Hey guys… another time jump. But I've had enough questions that I feel I must reiterate a few things:

Paul is in Jake's role, so we'll be following the saga time line, which means he's not a wolf yet.

Paul will have a MUCH larger role in upcoming chapters. BE PATIENT.

This is a drabble style fic – Some chapters will be short, some will be longer.

I don't like "out right" explaining my entire back story. You'll get more info as the early chapters progress. After the first…. 6 or 7, let me know if you still have questions.

Audreyii encouraged the structure of this chapter, as far as Zombie Bella. I blame any heart!fail on her :-D

I'd like to hold you close

Make you feel safe

Not so afraid of yourself

If we have to part so it shall be

I'd like to help you suffer less

Not be so locked up in your thoughts

Afraid of love and all under the sun

I'll hide out in your space

Emptiness on my face

I'll be keeping you safe

When you're cold and alone

Until you come out and play…

Afraid by Sarah Fimm

There was a knock on the door. Charlie jumped at the unexpected sound, and then glanced at his daughter, hoping for a similar reaction. Any reaction would do, really. He would have been happy if she had even looked up from her unblinking focus on the floor.

His disappointment deepened when she remained still, stoic and unmoving. Charlie sighed and got up to answer the door.

"Paul! Good to see you!" Charlie's tone held more enthusiasm then he actually felt.

"Hey, Charlie," replied Paul softly, his gaze already focused on the catatonic girl on the sofa.

"Have a seat, kid. Want something to drink?" Charlie asked, his feet already moving in the direction of the kitchen. He didn't wait for Paul's response before reaching for a tumbler to fill.

Charlie steadied himself against the sink, watching the tap pour water down the drain. But he couldn't move himself to turn it off, because then he'd be forced to listen as Paul had a one-sided conversation with his daughter.

He hadn't realized how tightly he had been clutching the cup in his hand until he heard the crackle of breaking glass. His fingers loosened, and he watched as the small glittering fragments disappeared down the drain.

As he watched, Charlie couldn't help but compare those tiny pieces to the broken wreckage that used to be his daughter.

From the living room, Paul pretended like he couldn't hear Charlie Swan cry.

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