"Bella do you want to go the meadow with me?" asked Edward, who was currently sitting on my bed. I looked up from the book I was reading and just smiled. "Well come on then," he said as he pulled me onto his back. If only he knew that I could run just as fast as him if not faster. You see I am not who he thinks I am and I think I am going to tell him, tonight. I think he should know before anything though I needed to ask him something. It was important.

Soon we got to the meadow and we sat down. We sat and just enjoyed each other's company for about an hour or two when I knew it was time. "Edward," I started," I have to ask you something and I need you to be completely one hundred percent honest with me".

"Anything Love you know I will be honest with you"

"Why do you love me?"

"Well because you're the most selfless, kind, loving, forgiving, beautiful person out there"

The way he said that you couldn't doubt him ever. I kissed him real quick before I asked my next question.

"Edward still be honest with me okay,"

"I did promise didn't I"

"Edward why won't you turn me into one of you," I asked.

"Bella," he said why grabbing me face in his hands softly but making me look into his eyes, "it's not that I don't want to be with you forever I do but, changing you will be the most selfish thing I will ever do."

"Wait will" I asked confused but I was glad to because I could finally tell him and then everyone will know apart from Rose. Yeah Rose doesn't know. She and Edward are just too hard headed to say yes therefore they don't know.

"Yes will, I love you too much to lose you," he answered.

"Great now I have to tell you something very important but you have to promise to not interrupt into I am done Okay" I asked. He nodded his head and smiled at me. I looked up and realized it was a full moon.

"Edward we have to leave now" I said standing up watching the moon. I knew it was too late any werewolves are already changed and probably have my scent right now, great. "Wait what'' He asked confused. "Edward I swear I will explain everything lets just get to my house." I said. Okay he came and tried to pick me up but I knew we didn't have time for that. " Edward this is really hard to say without explaining so just listen I am already a vampire just a different kind okay so let's," I was cut off when a werewolf came out, jumped and tried to bite Edward but I jumped in front of him just in time to get the bite on my shoulder. I then closed my eyes and fell to my knees as pain came through me. I know my disguise has been lifted because I heard Edward gasp as my long straight black hair fell down as I did. I looked at him once before I passed out.


I watched as the werewolf came and bight Bella. Why did she jump in front of me? I could have saved her. The wolf ran off before I could do anything. I saw Bella fall to her knees. I then saw her hair turn to pitch black and go completely straight and went down to her waist. The most beautiful raindrop blue eyes meet mine before they closed. I grabbed her before she hit the ground and ran home as fast as I could.

As I ran I couldn't help but think about what Bella could have meant by being a different kind of vampire. I didn't think about it much because right now I had to get her to Carlisle.