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I rushed up the stairs scared to death that it would be too late, that I have already lost her forever. NO I couldn't lose here again. I was scared that something terrible had happened in the short hour that we had been apart. Then I hit her bedroom. She was curled into a ball tears running down her face. But what scared me the most is the red mark that was seeping through her tank top. Before I knew what hit me I was holding her small frame against my chest. A small gasp came from the Cullens. I turned to them begging them with my eyes to leave. They didn't need to see this. Bella probably didn't want them to either.

Stefan came in the room also. As he walked in with a blood bag the Cullen's all left with wide eyes. He handed me the blood bag and then sat on Bellas bed. That's when I finally realized we were in her room. It was the same purple it has always been. It was an odd shade very light now it looked almost white with a purple tint. A white bed spread with dark purple pillows with little silver ones that were now on the floor. The small teddy bear I got her when she was sick, I had told her it would protect her then. If only it would now. I held her close to me. Soon she sat up. I handed her the blood which I had poured into a cup for her. She drank it down quickly. She smiled softly. Soon she fell back asleep. Stefan left now with a kiss on her check.

I stroked her dark hair that was so much like mine. She looked so much like me I have always loved that. Stefan looks like our mother, why I looked more like father but Bella had some of them both in her. She had our mothers face apart from the eyes. She also has her height because she is so short. Her eyes like fathers and mine. I sat and thought about when we were children. Father hated Bella always had that's why I always watched after her. Stefan had also but not as much because he was only a year older why I was 3. We used to climb out her window and go to the apple trees al little farther back into the woods. We would always get Bella back into her room before we got caught so she wouldn't get punished.

I thought about when I had left for war. Bella was so heartbroken. She had sleep in my room with me every day for a week before I left. She was only 15. She had wrote me every chance she could. It was when I came back everything changed. Bella never liked Katharine and never liked how much me and Stefan fought over her. She was the only one who could stop our fights.

That's when I realized how scared I was to lose her. I knew I had to find out who bite her and I would make him or her pay.