A chapter and two stories in one night! I feel delightfully productive. All mistakes are mine.

movie: The Debt

time line: pre movie

characters: David, Stephan, mentions of Rachel

words: 285

The Mossad had sent a photo exactly three weeks before hand. He had stared at the small black and white photo with the utmost concentration, cataloging each detail to memory. But that wasn't why he couldn't look away. He had not expected her to be so lovely. David's eyes softened as he slowly lowered himself into the nearest kitchen chair, and it was then Stephan snatched the small picture out of his hands.

"Nice catch there my friend," he said with a characteristic smirk. "She's a pretty one isn't she?"

David supposed she was, and once again retired to the smallest bedroom at the end of the hall. He wished for a moment that the stark photo could be in color. What color were her eyes? Her hair?Did she wear nude lipstick, or did she prefer a bright rosy red? He stared blankly at the ceiling, and wished it was not him who had to pose as a husband. For as long as he could remember, he'd always struggled talking to the opposite sex. Tumbling, fumbling over words; his mind seemed to race ahead of his mouth. He had improved over time though, in fact he'd become quite good. Female admirers were never too far away, and he was attractive enough to pull it off. But he wasn't Stephan. His partner was charming, suave and so much he was not.

Stephan assumed women always wanted him; David assumed they never did.

Something about the beautiful, young woman in that tiny photograph had unnerved him. It was unsettling, and unprofessional, and wrong in so many ways.

He would not think of her until he had to.

He had a job to do after all.