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"Captain America, you're up next. Oh, my god I love saying that, don't you?"

"Captain America, of course! Sounds too good to be true."

Steve Rogers, confused, walked to the medical bay's door and opened it to find a nurse and a doctor. The doctor was slightly shorter than him, with dark skin and brown eyes. She seemed jumpy and excited. The nurse, a man. Taller, bright blue eyes, and a smile that seemed a bit cocky and flirtatious.

The doctor smiled."Hello, and welcome to your physical check up. I'm the Doctor- Oh my god, I love saying that."

"Focus, Martha!"

"Sorry! Anyway, I am Doctor Jones, and this is my assistant, Nurse Jack."

"Hi," The nurse said. He held out his hand and Steve kindly shook it back.

"Stop it," Doctor Jones warned.

"I'm just saying hi!" The nurse exclaimed.

The doctor led Steve to scale. "Please step on the scale so that we can record your weight."

Steve nodded and stepped on the scale. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the nurse and the doctor back up and whispering to themselves.

"Oh my god, do you see this?"

A low whistle. "That is one nice bum."

"Excuse me?" Steve turned around.

"Oh, nothing! Just…err…standard physical procedure?"

Steve looked at them quizzically. "Is this how physicals are done these days?"

The nurse's eyes lit up. "Oh! Of-of course, yeah, just how things go."

The doctor quickly nodded. "What he said. And…okay, now over here for your height."

The Captain stood still, while under the uncomfortable gaze of the male nurse. His eyes were scanning his body up and down, and the Cap. Could only feel as if her were being undressed. The doctor turned around.

"Okay, and now your reflexes." She sat him down on a bed and hit his reflex with a plexor, while the nurse tried to make small talk.

"So…for the medical records, how big would you say your feet were?"

The doctor stopped hitting his knee, froze, and stifled a giggle.

Steve shifted uncomfortably. "Well, size…10, maybe?"

"Ah…" The nurse started writing down on a piece of paper. "Average…"

The doctor immediately intervened. "Nurse, stop. I think that's all the questions we need to be answered. Thank you, Captain." The doctor held out her hand.

Steve shook it. "You're welcome ma'am. And please, call me Steve."

The doctor swooned a little. "Okay…Steve." The doctor did a small shriek, and Steve suppressed a chuckle.

Steve then shook the nurses hand, and the nurse winked. Steve, surprised at this, awkwardly walked out of the room.

Oddest doctor visit I have ever had. Oh well, I guess this is how the future is…

"Oh my god, we just met Captain America!" Martha squealed.

"…Very nice bum, if I had to say."

"I know right? I wish I had taken a picture…"

Jack pulls out a camera. *Wink*

"Oh, you naughty man!" A check off the list. "A mister Thor, please come to the medical bay!"