She was just a girl, unnoticed by him, unseen in those brilliant hazel eyes.

He was just a nerd, a picked on teen that had always had his eyes set on the diligent Gwen. Her creamy like texture gleaming in the golden rays of the sun, hair sprawled over her perfect shoulders.

In Peter's eyes she was breath taking, but had he ever known of the watchers existence? The hidden being who had always admired him for afar, her gaze fixed upon his handsome frame, his smile, his…everything...

Who was she anyway, did this ghost even have a particular name?

The few that were aware of her existence called her...


The birds chirp in harmony, their voiced carrying on with the chilling wind-overjoyed with the upcoming season. Peter on the other hand was devastated. He had missed his bus again;face sour in disappointment as he let out a breath-shoulders drooping low.

"You have to be kidding me!" He exhaled. The hood placed over his thick brown hair.

"See you later picture boy!" yelled his signature bully. Sticking his head out of the window as he snickered at the pathetic loser.

Meanwhile, a humble teen looks out the bus, her leather jacket draped over her pale and unattracting skin. No one cared to notice her-to spend their value time. She was a ghost to their community. A nobody, but unlike them she was different, special in some way at least

Her Diligent Lavender orbs stares against the glass frame as she watched the passing scenery. The trees, road and its people drifting pass like a vivid illusion.

Alice was momentarily bothered that Peter hadn't arrived in time, as was she annoyed by the constant rants and teasing of Flash Thompson and her other narcissistic classmates. The only solution was to block off reality, avoid the drama and its people-her thoughts on him.

Peter hopped onto his board, his sneakers grazing over the thick material as he pushed with his right hind leg. He shifts to the side, trying to avoid the upcoming crowd of adults; coffee in hand. Once at school he toke a moment to breathe, sweat beading down his forehead. He quickly gathers his items from his locker, having to struggle past the smooching couple who were basically eating each others faces off. Once he had obtained his things, he rushed to class.

His jacket hovers above the air as he darts down the hall, almost there! With fingers close to the silver door handle, the clock slowly ticks. Would he make it?

SLAM.A girl bounces off him, bum planted on the ground, her books sprawled all over the floor .

"Oh shi- sorry about that!" he manages to sputter, helping her with her belongings and offering a hand. The girl is quiet and reserved nodding her head as she made her way inside.

"Peter Parker and Alice Abendroth you are late aga-" The voice is unheard as Peter stares at Gwen whose lips gleam like cherry. He could've sworn that her face was painted by the gods because in his eyes there are no flaws. She's simply beautiful.

Books open in unison, the pages fluttering to the demanded page number. Peter eyes never leaves Gwen who is already scribbling notes onto the sheet of paper planted in front of her. He looked like a complete utter fool; mouth hanging open like a drooling dog or an astonished gambler who had just lost his stack of chips.

Time passes by in an instant, the door crowded by many eager and hungry students. Gwen gathers her things, a strand of hair clinging to her lips as she smirks at him; the geek's heart flutters.

"See you later Parker." She muses, leaving gracefully like an Angel floating back to heaven.

Everyone was already out by the time Peter had regained his composure and left. Though it was not a surprise when he was lifted off the ground by the one and only, Flash.

"Hey Parker how was your walk to school?" The masculine teen gloats.

"Well actually I used my skate board to get-OOOOF!"

Peter it slammed against the wall, others cackling except for one who struggle to speak; her throat parched but begging to call out over the crowd.

"Don't get cocky with me!"

Peter is bashed against the wall once again, his body in agonizing pain as he is dropped onto the pavement. People walk over him, enjoying the show while it lasted.

Why was the world so cruel?

Peter's head is filled with emotions as he contemplates on different ideas how to get back at Flash, though it would probably never happen. With his current position, he was a nobody, only known for being picked on or as a photographer.

The girl is the last one to trail away, her bangs covering her saddened pupils. Alice had failed again and she was beyond ashamed.

"Maybe you can help him with his things?" the voice in her shallow mind advises. Alice's spit was thick to swallow as she tries to move towards him; legs quivering.

Her numb finger picks up his camera as she offers it to him.

"Thanks…" he says awkwardly, beyond clueless to whom she is.

"Your w-welcome…" was the humble reply as she scurries off, her cheeks tainted with a blush and a smile plastered on her face. Peter cocks a brow as she leaves; a little creeped out, but not bothering to care.

Now if only he knew what was ahead of him.