson for Masato. Even if he usually next beside Ittoki and Natsuki, Ren had dragged him along and he'd talk nonstop during the lesson.

Suddenly, Ren got up and asked the teacher if he could go to the toilet. The teacher nodded as Masato realised his book wasn't with him.

"Damn it." Masato mumbled. "Can i go get my book from my room?" Masato asked politely. The teacher nodded again and continued with the lesson. Masato strided through the halls and walked into the room to get his book. As he walked back to class, he was pulled by someone around the corner of the halls. It was Ren.

"What on heaven and earth are you doing?!" Masato exclaimed.

"Why have you been tailing me this morning?" Ren smiled.

"I wasn't tailing you!" Masato averted his eyes.

"Oh really? Your footsteps were loud, you tripped a lot and i could hear munching of food." Ren smiled.

"Urgh." Masato mumbled.

"Now, why were you tailing me?"

"Because...! Your father was worried." Masato blushed.

"So you didn't tail me out of choice?"

"Of course not!"

Ren smirked then pulled Masato into the toilets. He dragged the blue-haired boy into one of the cubicles and sat him down on one of the toilet seats. Masato looked confused, 'Ren's never been this forceful of something before..."

Ren locked Masato's lips into a deep kiss while Masato responded back.

"It's been a while, eh?" Ren whispered in Masato's ear.

Masato blushed from ear to ear as Ren took out something interesting. Rope.

Masato worried consciously and struggled to get out. But it was no use. Ren won the battle of strength against Masato and tied Masato's arms. He then pulled on Masato's pants and sucked on the young man's member. Masato forced himself to not moan, it was very painful for him. He starts panting quietly as Ren starts to finger Masato's hole. Masato tries to ignore the feeling and felt close to coming.

"Why are you resisting?" Ren smiled as he whispered seducingly into Masato's ear.

Ren unbuckled his belt and zipped down his zipper. (well, duh)


Masato, too weak to fight back, leans in and sucks on Ren's hardened member. Ren grabs on Masato's hair and moans quietly.

'There is something wrong with Ren...' Masato wondered.

Ren pulled Masato's head back and sat on the toilet seat. He motioned Masato to his lap where Masato let Ren's member enter him.

"Ah!" Masato yelped.

Ren grabbed Masato's thighs and pushed him down and entered him deeper. He went faster and faster as Masato moaned in pure bliss.

"More...!" Masato moaned.

Ren obeyed to Masato's commanding words and pushed in deeper.

"I-I'm coming!" Masato gasped.

Ren grabs onto Masato's member and grips it tightly, "No.~"

"Ngah!" Masato yelps again.

"Quiet down, someone will hear you."

Just then, someone had entered the restroom and Ren smirked mischievously. Masato bit his lip and grit his teeth; refraining from making any noises. Ren pulls up Masato's jumper and shirt, slowly licking the young man's slender back. Ren starts to plunge in deeper into Masato, sending him into bliss. The man outside leaves and Masato continues to moaning.

"Please let me come!" Masato wheezed.

"Say 'I belong to Ren Jinguji'~"

"I-I belong to Ren Jinguji!" Masato exclaims.

"Ngah! It's so good!" Masato comes all over the floor and Ren slows down to stop. Masato pouts, "It's over? You haven't cummed yet."

A struck of lightning hit Ren's sanity. He pulls out and makes Masato place his hands against the wall. He pounds in into Masato, deeper and faster than before. He fondles Masato's chest while Masato moaned in delight.

"So good!" Masato moaned.

"Someone will hear you, Masato." Ren chuckled.

"It doesn't matter!" Masato exclaims.

"You are so naughty!~"

Ren ejaculates inside of Masato as Masato pants heavily.


As the two clean up, Ren asks, "Why were you tailing me?"

"I told you! Your father told me too." Masato replied.

"Yeah, but why?"

"Cos he saw you reading book on sex." Masato looked away in embarrassment, "And you were being creepy about it."

"Oh, that. Hahahahaha!" Ren laughed, "That book was worth it; i was able to see another side of Masato Hijirikawa."

"That was it?!" Masato was shocked but not exactly surprised.


Ren hugged Masato and kissed him romantically as Masato responded and kissed him back. As Masato pushes Ren away slowly, Ren looks at Masato's erotic look and thought to himself, 'How cute!'

As the two return to class, Natsuki whispered into Ittoki's ear, "Can you see Masato's heated look?"

"Yeah, i see it."

"It's so erotic." Natsuki chuckled, "There's going to be a lot of male competition for Jinguji in the future."

"Yeah! It'll be so interesting to witness. The almighty Ren Jinguji, overprotective over the Princess Masato Hijirikawa!" Ittoki snickered.

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